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Jessica surprises us with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Jessica 22 JUN 2013

twinkle twinkle little starThe other night we were fooling around like we always do before bed time, when all of a sudden little Jessica caught us completely by surprise, breaking out into a perfect rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, after I had jokingly asked her to sing it in order to get some yoghurt from me!

Flabbergasted, I quickly ran to grab the camera to try and get a recording of this, and the end result is what I have posted up here today for you to share in. Not quite as perfect as the first time around when she sang it to Chantelle and myself unfortunately, but more than cute and enjoyable enough! :)

Still, I guess I should have expected nothing less from my little girl who magically perfectly potty trained herself months ago already!

Daddy Sings Old MacDonald to Jessica! Jessica 23 MAY 2011

Chantelle doesn’t think that I can sing. However, Jessica doesn’t seem to share this opinion with her mommy and has even gone as far as confiding in me and suggesting that I enter Idols one year, just to prove her wrong. I like that idea.

And as proof to my glorious singing and note-holding ability, I present to you Old MacDonald, sung here in C Major. (I do a fantastic and quite wide array of animals in case you were wondering and wish to hire me out in the future).

Hmm, maybe I will stick to my day job after all! :P

cute cartoon farm

SingStar Strikes! My Life 15 DEC 2009

So like I mentioned ages ago already, we had invited all the friends over on the Saturday evening preceding Chantelle’s birthday for a bring and braai in celebration of C’s upcoming 29th birthday, and as per usual, it quickly degenerated into yet another night of SingStar battling as Terrance and Trish once again had their way and managed to convince us (or should that be twist our arms) into hauling out the microphones and letting them loose on the poor, unsuspecting public!

As it happens, I actually managed to capture some photos for a change, so where better to post them than here?

So here goes then:


The main SingStar instigators battling it out!


Damen and Michelle were clearly entertained...


...as was Karl and Zania (even if they refused to partake!)


It proved too much for Evan (and a strain for Natasha and Dean by the look of it!)


And Chantelle? Even on her birthday someone has to make the food!

The point? Well, we all had fun, the night was a success, and our neighbours probably still haven’t forgiven us! :)