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Jackie Chan, 30 Seconds and Bertie’s Mooring My Life 03 MAY 2010

Apart from the big office move that happened over the course of Friday which saw Touchwork uproot itself from Unit 4 and move everything across to Unit 1 of the office block (lots of heavy lifting and installing everything from scratch), this past weekend turned out to be quite an enjoyable affair! :)

Craig Lotter, certified braai adept.

Friday night was kicked off with a visit to Gordon’s Beach Lodge from Wayne and Candice, Retha and Miguel, Laluna and of course, your fabulous hosts Craig and Chantelle (well considering Chantelle was on duty, she kind of had to be there), and started out with a magnificently crafted braai that saw Tong Master Craig produce some fine specimens of tasty cooked Meat and Chicken, complemented by an array of extra goodies whipped up by the ever handy Chantelle, who seems to have a spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen as of late (peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake, orange tart, etc.). The meal and booze going down a treat, we then supplemented the chatting and food with a competitive game or two of 30 Seconds that saw the ladies take on the might of the men, coming up short on both occasions as expected. As per usual it was loads of fun, and as a bit of a surprise, it turns out that Chantelle isn’t the only one who gets quite into it – Retha seems to be right up there with her! Despite the obvious disadvantage thanks to his Spanish native tongue, Miguel actually held up his end of the team pretty well and a cleverly crafted clue gifted us the final game in a unfair sudden death situation that had been shoved upon us by the desperate girls – Crocodile Dundee for the win! :P

Wayne, Candice and Laluna, all called in action to pose for the camera-wielding Chantelle!

Calling it quits just before the clock struck 01:00, we left the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the guest house while Chantelle and I returned home for some well deserved rest – but not for too long as come morning we were up and ready, dressed in our walking clothes and heading out to the guest house in order to deal with providing breakfast for our guests (Needless to say, you can tell there weren’t exactly any real guests hanging around).

Although scaled back from the normal huge feast (hey, no one is paying right?), the breakfast was still a delicious combination of fresh muffins, eggs, toast and bacon and everyone enjoyed themselves as expected. From there Wayne and Candice bid their farewell and left to take care of all their other business elsewhere, and saved from the walk thanks to the miserable wind that whipped up, I said my goodbyes and headed back home – spending the rest of the day toddling around working on my broken PC, downloaded and upgrading to the new Ubuntu (twice because I screwed up – a whole 1.4 GB needed to be pulled down in the end instead of the 700 MB actually required), and messing around doing house chores and watching television. Oh, and Jackie Chan.

Twin Dragons, an oldie but a goodie of his where he plays his twin brother, the one a street smart low level crook with a penchant with violence and the other a gifted music conductor. Fun, irrelevant and packed with loads of action, the movie went down an absolute treat with my Ooskus fish and chips I ordered for myself! :)

Needless to say, Chantelle was more than happy to have missed out on the Jackie Chan spectacular, but on her eventual arrival home she was mortified to discover that there wasn’t a single thing worth watching on the telly, so after a quick supper for herself, I finally relented and allowed her to entertain herself by taking a rasp to my always in a bad conditions heels. So she was in heaven playing beautician while I got to lie on the bed and finish up my Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok manga.

Claire and Chantelle, forced to share a bench while I got to share with the umbrella stand parked next to me.

Sunday saw Chantelle back off to work and me catching up on the latest episodes of Mazinkaiser that I laid my grubby paws on, before getting ready to welcome Claire who decided to pop in for a visit and take us out to lunch at Bertie’s Mooring in the process. As it turned out, the weather did a complete 180 degree turn and we were blessed with beautiful weather, meaning we could sit next to the harbour and all the sailing boats eating our lunch on a beautiful day, followed by a walk down Gordon’s Bay main beach with soft serve firmly in hand and dripping all over our toes!

The view of the day, courtesy of Bertie's Mooring

Of course, Claire couldn’t quite escape without a showing of the fabled wedding album (which really is fantastic – completely obliterated my low expectations!), after which she eventually decided to call it a day and headed off back to her side of the woods on the other side of the Boerewors Curtain. Chantelle too returned to her work and so I spent the rest of Sunday watching the ICC T20 world cup match between India and South Africa and fiddling around on my blog during the breaks.

And supper? Well I got a playful SMS declaring someone’s love of ribs and the desire to have ribs and the fact that this someone must now have ribs, meaning that old Sunset Spur got to host the two of us one more time (so much for this someone’s healthy eating drive, eh? :P)

Oh, and somewhere in between all of this I played some more Red Faction: Guerilla, got extremely frustrated on the last mission and vowed never to play it again.

But outside of that, it really was an awesome, relaxing weekend with a good balance of friends, family and my own little hobbies. Nice! :)

The Craig, a picture of relaxed serenity. Awesome, I know.

Photo Gallery: Niewoudtville Weekend Getaway (2010-04-23) My Life | Photo Gallery 23 APR 2010

Niewoudtville is known for its annual explosion of color with each coming flowering season, but it also makes for a stunning getaway location if you just want to escape from it all. Retha’s folks own a place up there, and as such, it seemed obligatory that Chantelle and I join her and Miguel for a well deserved weekend away!

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”4″ orderby=”title”]

Damen’s Birthday and a Montgomery Stronghold Visit My Life 14 APR 2010

Like I mentioned earlier, this weekend turned out not to be all that awesome, despite all the cool things that were actually going on around me. Stupid mighty morphing sickness!

Anyway, Friday evening kicked off with Chantelle preparing us some awesome fishcake burgers for supper before we jetted out in Gina G. on route to catch Steve Carrel and Tina Fey in Date Night at Ster Kinekor, Somerset Mall. The movie turned out not to be completely brainless comedy like I was expected and in the end we both pretty much enjoyed it – all I’m saying is watch out for the rotate around the pole dancing segment – you’ll be in hysterics! :)

Saturday morning we were out and about quite early already, riding all the way through to Cape Town in order to pick up Chantelle’s wedding ring which had gone in for repairs to the jeweller a week or so before (one of the diamonds had popped out of the engagement ring segment of the wedding ring). That pickup went pretty smoothly and so it was a change of direction and off to Durbanville in order to catch Andy in her newly opened games store, Games Exctera (more or less that spelling I think), sitting in 22 Oxford Street, Durbanville main.

The sun ever so sharp off a bakkie's back window, driver Craig had no other choice than to pluck Chantelle's sunglasses right off her head in order to protect his fragile eyes!

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the size store she managed to lay her hands on and with a good selection of XBOX 360, PS2, WII and PC titles, both new and secondhand, and with decent prices for game trade-ins, I’ve got a feeling that she’s not going to do too badly in this new venture of hers! :)

From there the sickly Craig carted Chantelle off towards Damen and Michelle’s pad, in order to join in on the manly gaming session part of Damen’s day-long birthday celebrations, with only one small snag getting in the way of arriving more or less on time – I managed to get the two of us horribly lost and in Kraaifontein of all places.

Needless to say, again not one of my proudest moments and so out came the GPS and by hook or by crook we made it back to the general vicinity where we needed to be and I joined Damen and Dean for some intense Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer battles while Chantelle stole Gina G. and went to enjoy her Saturday elsewhere.

Dean and Doctor Karl trying to figure out how the Wii works (you'll note the bemused Craig in the background as well)...

Of course, one can only game for so many hours and when the prescribed time finally arrived, the wives and rest of the friends (even little Zandea came along for the ride!) descended upon Damen’s safehaven and so out came the charcoal and meat and what ensued what a great braai, featuring a chocolate fountain, ice cream, salad, snackies, Wii-playing, Lips karoake (Terrance’s fault again!), and just general fooling about get together in celebration of Damen’s 29th Birthday.

Chantelle giving it her all in karoke battle against Terrance and Trish!

Not feeling particularly great by this stage of course, I’m kind of glad we had already made plans to sleep over at Mom’s place on the night, and so after saying our goodbyes, Chantelle drove me to my old home where we sat down and had a bit of a chat with Mom and Pops (who was watching the Masters of course!) before I bid them goodnight and sunk into a restless but necessary sleep.

(Oh, but before I forget, has anyone of you tried dipping boerewors in the liquid chocolate that comes out of a chocolate fountain? Wow, what an awesome taste sensation – it’s brilliant I tell you!)

Sunday morning Chantelle and I decided to skip our initial plans of going through to Church as the sickly Craig (and Chantelle who was starting to develop the same symptons that I had when it first started) needed all the sleep he could get, meaning that the morning was pretty much wasted away in bed and in front of the television.

But of course, that couldn’t last all day, oh no, not in the lives of Craig and Chantelle, as by noon it was time to get showered, changed and ready, before setting off to hit the Montgomery stronghold for a day of family braai, darts and conversation. We were joined by my mom and pops as well as Retha and Miguel and the day turned into a pleasant get together, even if both Rob and I were forced to retire early and crawl into bed while the rest continued to party without us!

From there it was a late evening back into GB where to be honest, not much else happened other than some manga reading, ice cream munching, feeling sorry for one’s self and movie watching (The Mummy was awesome to see again!), before jumping into bed for a well deserved, but probably more needed than anything else, deep rest.

And that my friends is the tale of this weekend past. Not particularly exciting I suppose, but certainly filled to the brim with damp tissues and coughed out bits of lung! :P

And what post featuring Lips would be complete without a photo featuring the king of karoke, Mr. Terrance himself! :P

No Break from being Social Just Yet My Life 24 MAR 2010

Wow. Serious, I’ll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;)

It all started last week really when on Tuesday evening Chantelle and I made our way over to the cinema to catch It’s Complicated, which turned out to be a pretty fun watch. Wednesday then followed up with an impromptu visit from Retha and Miguel to our part of the world on the pretense of putting the necessary kilometers on for his new shocks. We met up at the Waterstone Village Spur after karate practice and ended up spending a good chunk of the evening dining and catching up as per the norm.

Thursday evening Chantelle and I then met up with Mom, Dad and Claire to watch the stage production of Grease at the Artscape, also a brilliantly fun bit of popular culture to absorb I tell you. Friday then saw me abandon Chantelle to her own devices (she was working in case you’re wondering) and I joined with Ryan, Dean and Terrance at Ryan’s noisy pad for some excellent Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 10 XBOX action!

(Admittedly, Saturday I took a breather, but I did work on my CodeUnit blog all day so you can’t really call that a day off, now can you? :P)

Sunday we played host to Rob and Laluna, though our planned visit to Barbados for some drinks was cut tragically short by a whole lot of yawning and snoring emanating from the instigators themselves, i.e. Laluna and Rob of all people! But I did spend two hours on the golf driving range so technically I was out and about.

Monday saw Chantelle nip off work at lunch and join me on a trip through to Durbanville where we hooked up with Trish and Karl and their peeps (including Wayne, Candice and Mr. Brown) to partake in a birthday braai bash in honour of Trish’s upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got off again (though Chantelle was working a late so again  it probably doesn’t quite count), but come today it’s back in full swing, with a visit tonight to the Barnyard Theatre to catch Broadway Rocks with Karl and Trish in support of the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare group. Thursday I’m sitting without a car seeing as it is back in the shop, so nothing planned as of yet, but don’t hold your breath, Friday we’re back to being social butterflies when Wayne and Candice join us for supper here in Nagua Bay (as well as for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Saturday evening happens to be the Funakoshi Karate Fundraiser Ball event, meaning dress-up fun for everyone.

And then Sunday, finally a proper day off, where weather permitting I plan on sneaking out with Chantelle to some remote forest conservation area, take with some good reading materials and pack a nice yummy picnic basket.

You really can’t say we don’t deserve it! :P

FIFA, Snoek and Keyboard Wizardry My Life 22 FEB 2010

It was a good way to wind down the week and head into the weekend I tell you, and it all started on Thursday evening believe it or not!

First up was the five-star gourmet meal that Chantelle cooked up (she can give you all the details in case you are curious) for Retha and Miguel’s late night visit here at Nagua Bay where they regaled us with tales from their recently completed month long holiday over in Europe. That in particular was an awesome visit considering the fact we hadn’t seen them since December (Miguel we haven’t seen since our wedding!), so it was a great chance to catch up and receive some awesome goodies in the process! ;)

Another bit of fun and games on Thursday night actually came an hour or so earlier on my way home from work, when I pulled off at Checkers in Muizenberg to get something to eat because my blood sugar must have been quite low considering I was on the verge of passing out behind the wheel! But to cut a story short, I returned to my car, pie in hand, when I watched a truck slam into the overhead railway bridge, literally collapsing the poor driver’s entire container and I imagine, leaving him with quite a bit of explaining to do to his boss when he finally made it back to work! (Geez, these trucks hitting into that low bridge happens far more frequently than what I would ever have imagined!)

Anyhow, Friday I finished up feeling pretty good about myself after having completed three 20 minute sessions on the treadmill, one in the morning, one at lunch and one directly after work. No hassles with the legs, no particular fatigue, just a plain old good sensation of having achieved that! Not that I returned directly home mind you. No, seeing as Chantelle was on work duty and Ryan had just received a rip of the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie I so wanted to see, I headed off to Bellville to join up with Karl-Heinz, Terrance and Ryan for some FIFA madness, where we slotted in a couple of games and some great goals for the next two and half or so hours! (Karl managed to finally end his goal drought and banged in three goals on the night, one being an awesome back header that completely flummoxed the keeper).

Saturday morning I broke tradition by starting the day off by watching the above mentioned Justice League movie, and man was it as awesome as I had hoped it would be. The only problem after that, was of course that nothing else seemed quite as exciting for the rest of the day! Now initially I had planned to do a ton of web work over the course of the day, working on websites, typing up documents, etc. but thanks to the oppressing 35+ heatwave that engulfed the area, I was pretty much left lying on the couches, watching anime, rugby, reinstalling Ubuntu and playing Devil May Cry 4 (and doing the much hated housework), so at least I ended up feeling fairly relaxed by the end of the day.

Funnily enough though, the one game I had been waiting for the entire day, namely the Stormers Super 14 clash, I actually ended up missing on the night, but all for a good reason it must be said. One phone call from Chantelle and all of a sudden I found myself sitting down at the table with a couple of glasses of beer in my hand and enjoying a fabulous snoek and crayfish braai with Chantelle, Wammy and Louise, and some of her guests, all under a fabulous warm summer night sky. It was lekker (and so was the Devil May Cry 4 gaming session which closed off the night for me).

Sunday however I didn’t make the mistake of turning on the TV to early and so I did actually end up behind the keyboard for the most of the day, but considering the horrible wind and heat outside, I guess it wasn’t too bad a play. Lots of blog posts neatly scheduled, an important letter scripted and proofread (well mostly anyway) and some further work on the Funakoshi website project that seems to be continuously trudging along, pretty much made up the most part of the day. Oh, and plenty of Devil May Cry 4 slotted in between. Turning out to be a damn good game, just as good as the previous one after all.

Outside of that, I did make a quick stop at GBL in the afternoon to have a look at Chantelle’s buggy wi-fi access point (as well as keep Candice and her mom company), and then later take Chantelle out for supper at the Sunset Spur after her shift ended come 21:00.

So it was a good, Melrose cheese spread filled weekend of not doing much, meaning I’m all rested up for what could potentially be quite an important week for me – though more on that with tomorrow morning’s post in case you’re curious! ;)

Kirstenbosch by Candlelight My Life 22 DEC 2009

Even though it has been running for a good 20 or so years already, this year marked the first time ever that I attended the Rotary-organised Carols by Candlelight fundraising function held at Kirstenbosch and all I can say is “Wow, I really should have done this sooner!”

As always, Kirstenbosch provides the most beautiful of backdrops to this very special Christian celebration of all things Christmas, and as per usual when it comes to hosting musical events, the grassy venue was absolutely packed with friends and families sharing in this very special event. For a change, Chantelle and I actually arrived pretty much on time and thanks to some nifty placeholding by Retha, her mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law, there was more than enough space for us to lay our blankets down and relax in style. Andri, Malcolm & Corban joined in as well, not to mention Andri’s Mom and Dad, Sister and even Gary and Michelle, making us a pretty big bunch in the end!

Of course, what is a visit to Kirstenbosch without snacks, and so we arrived with our little cooler bag packed to the brim with sausage rolls, cheese and chocolates and after a little munching and chatting, we got down to business as the event finally got underway. Now I must say, Rotary certainly did a fine job of organising the event, and together with primary sponsor Pick ‘n Pay, they made sure that each entrant received a candle, waxy paper bag in which to put said candle and finally a song sheet, containing the full list of all the carols that were to be performed on the night. They also made sure that there was ample parking on hand, enough ticket attendants in the front, ushers, emergency services and even a big tent at the back selling some much needed coffee and snacks – which Chantelle and Retha thoroughly appreciated of course!

We were led into the carols themselves by an absolutely brilliant Cape Town brass band and men’s choir and soon found ourselves happily singing along and waving our candles about as we watched the classic nativity play unfold on stage down before us. The event was an absolute success and a beautiful thing to partake in, meaning that if you are a Christian and have never done this with your family before, I would seriously urge you to join them next year for a stunning example of carols done right! :)

(P.S. Still, I was amazed that no one managed to burn Kirstenbosch down to the ground. It’s like one giant fire hazard up there I tell you! :P)





Weekend in Review: Christmas Busy My Life 21 DEC 2009

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit of a white lie as in all honesty, only Saturday ended up being busy as all heck, but after the sociable week we enjoyed coming up to the weekend, Chantelle and I more than DESERVED Friday evening and Sunday off for a change! :)

An unfortunate turn of events led to Chantelle having to work on Friday evening (despite it being her off weekend) and as such I found myself returning to an empty home, clutching a bag of KFC for two to my chest. However, my forlornness at losing Chantelle to work was quickly replaced with euphoria as I set about clocking Mirror’s Edge (fabulous game despite its iffy animated cutscenes) and then jumping straight into the pile of titles Albert loaned to me, including Frontlines: Fuel of War, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty and Tom Clancy’s HAWX (though the latter didn’t want to load off the disk properly, so I’ll have to scratch trying my hand at that one!)

And thanks to the tip from Ryan that my TV actually features an audio out port, by the time Chantelle finally arrived home, the entire car park was booming with the blistering sounds of war being cranked out through my surround sound system! :)

Of course with Chantelle home it was off with the games and on with the TV, where animated DVD fare was to reign and the night was finally sealed off with the rather strange choice of Poena is Koning, which was worth its weight in terms of some very stupid laughs and giggles.

Saturday arrived and Chantelle and I kicked into overdrive, hitting the shops early in order to get this year’s Christmas shopping done. After a hilarious mix-up that saw me trying to pick up cricket pads that had been held in stock for Dean at the wrong store, we hit the mall proper and thanks to our well thought out list, managed to get everything bought in a record amount of time with minimum fuss. With the shopping done, it was back home to quickly drop everything off, before jumping back into the car and heading out to visit with Dean and Zania, the first time we had done so since the birth of little Zandea.

Naturally, on arrival and sight of the little baby, Chantelle’s motherly instinct kicked into overdrive and so I got comfy, drank a beer, nibbled on chips and watched the cricket as Chantelle played mom, ending with little Zandea falling fast asleep in Chantelle’s arms, after having first been properly sated by Dean (with a bottle, not his breast).

From there it was over to Tygervalley in order to finish off the last items left on our Christmas shopping list as well as pick up the necessary picnic snacks for the evening, before quickly popping in at Monty’s stronghold in order to pick up some skirts that Cheryl was mending for the guesthouse.

After that quick hi and bye, it was then on the N1 and off to Kirstenbosch, where we joined up with Andri, Malcolm and Andri’s whole family, Michelle and Gary, and Retha and Retha’s whole family to enjoy the annual Rotary-organised Carols by Candlelight celebration, more of which I’ll talk about tomorrow (and even put up a few pictures) – but as a teaser I’ll simply say that the evening was an absolutely stunning success and you couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, nicer weather, more spectacular view or even a more special event if you wanted to. (Oh and our snacks were pretty damn awesome too! Mini cheesies for the win!!)

It goes without saying then that by the time we did finally arrive home back in Gordon’s Bay, we were so poop tired and exhausted that we pretty much just fell into bed, quickly dozing off into that oh so very welcome blackness of mind-numbing sleep.

Sunday morning saw us actually sleep in for what feels like the first time in ages and despite our earlier mumblings of wanting to hit the beach or park and get some sun on our rather oh so white bodies, we ended up pretty much lazing the entire day away in front of the TV (the classic animated Superman series rocks I tell you!), wrapping Christmas presents (we’re all set for the big day now) and scheduling some blog posts, breaking only for a single trip through to the Pick ‘n Pay across the road in order to secure the raw materials needed for the awesome braai I was about to conduct.

The braai was awesome.

The not doing much trend then continued, with more TV, ice-cream and comic book reading, until eventually we couldn’t keep the pretense of being awake up for much longer and we both hit the sack, completely chilled and relaxed, ready for the week ahead.

Well on that front, I am at least. Leave starts on Thursday for me already you know! Oh, it’s good not to work in the service industry sometimes if you ask me! :P

Weekend in Review: Birthday Bash My Life 08 DEC 2009

Retha-playing-SingstarActually, the past weekend ended up being a pretty good one. While Chantelle was being introduced to the world of Twilight courtesy of Andri and Tygervalley (Oh my God, she’s come back a ‘Twihard’) on Friday night, I entertained myself by fiddling around with the blogs, watching anime and playing some Yakuza back home, in other words granting me the perfect opportunity to sneak in some KFC for supper for a change. (Ah, missing the days of bachelorhood already! :P)

Saturday then quickly followed up, kicking off with a great Green belt grading at the Masonic Hall in Strand (which Chantelle actually came through to watch!), followed by a shopping trip to the Mall which saw us purchasing a beautiful lounge coffee table – which I naturally took straight home to assemble! (Flat-packs tend to bring the manliness out of a man I find :P)

After having sweated it out for a bit and with a brand spanking new coffee table adorning the middle of our lounge, I then decided that the time for an early Christmas present for myself was upon us and so I hit the road once more, back to the mall where I triumphantly emerged from Incredible Connection’s doors, clutching my newly purchased black XBOX 360 Elite (plus Mirror’s Edge).

Of course, I didn’t exactly have oodles of time to actually switch the thing on of course (just enough time to plug it in and check that it’s working in the end), as Saturday night was pencilled in as being the main celebration for Chantelle’s 29th birthday happening on Sunday – meaning a whole lot of work for us and tons of fun for the friends! :)

So as per usual, it was bring-n-braai time at 45 Nagua Bay and with the help of Rob who took over as tongmaster for the night, we had a very successful party that featured Dean, a very pregnant Zania, Terrance, Damen, Michelle, Karl, Trish, Rob, Retha, Evan, Natasha, a present-drunk Chantelle and myself of course. One thing I need to mention is that our wedding photos and DVD had arrived on Friday, meaning that Chantelle had most of the girls wrapped around the telly for a good portion of the night, though eventually natural selection broke though and as per usual Terrance and Trish got their way and trusty old Singstar was hauled out of its box and Gordon’s Bay was treated once again to the cacophony that only Craig can bring when he has a microphone in hand!

Despite having broken my heart earlier by ripping up my neatly glued down telephone wire (which I intensely laboured to complete last weekend if you remember), we did allow Retha to sleep over by us, who joined the other sleepover candidate Rob, who kind of deserved a spot on the couch thanks to his earlier stirling efforts behind the Weber of course. (Though we did only get to bed quite late – I was doing dishes while the others watched through the wedding DVD – and boy was my speech long! :D)

Sunday morning was spent whipping the flat back into shape in anticipation of a later coffee visit from the Montgomery parentals (using our new coffee table of course! :P), but the absolutely splendid sunshine-filled afternoon was however spent in the picturesque Franschhoek, where Monty and Cheryl (they were the only ones that could join us on the day) met us at the laid back La Brasserie restaurant where we enjoyed some bottles of fine wine, exquisite food and good company in general.

Back home and it was once more more wedding photos and DVD viewing (with coffee, lots of coffee. And chocolates, lots of chocolates) and after Monty and Cheryl finally left (hey, my speech is long. Deal with it! :P), Chantelle and I settled in to finally celebrate the last couple of hours of her birthday with just the two of us present.

And speaking of presents, she absolutely loves the beautiful little 7″ Transcend digital photo frame I gave her – though I’ll talk more about that little piece of hardware later in my CodeUnit blog methinks.

(Oh, and Mirror’s Edge really is awesome. Finally sneaked some game time in late Sunday night. Very, very cool!)


Weekend in Review (11-13 April) My Life 14 APR 2008

Schalk BritsIt was another long slog into the office on Friday morning, but thank goodness the traffic was plain sailing and it wasn’t much of a headache to get to the office. What was a headache though was arriving right in front of the office door and then remembering that you had left your phone in the car, all the way back on Middle Campus, meaning you had to go back and repeat the torturous ascent again. Wonderful. :(

Luckily the rest of the day proceeded on a far better note mainly because I only got to work in the office until just before 12:00 because from 12:00 onwards I had a very important meeting with the newly established UCT Web Working Group in Welgelegen, the home of UCT’s Department of Communication. The meeting itself was pretty informative with a broad cross section of different web-based UCT groups being represented and it was a great platform for the cross-border exchange of information. The meeting ended a little earlier that what I had expected though and seeing what looked like load shedding going on at Upper Campus, I decided to ditch work and go home in order to install my shiny new R8 000 work-bought copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 instead.

Back home I was however greeted with the distasteful prospect of fishing our first dead fishy out of the tank and flush him, but with that task done and a quick lunch later, it was behind the keyboard for the rest of the afternoon for me. Chantelle got off a little earlier too, and after a power nap that she almost didn’t arise from, we got dollied up (me in my beautiful blue and black striped shirt that Chantelle surprised me with earlier in the day) and left for Bellville once again, this time our target being the University of the Western Cape.

It is not my scene in the least. An activist organised event in support of the Cuban Five struggle, the focal point of the evening being the relaunch of Brian William’s Cuban inspired poetry book, “One Renaissance many Revolutions”. The ambassador from Cuba was there, a couple of our struggle icons were sitting in – heck, even Judge Desai was present and had a speech going! And anything where trade unions are present and they end off in song and chant “Amandla” is not my cup of tea anyway. In any event, we were with a purpose and that was to support Retha who had been asked to recite some of the poems from the book. Of course, we would never leave our friend hanging and therefore were present and accounted for in a surprisingly packed auditorium.

Like I said, for me the evening was all about counting the bricks in the wall, but for other more cultured people I’m sure it was a treat. There were a couple of speeches, a lot of poetry being read as well as quite a few musical items to take in. After everything was said and done, it was finger food time outside and once the crowd subsided and the food had all but disappeared, we decided it was time to pack our bags and make our way out to Buena Vista in the Tyger Waterfront.

Luckily for us we were actually able to secure a table for seven in the busy, latin-inspired venue and settled in with cocktails in hand and some nachos for support. In all honesty the tiredness from the previous nights settled in a little and I didn’t enjoy the evening as much as I should perhaps have, but Chantelle managed to finally get to smoke her nicked authentic Cuban cigars so it was all good. By midnight enough was enough and we bid Retha and her pals a good night and it was back on to the long road home.

Saturday morning I was up and faffing around in the man room, leaving Chantelle to sleep in a little later than normal. On making my breakfast however, I was horrified to see that two more of our fishies had bitten the dust overnight, leaving only two out of the original five standing. Talk about being bad parents!

As I was saying, I let Chantelle sleep in for most of the morning and when she finally awoke I rewarded her by putting her straight to work in cleaning out the fish tank and neatening up the place a bit in anticipation of Retha’s arrival later the evening. As it was, my sleeves were also rolled up and I got stuck into baking the welcome chocolate cake that we had earlier decided upon.

We didn’t have all that much time to get everything done, because at 13:30 we were out of the house and on our way to Newlands to catch the Stormers versus the Cheetahs game at 15:00 in the afternoon. The trip was plain sailing until we hit Main Road Rondebosch and from there on in it was bumper to bumper traffic, all the way to the stadium! From the news reports on the radio we later learned that both the M3 and N1 were backed up, the N1 all the way back to Century City! Luckily we made it to the stadium on time, although we did have to park quite some distance away and by arriving on time I mean we arrived as the dancing girls ripped off their long pants and led the players on the field! Still, we were in our seats at kickoff and that is all that counts :)

Unfortunately the guys at Computicket had misled Monty just a little and although we had a decent enough view of the field, it wasn’t exactly the greatest seats in the stadium, being tucked up right next to the wall and underneath the higher seating tier. In any event, all eight of us (yes eight! Monty, Cheryl, Dad, Mom, Ryan, Retha, Chantelle and I) managed to squish into the little line of seats and sat in anticipation as the game got underway.

All I can say is WOW! The Stormers played magnificently and to get four tries in the first half while making the Cheetahs look like they weren’t even trying to play was amazing. Completely in a class of their own, the Stormers gave the Cheetahs a good hiding and there were some VERY quiet Cheetahs fans all around us. And of course our whole crowd being in such good spirits, the whole area around us was soon echoing with calls of ‘Stttoooorrrmmmmers’ throughout the match. The only cost to me of course was that I then had to walk around for the rest of the weekend without a voice!

At this point in my story, I would just like to note that I am not sure just how much of the game Chantelle and Retha actually took in. Every time I looked the two of them were deep in conversation and when I looked again, the two of them had disappeared for a smoke break and the shops, only to reappear well into the second half! And shame, Monty had to miss two awesome tries for the Stormers thanks to Cheryl sending him off on a coffee mission right at a crucial stage of the game!

It was a great game to watch and I think it marked the first time we’ve actually won when Chantelle has been to watch the game, thankfully breaking that curse at last. The trip home was a bit of a nightmare though thanks to the heavy traffic out of Newlands, but Retha, Chantelle and I eventually made it home safe and sound, where we got stuck straight into icing the cake so that we could sit down and relax ASAP.

After an afternoon of mostly chilling, the girls headed out to forage, eventually returning with the fantastic chicken burgers from Flameros for supper and an unfortunate movie choice in form of “Reno 911!: Miami” – definitely a movie where you have to be drunk to actually find funny or watchable for that matter. Nevertheless, my dire warnings fell on deaf ears and the three of us hunkered down to end off the evening by watching this most un-entertaining movie, all the while munching on cake, burgers and chocolate for dessert. What more can one ask for I tell you! :)

Sunday thankfully got off to a slow, slow start, thanks mainly due to the fact that I had pulled out of my golf date in Worcester with dad and his buddies, opting to stay indoors instead. Having driven around since Wednesday already I simply didn’t feel like it any more and as such just wanted to take the day off and do absolutely NOTHING at all. So while Retha and Chantelle soundly slept on, I played FIFA 08 all morning long, stopping only when those two sleepyheads finally arose and we set about making some French toast for brunch.

Actually, even after Retha had left, that was pretty much all that I did. FIFA, FIFA and more FIFA. I finished my first season with Totteham and went straight on to my second and if Chantelle hadn’t dragged me out to go shopping with her I might very well had played straight through to the night! But thankfully it was just as well that I didn’t because she later introduced me to one of the most marvellous feel good movies that I’ve seen in ages, that being “Little Miss Sunshine”, a definite must see for everyone who can appreciate a good movie!

And that was pretty much that for Sunday. The only other thing we got up to was teaching Chantelle a kung fu form at 23:00 on the lawn outside (much to the amusement of the passing security guard and to the detriment of my buggered knee) and catching the end of the second Matrix movie and actually following it for a change, something I failed to do all those years back when I was snoozing in the cinema :)

A busy Friday, a semi-lazy Saturday and an extremely lazy Sunday – I’m not quite sure how I should score this one…