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Our Condolences My Life 05 FEB 2008

empty armchairShame, mom phoned me up late last night to ask if we had yet heard the news. Riley’s grandfather, the old man who had given such a rousing and well-received speech at their wedding last December, passed away yesterday. It would seem that he had lived to a ripe old age despite all the illness concerns that crept up as he grew older and can therefore be said that it really was simply a case of his time being up.

Both Chantelle and my most sincere condolences go out to Riley, Claire and the rest of the Carpenter family.

Quick! A Light Bulb Needs Changing! My Life 29 JAN 2008

Just in case no one really understands why I harp on about the fact that our new family member Riley is so useful when it comes to changing light bulbs, light fittings or generally just getting stuff off the top shelf, perhaps this recent snap from Claire’s wedding in December may help.

In case you can’t figure out which one is Riley, here’s the clue – he is the one standing next to Claire (who is the one in the wedding dress in case you are still lost. Hell, just in case you need a roadmap – – from left – Ryan, Me, Riley, Claire, Pops, Mom).

Family Small
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Amazingly enough, if you look at it for a while you’ll notice that Mom and Pops were in fact impeccable breeders. They somehow managed to grow all three children to the midpoint of the difference in height between the two of them. Amazing!