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Japan 2014 – 04 Things to see in Tokyo – Tokyo Tower! (2014-10-02) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 22 OCT 2015

Having safely reached Japan, successfully travelled from Yokohama to Minato, and taking an unscheduled stop at Zojoji temple, we had finally reached the first tourist attraction on our list of things to see in Japan – the iconic Tokyo Tower!

DSC07156 tokyo tower from zojoji temple

Just as the Eiffel Tower is used to frame a shot as being in Paris, France, so does Tokyo Tower drive home the point that we’re in Tokyo, Japan.

This gigantic communications and observation tower, located in Shiba (Minato, Tokyo), was built in 1958 and towers at 332.9 meters high. With a design paying homage to the aforementioned Eiffel Tower itself, the Tokyo Tower was built to withstand earthquakes twice the intensity of the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake, and typhoons with wind speeds of up to 220 kilometres per hour.

When the 90-metre antenna was bolted into place on October 14, 1958, Tokyo Tower was the tallest freestanding tower in the world, taking the title from the Eiffel Tower by 13 metres. Despite being taller than the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower only weighs about 4,000 tons, 3,300 tons less than the Eiffel Tower. While other towers have since surpassed Tokyo Tower’s height, the structure was still the tallest artificial structure in Japan until April 2010, when the new Tokyo Skytree became the tallest building of Japan.

DSC07183 noppon tokyo tower mascots

Greeted by Older Brother and Younger Brother (Noppon, the mascots of Tokyo Tower), we skipped FootTown (a four-story building located directly under the tower which houses museums, restaurants and shops), and headed straight up to the first observation deck, the two-story Main Observatory which is located at 150 meters up the structure.

DSC07189 japanese girls looking out at tokyo tower in shiba, minato, tokyo

Although plenty of things to see and buy inside (including a fun and friendly self-propelled robot merrily chugging along), it is without a doubt the spectacular views of Tokyo that steal the show here.

Pretty much all the big landmarks of Tokyo can be seen, and if the sky is clear enough (which sadly it wasn’t on the day), one can even glimpse a view of Mount Fuji itself!

DSC07187 view of tokyo from tokyo tower in shiba, minato, tokyo

Fun as he was, Mr. Robot couldn’t join us as we opted to shoot up to the even higher (but smaller) Special Observatory, which sits at an uncomfortable 249.6 meters up in the sky!

IMG_20141002_043734 admiring the view at tokyo tower in shiba, minato, tokyo

The smaller space obviously made things much more crowded up here, and as long as you weren’t suffering from any form of vertigo, you were treated to even more spectacular views of Tokyo and its surrounds.

DSC07201 view of tokyo from tokyo tower in shiba, minato, tokyo

It’s only really once you are this high that you can appreciated just how massive a city Tokyo actually is. Quite frankly, it dwarfs what we know as cities here in South Africa – and truly is something amazing to take in.

DSC07195 ryan lotter and terrance brown in tokyo tower in shiba, minato, tokyo

That said, I didn’t buy any curios or trinkets whilst we were up there! :P

(But we were treated to an impromptu and energetic drum solo by a very active girl drummer and her following video crew once we were back down on solid ground again…)

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”34414,34415,34416,34417,34418,34419,34420,34421,34422,34423,34424,34425,34426,34427,34428,34429,34430,34431,34432,34433,34434,34435,34436,34437,34438,34439,34440,34441,34442,34443″]

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Japan 2014 – 03 Zojoji in Tokyo – Jodo-Buddhist Chief Temple (2014-10-02) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 22 OCT 2015

Continuing our trek to Tokyo Tower on foot, we exited the Hamamatsucho business district and entered Shiba (Minato, Tokyo), and in the process stumbled onto what would be my first taste of Japanese religion proper – the Zojoji temple complex that serves as the principle temple of the Chinzei branch of Jodo-shu Buddhism.

DSC07148 sangedatsumon main gate of zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

Stepping through the massive wooden Sangedatsumo main gate (the front face of Zojoji and whose name literally means to escape/be delivered from three earthly states of mind – greed, anger and stupidty), one enters this tranquil complex that is made up of a number of striking buildings and amazingly detailed stone statues.

IMG_20141002_033152 zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

Originally founded in 1393, Zojoji was only relocated to this current location in 1598 after Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, entered Edo (present-day Tokyo) in 1590 to establish his provincial government. After the start of the Edo Period when the Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan, Zojoji became the family temple of the Tokugawa family and also served as an administrative center to govern the religious studies and activities of Jodo shu.

Although mostly destroyed through the air raids of World War II, many of the building have subsequently been restored, including the impressive Daiden (main hall) and smaller Ankokuden (home of the black Image of Amida Buddha, which was deeply worshiped by Ieyasu Tokugawa).

IMG_20141002_034455 ankokuden zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

This is an active temple and as such is called home by many worshipers, and indeed, a heavy religious air does linger over this historically important place.

DSC07170 charms at zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

Amongst the fascinating pieces of history is the giant bell Daibonsho, which was completed in 1673 and took as many as seven castings to get right. It has a diameter of 1.76 meters, a height of 3.33 meters and a weight of 15 tons, and is renowned as one of the Big Three Bells of the Edo Period.

DSC07159 daibonsho big bell at zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

Zojoji is also the mausoleum of the Tokugawa Shoguns – the tombs of six Tokugawa Shoguns (as well as resting places for their wives and children), and that of Imperial Princess Kazunomiya (wife of Shogun Iemochi) are all situated and accessible here.

DSC07175 mausoluem of tokugawa shoguns at zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

One part of this temple that was particularly hard to walk through was the eerie Garden of Unborn Children, which contains row upon row of child-sized stone statues, each decorated with toys and clothes left behind by the parents remembering their miscarried, aborted or stillborn children.

IMG_20141002_035056 terrance brown at unborn children garden at zojoji buddhist temple in shiba, minato, tokyo, japan

Having had our fill of the melancholy attached to this last garden, we grabbed a quick refreshment (truly, Japan is the land of the drinks vending machine), and hit the road once more, edging ever closer to our goal of Tokyo Tower…

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”34366,34367,34368,34369,34370,34371,34372,34373,34374,34375,34376,34377,34378,34379,34380,34381,34382,34383,34384,34385,34386,34387,34388,34389,34390,34391,34392,34393,34394,34395,34396,34397,34398,34399,34400,34401,34402,34403,34404,34405,34406,34408,34407″]

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Japan 2014 – 02 From Yokohama to to Minato in search of Tokyo Tower! (2014-10-02) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 21 OCT 2015

I had no trouble in having a good sleep in my bed in our small Super Hotel Yokohama room following our first night in Japan, and indeed, woke up refreshed and super excited to tackle this wondrous new world full of signs that I couldn’t understand but an environment that nevertheless I felt quite capable of navigating.

Terrance was with us on our first day here in Yokohama, and following his lead, Ryan and I successfully navigated a particularly delicious breakfast in the hotel’s cafeteria (true, we weren’t particularly adventurous in terms of food tasted), before we nipped out to explore a bit of the beautiful Yokohama Park that was literally just outside the door (whilst Terrance returned to his room to prepare for the long day ahead).

IMG_20141002_020632-07 ryan lotter in yokohama park

Yokohama Park was established in 1875 by British technologist Richard Henry Brunton, who designed this cozy park between the Japanese part of town and the foreign settlement. In those days, foreigners played cricket there sometimes, and soon baseball games to promote international friendship were taking place between Japanese and foreign teams. Now the park is dominated by the Yokohama Stadium, the home ground of Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars.

IMG_20141002_020632-10 fountain in yokohama park

It’s a stunningly beautiful and tranquil park with interesting sculptures, a Japanese garden, a fish pond, a kids play area and of course lots of trees and flowers – the park is known in particular for the 69 cultivars of tulip that reside there, resulting in stunning mid April displays when anything up to 160,000 of these flowers may bloom!

Without getting lost, we managed to find a spot where Terrance eventually arrived to pick us up, and off we strolled towards the nearby JR Kannai train station, which given that this is the stomping grounds of the local baseball team, is bedecked in DeNA Bay Stars mascot livery!

IMG_20141002_020632-12 yokohama jr kannai train station baseball themed

This was our first introduction to the relatively complicated Japanese train system. Luckily for us though, the big cities are making a push for more and more English language signage, meaning that together with Terrance’s fledgling Japanese, we (and by we I mean Terrance) worked out how to get to where we wanted to be and what tickets to buy (through very clever ticketing machines I might add) – our destination, Hamamatshucho in Minato, Tokyo.

After all, we were going to be hitting one of Japan’s most iconic symbols as our first tourist sight – the legendary Tokyo Tower!

IMG_20141002_022508 hamamatsucho minato tokyo train station

Train rides in Japan are very different from train rides in Cape Town. Well, rather, the train part is very similar – the noise levels however are completely different! (Let’s just say, this was one of the first trains where a) we could hear ourselves think and b) we were definitely the loudest onboard!)

We arrived in Hamamatsucho which is a very productive business and commercial ward in Minato, and in the process stumbled across one of our very first sights – the Tokyo World Trade Center Building.

IMG_20141002_032044-01 world trade center skyscraper in hamamatsucho, minato, tokyo

Completed in 1970, this 40-story commercial skyscraper is one of Japan’s earliest skyscrapers!

IMG_20141002_032058 walking in in hamamatsucho, minato, tokyo

Anyway, fixated on the sight of Tokyo Tower in the distance, and mesmerized by all the surrounding tall buildings of this obviously busy and well off part of the city, we grabbed our cameras and started walking…

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”34329,34330,34331,34332,34333,34334,34335,34336,34337,34338,34339,34340,34341,34342,34343,34344,34345,34346,34361,34348,34349,34350,34351,34352,34353,34354,34355,34356,34357,34358,34359,34360″]

Japan 2014 – 01 Flying to Tokyo Narita Airport in Japan – and arriving in Yokohama! (2014-09-30) Photo Gallery 12 OCT 2015

Seeing as today marks Terrance and Yuko’s first wedding anniversary, it seems fitting to finally (a year later), kick off the posting of all my Japan 2014 photos to the blog.

IMG_20140930_130352 flying emirates airbus to dubai

So as I outlined before, last year Ryan and I embarked on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, he an already quite seasoned international traveller and me heading overseas for the very first time in my entire life. (In other words, together he, Terrance and Yuko pretty much made all the arrangements, while I stared like a lost little puppy in the background).

Anyway, the 30th of September finally arrived, and Ryan and I met each other at Cape Town International, eager for our adventure to begin – even if the first leg was to be an agonizingly long 9hr 45min flight from Cape Town to Dubai aboard an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER.

First mistake though. Security immediately relieved me of my shampoo because the bottle was too big. Rookie error on my part for sure. That said, surprisingly, my small set of screwdrivers passed the screening with no mention at all!

Anyway, amazingly, I managed my first ever overseas flight reasonably well, ingesting movie after movie, enjoying the surprisingly good airline food, sleeping, and playing the odd two player game over the in-flight entertainment system against Ryan.

(Ryan however didn’t have quite as good a flight as me – but he blames part of that for the fact that I took rather more of his personal space than what a thin person normlly would!)

IMG_20140930_131643 ryan and craig lotter on an airbus

Dubai’s International Airport was my first real taste of the size of what a real international juggernaut airport is like, and needless to say there was quite a lot for me to take in – not that I had all that long to do this mind you – first time around, we only had about an hour to kill before the next 9hr 35min flight kicked off!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, there was no way in hell my little set of screwdrivers were getting through the screening this time around though – all Ryan could do was literally face palm in disbelief at this horribly incompetent flier that his brother was turning out to be!)

The second leg of our journey was much the same for me as the first, long, boring but not particularly uncomfortable and I was more than entertained from start to finish. Ryan however again suffered a bit, but to be fair, I hadn’t shrunk after a mere 10 hours or so, meaning that I was still stealing a fair chunk of his allotted personal space!

(Seriously, he must have hated me for the segments where we were forced to fly or sit next to one another – which in hindsight I think was pretty much all of the time!)

Eventually we were given the signal that we were approaching Japan’s Tokyo Narita International Airport, and after filling in the necessary declaration forms, we sat back, enjoyed a smooth landing, and then more or less breezed through customs – before at long last finally being reunited with an excited Mr. Brown himself!

IMG_20141001_121332 ryan and craig lotter are reunited with terrance brown in tokyo

Surprisingly, we were still relatively fresh after our long flights, and with Terrance leading the way (his reasonably decent Japanese proving invaluable to us now), we made a few stops around the massive airport complex in order to collect the few pre-booked odds and ends (like our mobile data sim and portable modem), before being shuttled around by bus and then on board a fancy looking train – possibly the KEISEI Electric Railway’s Skyliner, but I can’t really remember because a) it was dark, b) it had been a long flight, and c) it was a YEAR ago – heading out of Tokyo and into Yokohama where we were going to be based for the first leg of our three part trip.

(Of course, this late in the evening already it was dark, and thus not much to see, but already just the sheer scale of Tokyo and its surrounds compared to our own minuscule Cape Town kept me absolutely captivated from start to finish of our train ride!)

In Yokohama at last, Terrance treated us to a short taxi ride to the Super Hotel Yokohama, which proved to be our first real taste of how the whole politeness thing of Japan works. The taxi experience itself was pretty cool – doors open automatically, we are not permitted to stow our own luggage as this is considered rude, and everything is precise, cordial and proper – i.e. about as completely opposite of minibus taxi experience as what you can get.

Locating the Super Hotel Yokohama proved to be relatively easy – checking in slightly less so. However, Terrance persevered, and together with our e-mail printouts and one or two phone calls for a language assist, he gained us access to our rooms for the night – our very first taste of just how cramped living space in Japan really is!

IMG_20141002_001422 yokohama super hotel room

(Ryan and I shared this room. I’m pretty much standing by the door for this shot – on my right is the door to the bathroom… capsule.

Yes, the toilet is very cool and very electronic – but it is very small and in the end, my big bottom’s personal nemesis for pretty much the entirety of our Japanese adventure!)

IMG_20141002_013720 yokohama super hotel toilet

Amazingly, after all our travelling and despite the lateness of the night, Ryan and I were so pumped that we immediately wanted to head out for a stroll in the middle of the night – something unthinkably dangerous to do in South Africa mind you – a request which Terrance was most happy to accede to.

After all, this was his wonderland to show off – and thus, our trip to Japan had finally officially begun! :)

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”34259,34260,34261,34262,34263,34264,34265,34266″]

(P.S. I slept like a log that evening once we had eventually got to bed – after spending who knows how long trundling along the city streets and taking in all the late night sights!)

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Goading for another FIFA with the Boys Night My Life 27 SEP 2015

This post is going up for the express purpose of appearing on my Facebook feed and thus appearing in the timelines of the people that I play FIFA with, in an effort to goad them just a little and in so doing, action our next FIFA with the Boys night.

This picture in particular will help with that goading goal:

craig lotter holding his FIFA evening trophies august 2015

In reality, we have played very little FIFA this year, and had even fewer FIFA evenings to boot, though in retrospect I have had a particularly good year in terms of palming in at least one trophy per get together. Not bad at all, and annoying enough to the others to legitimately paint a large target on my back. (Activity like this blog post, doesn’t help either :P)

While we are still playing FIFA 15 on the XBOX 360 for our evenings, there has been a shift in our play location, eschewing Ryan Lotter’s bachelor pad in favour of newcomer Michael Garret’s comfortable setup. Ryan is also playing less with us than before, with the slack being picked up by a capable Kurt Lehner – who is more than able to bag a trophy on the night if needs be:

craig lotter and kurt lehner holding their fifa evening trophies july 2015

(Note my inclusion in this winner’s photo once again).

Damen Oosthuizen still joins us whenever he can, Dean Stapelberg is a rarity (Karl-Heinz Storbeck even more so), and Evan Granger and Michael Garret continue their quest to actually win a trophy and not lose out by a single point or technicality as the case has been the last couple of evenings. (Terrance Brown for some inexplicable reason still refuses to fly down from Japan and join us for a game night)

The FIFA evening themselves continue their epic form in terms of length – we usually start around 19:00 and play straight through to 00:00 – ridiculous if you consider that I then still have to drive back to Gordon’s Bay and work the next day. Still, I am rather enjoying my victorious streak at the moment…

(There, job done. I now eagerly look forward to checking my inbox come Monday morning!)

Japan 2014: An Adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun My Life 07 MAY 2015

In October 2014 I embarked on my very first overseas trip ever – to the one destination that I’ve always wanted to see above all others: Japan.

Terrance, a friend I have known since primary school, has been living in the land of the Rising Sun since 2011, teaching English as part of their JET programme. In that time, he also found a fiancé in the form of Yuko Omiya, and thoroughly besotted with this wonderful woman, the date for their wedding was set: 12 October 2014.

Of course, he was very keen to have any of his South African friends come up and join him and Yuko on their big day, and although it was certainly something that I wanted to do, it wasn’t something that I could actually afford to at the time (you know, all the usual expenses that comes with being a married adult with children and bonds to pay).

However, my brother Ryan certainly could, and as such, he implored and convinced me to join him on the trip – and thus our Japan 2014 adventure was forged!

craig lotter, ryan lotter, yuko omiya, terrance brown in komagane japann 2014

Surprisingly, we didn’t actually put loads of research into the trip, in fact, it boiled down to less than a handful of Skype and e-mail chats with Terrance, and one or two real life meetups for Ryan and myself. However, it took almost no time at all to come up with a plan that would see us in Japan for a period of two weeks, travelling to the metropolitan marvel that is Tokyo, then to the rich spiritual, historic and cultural hub that is Kyoto, and finally enjoying the fresh, more rural air and pace of Ina and Komagane, situated within the Nagano prefecture.

With our destinations and our period of stay in each decided, Yuko handled the task of tracking down affordable accommodation for the two of us (it was much easier to organise that on their side than for us to try and do it from here), while Ryan handled the nitty gritty of all the flight tickets, insurance, etc. – and once the final hurdle of getting our Japanese visas via the embassy in Cape Town was cleared, all that was left was a little bit of wait time until we finally took to the skies.

Needless to say, I was excited as a puppy dog who has just discovered he can actually chase cats and they WILL run away!

terrance brown and yuko omiya wedding - craig and ryan lotter pose with the main attraction

The trip itself was everything I could ever have wished for (I’ll sum it up as amazing, and not at all what I might have imagined), and despite the fact that we actually spent very little time with Terrance and Yuko as a whole, Ryan and I were more than capable of getting around by ourselves in a land where very little English is spoken – and get around we most certainly did!

(Though to be fair, a big thank you to the wonder that is mobile data and Google Maps is in order.)

I’ve got 47 photo albums taken over the course of those 14 incredible days, all neatly sitting on my hard drive, patiently waiting to be uploaded and thus see the light of day – and although it is now nearly a year later (life as a dad to two small kids is so incredibly busy), I think that you’re finally in for a treat.

In other words, prepare for an upcoming deluge of amazing sights courtesy of probably one of my most favourite countries in the whole wide world – this is Japan 2014! :)

Trying to Take Back the Trophies! My Life 05 MAR 2015

Having won both our FIFA trophies (for best player and best goalscorer) in the last FIFA with the Boys get together at the end of last year, and then sadly relinquishing the best player trophy in our last meeting (and first of 2015), I was needless to say looking quite forward to our second encounter for this year, eager to regain the glory that is owning both trophies.

As per usual, the meeting point on Monday afer work was Ryan’s bachelor’s pad, and with two brand new competitors entering the fray (Michael Garrett and his brother Jeff) – making for six trophy challengers on the night – competition was guaranteed to be fierce.

(However, what wasn’t fierce was the amount of snacks available on the night. It starts getting weird when the guys all start talking diets and losing weight…)

Anyway, we got down to action pretty much as soon as there were enough people to fill the slots, and with my calculated scoring and matchmaking patterns guiding the plays, what followed was an intense evening of kicking about a virtual ball, scoring some brilliant goals, and even more importantly, chuckling at the insane amount of bad luck that newcomer Michael was experiencing (so, so many unlucky red cards and goal post misses!).

With the skill levels in the room all pretty much on par, the games were particularly tight and there were no big scores and no big win margins. It was tight, sweaty stuff, and at midnight when the final whistle blew, the tally up kicked off in earnest.

15 games were played on the evening, with each player (Damen Oosthuizen, Evan Granger, Ryan Lotter, Jeff Garrett, Michael Garrett and myself) having played 10 games each, and quite fairly,  every single player played with every single other player two times as a team, meaning the stats were all fair and above board.

Make no mistake, the winning margins for both best player and best goal scorer were tight, well less than a handful of points/goals in it!

Which of course then makes it PARTICULARLY sweet that I walked away with BOTH trophies on the night. (Insert smug, grinning face here!)

craig lotter wins both fifa trophies

It’s a pity about the poor light in Ryan’s kitchen at midnight. Even my selfie didn’t come out too great – too many shiny structures kept photo bombing me… ;)

craig lotter wins both fifa trophies selfie

FIFA and the Boys: Updated! My Life 15 JAN 2015

So a couple of days ago I bragged about how I had snagged both trophies in our final FIFA boys night of 2014, going even so far as to let the competition know that I was now in serious practice mode – not to mention the fact that I then went right ahead and called them out for yet another session.

As it turned out, I didn’t have long to wait…

One of the very first things to happen at Emily’s awesome birthday pool party on Sunday was the boys getting together and deciding that a FIFA night was to be held the very next evening, at Ryan’s pad, usual scoring rules apply. Heck, even Dean was on the cards for the night, and so come Monday evening I found myself driving straight through to Bellville following a stint in the Westlake office for the day.

Ryan whipped up some Sloppy Joes for supper, and then it was on to FIFA, with just enough time for the two of us to get in a moment’s practice before the rest of the horde started falling in. Dean, Damen, Evan, Ryan and myself made five, and so after some complicated tables and match-ups were planned and jotted down, it was down to the business of kicking a virtual ball around and scoring as many points as possible! (Without appearing overly selfish of course).

Amazingly, despite not having played FIFA in absolute years, Dean held his own, and was certainly not the dead weight that we all had imagined he would be – in fact, pretty much all but two games were particularly tight on the evening, and rivalries were pretty fierce right from the get go!

We finished up just after 23:00, well before we usually call things quits on nights like these (but hey, Sunday had been a long day and the wives were naturally a bit antsy of the short notice), and after a quick tally (no really, it was pretty quick thanks to my awesome tables), I revealed that I had in fact NOT retained both trophies despite all my prior bragging – in the end, Ryan once again scooping up the award for the player with the most win points (but by a really narrow margin), meaning no more glorious trophy for me.

However, not all was lost for me, as in the end I did walk away with the trophy for scoring the most goals on the night – only made possible by the final (and very one-sided) match where Evan and I defeated Damen and Dean by five goals to zero, four of which were scored by me. Those four were all that I needed to take the lead and thus walk away with the night’s Golden Boot! (Ryan was shattered – up until that point he had looked a sure bet to take home both trophies on the night!)

There was some controversy (we didn’t score one of Ryan’s goals on the basis of too much of a deflection – change of direction – that caused the keeper to miss the ball), many tight, tight matches (i.e. lots of edge of couch, dripping in sweat, tension), and of course, some fantastically worked goals – all in all making for yet another excellent night of FIFA on the Xbox!

ryan lotter and craig lotter triumphant at xbox fifa

My only regret? That none of my training seemed to make one damn ounce of a difference on the night! Sigh, back to the drawing board then…

New Year’s Lunch with the Lotters (2015-01-01) Photo Gallery 08 JAN 2015

After spending a lovely evening out with Damen, Michelle and Ryan for New Year’s Eve, the actual 1st of January was dominated with a trip out to Mom and Dad’s house in order to celebrate the New Year with a big family lunch.

Despite Chantelle working for the first half of the day (she would join us later in Bellville), Jess, Emily and I made an early trek through to the Northern Suburbs, where we joined Ryan, Riley, Claire (with the boys), and Granny Lotter in chilling at Mom and Dad’s pad. Lots of conversation, lots of swimming (though Emily wasn’t quite so keen on the cold water), and lots of relaxation as Mom and Dad scurried about preparing the feast, was the order of the morning.

Lunch was absolutely delicious as expected (so much variety!), Jessica and Emily enjoyed themselves on the day (as did Gran I suspect), and when Chantelle finally did join us after work, we immediately (well, after she had first eaten – hey, we’re not monsters) made her put on her new boardshorts that she had received for Christmas and got her in the water (a rare treat for Jessica who was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to swim with Mommy!).

We even dug out an old Polyotter (from when Claire, Ryan and I were kids) to see if it would be useful for Jess, but after a couple of tries we quickly decided that drowning our child with an ancient flotation device is probably not the best of ways to teach her how to swim! :)


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