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John Tyler Christopher: Witchblade #161 Cover (2012) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 09 MAR 2013

Private detective Sara Pezzini’s recent exploits have had an unintended, but not all together negative side effect – she’s now actually getting paid to investigate paid supernatural cases! However she may make an enemy of another one of Chicago’s supernatural agents in the process. Meanwhile, all around her forces move in a much larger, sinister symphony…

Written by Tim Seeley and with art from the team of Diego Bernard and Fred Benes, it was left up to artist John Tyler Christopher to come up with this fantastic, negative space inspired and detailed piece of comic book cover art:

Witchblade Cosplay: Sara Pezzini (Meagan Marie) Cosplay 04 MAR 2012

Former Game Informer columnist and current Community Manager for the Tomb Raider franchise over at Crystal Dynamics, cosplayer Meagan Marie, also known as Meagan vanBurkleo or VirtualGirl6654, is popular web celebrity who is known for coming up with some fantastic costumes in the past. This week she tackles Top Cow’s NYPD homicide detective Sara Pezzini, wielder of the supernatural, sentient gauntlet – the Witchblade!

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