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PHP Regex Pattern Test Tool Software & Sites 05 DEC 2014

Annoyingly, my regex, even after all these years of web development, is still completely horrible – pretty much non-existent actually. Which is exactly why I always like to keep a handy regex pattern test tool on hand for the odd occasion when I do actually need to use the power of regular expressions.

Happily, Philip Bjorge saw fit to put together a cool little online PHP Regex test pad in the form of PHP Live Regex.

It’s simple to use, updates its regex results in realtime, and has a whole lot of helper text sitting at the bottom of the screen.

Quite a nice little implementation then in other words.


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PHP: Simple REGEX Quick Reference for use with preg_match Function CodeUnit 30 NOV 2011

As always, checking to see if one string is contained within another will always be faster using the strpos or strstr functions. However, for more complex checks, REGEX (regular expressions) are the ticket, and with functions like PHP’s preg_match, there really isn’t any excuse for not doing proper value validation.

Anyway, just as a note to myself, here is a quick reference sheet for some basic regex:


Cross Platform Regular Expression (RegEx) Tool: RegExr CodeUnit 11 JAN 2010

Regular expressions are plain and simple an enormous headache – but man when you get them to work for you then they are the most powerful guns known to any string-manipulating madman out there.

By now of course there are plenty of great tools to run and test and flex your regular expression muscle out there, floating around on the Net, but you can now safely add a new cat to the bag with the release of the platform independent RegExr, built on the Adobe Air platform using the wonder that is Flex 3.

Grant Skinner’s little gskinner group have slapped together a great little Adobe Air app that allows you to play around with regular expressions to your heart’s content, but at the same time provides you with some great sample data and tutorial information in order to increase your regex knowledge, as well as a nifty little community feature that allows you to save and share your regex recipes with other like-minded madmen out there.

It’s a fantastic little desktop tool that runs equally well on Ubuntu, Windows or a Mac, and if you’re too lazy to download the desktop application, you can even run it straight from your browser at http://gskinner.com/RegExr/.

To download/install the far more nifty Adobe Air app though, browse through to the mobile ready site at http://www.gskinner.com/RegExr/desktop/


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