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Urusei Yatsura Cosplay: Lum Invader (Ryoko Demon) Cosplay 26 SEP 2013

One of the most iconic anime characters to come out of the 80′s was undoubtedly Rumiko Takahashi’s Lum Invader, from her popular Urusei Yatsura manga. Today it is the turn of Russian cosplayer Ryoko Demon to don the famous animal print bikini, and pull up those go-go boots, in celebration of all things Lum!


Lum is a beautiful Oni alien (with horns) who is capable of flying, generating electrical shocks, and even producing lightning on certain occasions. With her penchant for ending her sentences all with ~daccha, she is most often seen going about in her standard Oni outfit which is a tiger-striped bikini with knee-high go-go boots.

After losing a game of tag to one Ataru Moroboshi (in with the fate of the world at stake), Lum is forced to stay behind on Earth, engaged to the rather lecherous Ataru. Although she absolutely adores Ataru and is good-natured, sweet and innocent in personality, Lum does have quite a temper on her and is always ready to give Ataru a good electrocution in the hope of mending his groping ways.

Oh, and she can’t really cook. Or at least, cook anything that a human could possible withstand…

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Uncanny X-Men Cosplay: Rogue (Ryoko Demon) Cosplay 20 JUL 2013

Popular Russian cosplayer Ryoko Demon dons the famous green and yellow bodysuit of everyone’s favourite mutant Uncanny X-Man and southern belle for this cosplay outing – bringing to life none other than Rogue!

uncanny x-men cosplay rogue by russian cosplayer ryoko demon 1

Rogue has worn a number of costumes and been on both sides of the fence during her long run as a comic book character, being consistently one of the most popular female characters from the X-Men canon.

Identified by her trademark white streak in her dark hair, Rogue packs a powerful punch, possessing superhuman strength and durability, as well as the power of flight. Of course these were all gained through her primary mutant ability, the power to absorb both the power and memory of others through contact with her skin, often resulting in a comatose state of those that she touches.

With a complex and painful background, Rogue is certainly a tragic character, but her powerful resolve and strength of character always ensures that she is a proper force to be reckoned with!

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