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Music: Seether – Words as Weapons (2014) Music 05 FEB 2015

I’ve been a big fan of Seether / Saron Gas right from the start, and by start I mean from the time when Barney Simon used to rave about these teenagers and their unbelievably good tracks on his late night rock show on 5FM (back in the good old days when I still enjoyed listening to 5!).

shaun morgan and the seether band

Anyway, before linking to the video that headlines today’s post, I best borrow Bradley Torreano and Andrew Leahey’s biography for the band, grabbed off the excellent rdio.com:

“Hailing from South Africa and comprising members Shaun Morgan (vocals, guitar), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums), Seether embraces a brand of heavy metal mostly associated with the post-grunge era of alternative music, complete with crunchy distortion and brooding textures. The band emerged in 1999 as Saron Gas (a name taken from the back of a sound effects CD) and released their debut album, Fragile, the following year on Musketeer Records. In a country whose musical tastes center around pop and indigenous music, Fragile found impressive chart success. Across the Atlantic, the U.S.-based Wind Up Records caught wind of the band’s growing popularity and signed the South African bandmates, who changed their name to Seether in light of Saron Gas’ similarity to the lethal nerve agent sarin gas.

An EP release and a spot on the Ozzfest tour preceded the unveiling of Seether’s full-length debut in the summer of 2002. Issued that August, Disclaimer featured the modern rock single “Fine Again” and led to a year-long tour, during which singer Morgan’s relationship with Evanescence siren Amy Lee blossomed. But while the tour ensured increasing commercial status for Seether, it also delayed the band’s return to the studio. In March 2004, a few tracks appeared on the Punisher soundtrack, including a duet version of Disclaimer’s “Broken” featuring vocal contributions from Lee.

Disclaimer II appeared that June, pairing a handful of new tracks with remixed or re-recorded versions of the previous album’s tracks. Seether viewed the album as an opportunity to re-evaluate their debut’s release (whose mix was, according to the band, subpar) and gave listeners new content as a holdover until the band’s proper follow-up. The promised sophomore effort, Karma and Effect, was released in May 2005 and entered the Top Ten, while the acoustic CD/DVD package One Cold Night appeared in 2006.

Following Morgan’s breakup with Amy Lee and a successful stint in rehab, Seether returned in 2007 with Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, introducing the album with the snide and catchy single “Fake It.” In 2009 the band took a break from touring to head into the studio with producer Brendan O’Brien to work on their fifth album. They went back out on the road for another year before eventually releasing Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray in 2011. Isolate and Medicate, the band’s sixth studio long-player, followed in 2014.”

Right, with that out of the way, it’s off to the video in question: taken off their new 2014 album, Isolate and Medicate, Words as Weapons is a particularly enjoyable song with, as always, fantastically strong lyrics and a great riff. 

Shaun Morgan and his buddies seem to almost never do wrong when it comes to making music – meaning thus that this track is well worth the listen! :)

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Shaun Morgan is Back! General Nonsense | My Life 12 NOV 2008

Shaun Morgan from SeetherLast year Chantelle and I started attending the Old Mutual Summer Sunset Concerts at Kirstenbosch and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience. One of the acts in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed was that of a solo Shaun Morgan (formerly Shaun Welgemoed), lead singer of ex-SA band Seether (formerly Saron Gas).

As it turned out Shaun’s powerful voice is particular adept at rendering some awesome acoustic, unplugged versions of his own material as well as that of others, making it one of the best ‘unplugged’ sessions you as a rock fan will ever encounter. Put it this way: not even the cold, rain nor wind that accompanied last year’s session could dampen the audience’s overbearing enthusiasm! (And besides, as a fan of their material ever since their Fragile release back when they were all still lighties from up country, there was no way I wasn’t going to be enthusiastic about the performance – soaked jeans and all!)

So of course, this all means that I am thoroughly overjoyed to see that he is once again listed on this year’s Summer Sunset Concerts lineup, all of which starts from the 23 November. Actually, browsing through the list, there are quite a number of worthwhile acts to go and check out, including Just Jinjer (of which I’m a huge fan) on the 21st of Dec., Shaun Morgan on the 28th of Dec., Watershed on the 11th of Jan., Prime Circle on the 25th of Jan., Arno Carstens (of Springbok Nude Girls fame) on the 8th of Feb. and aKING (a particularly fresh and decent sounding Afrikaans-rooted lineup) on the 22nd of March.

Tickets range between R50 and R70 (depending on the act) for adults and I see for a change that Kirstenbosch has finally organised for online bookings through the new http://www.tunegum.com service. For more information you can contact the organisers at 021 799 8783/8620/8773 or visit http://www.oldmutual.co.za/music

Oh, and just for the record, this is my very first post made entirely on my Ubuntu 8.10 install on my brand spanking new machine that I took delivery of on Sunday. No installations of OpenOffice or GIMP were harmed in the making of this blog post. Thankfully. I’m not sure about my Windows partition though – These two don’t seem to play nice with one another!