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A Cairn at Rotary Way Lookout Point above Hermanus (2021-01-09) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 15 FEB 2021

Hermanus is a wonderful seaside town, squeezed into a narrow coastal plain that is bounded by the endless blue of the Indian Ocean to the south and the peaks of the Kleinriviersberge mountains to the north. One of the best ways to get a lay of the land is to drive up the easy to miss as you enter the town Rotary Way, a 5.3 km long road that ticks all the boxes of being a mountain pass but which instead simply doesn’t go anywhere.

The start of the road gives you a view to the Western areas of Hermanus, such as Sandbaai, Zwelihle and Vermont, while a little further on to the left you get blessed with the stunning landscape views of the fertile green Hemel en Aarde Valley, before reaching the final tarred section of the road which opens up views over the Klein River Valley, Stanford, the Lagoon and of course of Walker Bay and Hermanus itself. Here there are a couple of benches to sit down and quietly admire the view, or if you are like me with a couple of energetic girls in tow, head out for a stroll in the bush and add a couple of stones to the nearby cairn as a way to leave your mark. (This was by far the most fun bit of this stop for them).

The views over Hermanus are of course spectacular. You are high but not high enough that you lose any detail, and it becomes a fun way to spot the landmarks like the golf course, Hoy’s Koppie, the Old Harbour and Gearing’s Point. (It’s also worth pointing out that if you have a capable vehicle, you can actually continue along the gravel section of the road from here, which will then take you past the local hang glider launching area all the way through to the edge of the Hamilton Russell Vineyards property where the road finally terminates once and for all.)

Beautiful agamas and other rock lizards, delicate fynbos flowers, views to die for, and that fresh sea breeze in your face, a drive up Rotary Way should really be considered the next time you find yourself in Hermanus on a good weather day.

All Aboard The Blue Train Park in Mouille Point (2017-11-18) Kid Activities | Photo Gallery 08 FEB 2019

December 1956 saw the opening of the Blue Train in Mouille Point, and 60+ years later, the old girl is still running strong, now the last surviving South African beachfront miniature railway attraction still in action.

With the gorgeous Cape Town backdrop of Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and Table Mountain to the one side, and the splashing ocean waves of the promenade on the other, The Blue Train Park is home to the famous “Old Lady” mini blue train, a mini-skate park, cement push bike track, zip line, climbing rock, multiple jungle gyms, obstacle courses and even a small astro turf soccer pitch – basically more than enough to keep any visiting kids super entertained for quite a while!

To be honest, I don’t know if we ourselves visited this spot as kids, but I do know that my girls had an absolute blast being introduced to this iconic Cape Town kiddies attraction. Even more so after the train conductor let them sit up front and ‘drive’ the train around its track!

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Oh, and we were rather chuffed to bump into Jack Parow of all people during our visit. Turns out the Blue Train Park is super popular to host children’s birthday parties at!

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Oom Piet’s Christmas Party at Durbanville Race Course (2015-12-05) Photo Gallery 07 DEC 2015

Jessica was in for quite a treat at the start of December – Natasha had organised that we join them and the Garrett’s for Oom Piet’s Christmas Party, a Christmas themed charity evening organised by the Durbanville Rotary Club.

IMG_20151205_190150 jessica and emily ready for their trailer ride at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

The evening was held at the Marco Polo Club of the Durbanville Race Course (horses), and of course, kicking off with a trailer ride for the girls was a sure sign that tonight was going to be a heap of fun for the kids!

(Still on crutches following my earlier fall, I skipped the trailer ride, and instead hobbled over to the seating area on my own steam)

IMG_20151205_190549 playing in the hay at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

The seating area was a walled off little section that had been filled with hay and hay bales, fronted by a large ‘castle’ facade that was to be the backdrop for the evening’s show.

Naturally, the kids went berserk in terms of throwing and rolling around in the hay, and before we could blink, Jessica made herself comfortable by latching onto one of the elf helpers!

IMG_20151205_191851 cute emily lotter at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

Emily on the other hand wasn’t quite brave enough to wander off among all the strange kids, so she spent most of the evening between Chantelle and myself instead.

IMG_20151205_193705 singing elves at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

The kids were entertained by a visit to a fire engine, followed by some singing and dancing, drum majorettes, and a host of dressed up characters making appearances.

One or two Christmas carols were also sung, before the big feature for the night kicked in – the visit from Father Christmas!

IMG_20151205_195431 drummies at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

The lights were all turned off, and one by one a ‘fairy’ waved her staff and turned them on again – much to the amazement of the young audience. Then there was the sound of galloping hooves and a stopping sleigh, followed by the sudden appearance of the jolly red man himself – at the top of the castle!

IMG_20151205_210920 jessica with father christmas at oom piet's christmas party at durbanville race course

This was of course the highlight of the kids’ evening, and one by one everyone stood in line to receive their gift from Santa (we had secretly dropped them off on entry), with Jessica seizing her opportunity to launch 101 questions at a rather taken aback Father Christmas! :)

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The night was as you can imagine a great success, the girls had an absolutely brilliant time, which we then did our best to follow up with by getting lost trying to exit and ending up driving around the whole race course on a mission to get out!

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