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Our Link to the Funakoshi Style Martial Arts 30 DEC 2010

Most of you will know that the Funakoshi karate discipline or style was created by a South African in the late 1960’s, a man by the name of Edwin Ward. Soke Dai Hanshi (Founder and head of the style) Ward left our shores in the 1970’s to begin a new life in Canada, though not before he had left sufficiently trained students to continue growing the style in South Africa.

Unfortunately, human memory is not perfect and as the years went by, certain nuances were changed or completely forgotten as responsibility transferred from teacher to student, meaning that many of the forms and kata as well as the basic understanding of certain aspects altered from the original style, meaning that what was left in South Africa was more of a watered down version of the original vision of Dai Hanshi Ward’s Funakoshi karate system.

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