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Test Your API by making HTTP requests from Hurl.it Software & Sites 07 JUN 2015

Needless to say, services, or web API endpoints, is a must in this day and age of software development, and as such I find myself writing more and more of these for my various systems. Invariably, this means testing them as well, which is precisely where tools allowing you to craft HTTP requests and target them at your API endpoints are so particularly useful.

One of these HTTP request generator tools that I recently stumbled upon thanks to a work colleague (thanks Rory!), is hurl.it, a free little tool brought to us by the guys who build their business on monitoring and measuring your API usage, aka Runscope.

Hurl.it is a simple one page site that allows you to enter a destination URL (with the option to follow redirects if necessary), add authentication and HTTP headers if desired, and of course throw in whatever parameters you need chucked in – before asking you nicely to prove that you are a human and then launching the request, displaying the resulting response in a nice display of headers and body.

Simple, but easy to use and works like a charm.

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ReCAPTCHA Software & Sites 19 MAR 2009

old ReCAPTCHA logoNuts. Over the last two days my inbox has started filling up with spam comments here on the Codeunit blog, and naturally something needed to be done, and pretty quickly at that.

Which is exactly why I slapped in place the ReCAPTCHA CAPTCHA challenge on my comments pages, replacing the older and rather ineffectual digit challenge system that was there in the first place.

I’ve known about the ReCAPTCHA project for quite some time now, and it is actually quite a clever workhorse in that its main goal is to help transcribe books, by using us humans to work out the words that modern OCR applications can’t seem to make out. What I did however not know was just how easy it is to set up in one’s code, so hats off to the developers for making this such a painless task!

Oh, and just as an aside, ReCAPTCHA sports a pretty nifty audio CAPTCHA component as well, making it a breeze for even visually-impaired people to get through the system.

Which should come in pretty handy one day considering the rate at which my eyes seem intent on deteriorating!

Anyway, this should now halt the spam if it is being computer generated, but if not, well I guess I’ll just have to think about comment moderation then.

Stupid spammers and con artists!


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