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Baby Lotter #2 Makes His/Her First Appearance! My Life 14 JUN 2013

Chantelle and I just got back home from Doctor Wade’s offices, returning from our very first sonar inspection of Baby Lotter #2, and of course, armed with such good news I couldn’t exactly wait to share it: jellybean-shaped Baby Lotter #2 is sitting quite snuggly, his/her heart happily beating at quite a furious pace!

20130614 lotter clan new baby 1st sonar scan

From the measurements Doctor Wades estimates Baby Lotter #2 as being around 7 weeks and 2 days old, which means that the estimated full term birth date would be 27 January 2014.

(Funnily enough, Jess’s original full term birth date was also late January as it turns out.)

So that’s it then. Baby Lotter #2 is now conclusively a reality and we’re now officially on our pregnancy way!

Stubborn Like Her Dad My Life 04 AUG 2010

Chantelle went for another check up scan on Friday, though this time around she gave her mom a much appreciated present, inviting Cheryl to accompany her to the gynae while I stayed at work, slaving away at my keyboard as per usual.

Our baby at 13 weeks! :)

The good news is of course that everything still looks perfectly normal, little jellybean is now no longer jellybean size, clocking in at 10 cm long with a weight of 150 odd grams. Everything has formed nicely now, ten little fingers and ten little toes, and the heartbeat is still happily racing away as it should at this stage of the game.

The only niggly news coming out of the visit is that it turns out that Chantelle is of O negative blood type, meaning that I need to establish my blood type sooner than later, just to make sure we don’t hit the Rhesus Negative type problem later on. This of course meant a trip to the pathologists on Saturday (and I must say I was quite impressed with the PathCare out here in Somerset West), where they drew a vial of blood with that awesome new vacuum needle/cartridge system of theirs.

I didn’t get a lollipop for being a good boy though :(

Finally, the funny or should that be disappointing news is that our 51% guess of Jessica turning out to be a little girl has only increased to a miserly 52% guess – it turns out that our baby is already giving off strong indications that she has inherited her father’s legendary stubbornness, literally refusing to turn around on her tummy despite all the ferocious prodding, poking and pushing, thereby denying the doctor and C from confirming as to whether or not our little bun in the oven is in fact a tollieman or not! :)

Needless to say, if little Jessica has indeed inherited my stubborn streak, then boy do I feel sorry for my wife already! ;)

The Progress of Our Little (Possibly) Jessica My Life 14 JUL 2010

Last Friday was the big 13 week scan for Chantelle and myself, the so-called NT scan whose primary objective is to establish whether or not your foetus may be suffering from some major defect, like Down Syndrome for example, and thus give you the choice as to whether or not to continue the pregnancy.

The test was conducted by Dr. Sonja Mulder, situated nice and close to us in Strand and despite all the nerves and worry leading up to the big day (Chantelle even developed a horrible stress-related pain in her abdomen which she carried around for a few days before the test!) as well as the added stress caused by Dr. Sonja’s failing equipment which seemed to develop a nasty habit of suddenly shutting down and then rebooting itself the whole time (stretching the consultation well past the hour mark to almost two hours long!), the visual ultrasound test was successfully conducted and by all accounts our little baby is developing absolutely normal and is showing no signs of there being anything wrong.

Truly a blessing then.

As it is, things are still running pretty smoothly in terms of the pregnancy and Chantelle is definitely showing already (of course for me the best part is, and for her the worst part is, her huge boobs! :P), though she has now had to go on blood pressure pills to try and bring down her blood pressure which went up fairly drastically with the pregnancy. But other than that everything is looking good and she still isn’t suffering from any real form of nausea or some other uncomfortable side effect.

As for me, I get more and more excited with each scan because it manages to drive home each and every time just how big a miracle this really is. The confirmation that something is actually literally growing and living inside my wife is just too awesome to comprehend! The way the foetus responds to being touched (well viciously prodded in the doctor’s case), the way it hiccups (that was amazing to see) and the way its heart sounds as it beats its furious pace is just absolutely awe-inspiring.

So all in all, so far, so good ;)

Our baby at 13 weeks! :)

P.S. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the doctor decided to stick out her neck and suggest that we’re going to be having a baby girl – which absolutely thrilled Chantelle because she can’t help but feel that it is a girl as well.

As for me, well I’m still content to just wait and see – After all, I’m not going to start decorating the baby’s room just yet! :P

My Jellybean’s Beating Heart My Life 07 JUN 2010

Last Friday was a momentous occasion for both Chantelle and myself – it marked our first ever ultrasound scan of the Jellybean, at last turning what is currently said to be so into something that is more of a concrete reality – an affirmation that in a couple of months’ time, I WILL be a father.

And that simply put, is big.

I requested to work the day from home and so late Friday morning I found myself following Chantelle’s Getz down the N1 in order to make our appointment at Louis Leipoldt in Bellville, one of the oldest private hospitals in the Western Cape and co-incidentally the hospital at which both Chantelle and I were originally delivered. Now the reason we were coming all the way out there instead of going to the much closer Vergelegen in Somerset West is partly due to restrictions placed upon us by Chantelle’s KeyCare Discovery medical aid plan and partly due to the high recommendations this one particular gynaecologist was receiving from all our friends: Dr. Adele Roux.

The visit itself wasn’t particularly long or complicated, we eventually found the right building after starting out at the wrong one, we found Dr. Roux’s offices, Chantelle filled out the necessary forms while I admired the rented Bonsai trees and paged through those magazines that only seem to exist in doctors’ quarters, before Dr. Roux called us in for our turn.

Pleasingly Dr. Roux came across exactly as she had been described to us by our friends and I must say, after my first impression and meeting with this woman, I really am quite fond of her as a doctor and really wouldn’t mind sticking with her all the way through this great event of ours. We had an enjoyable chat covering all the usual things first time would be parents talk about I suppose, before she led Chantelle into a little side room where they covered everything that needed to be covered, before I got the call up to come and join them and have a little look-see.

And there it was – my little Jellybean, the result of mommy’s and daddy’s chromosomes getting friendly with one another!

It really is an amazing sight. There isn’t much there to see, some dark areas and some light spots, but once the doctor started talking us through it all and the moment I saw that tiny little heart beating like there’s no tomorrow in that small shapeless blob, I can’t even begin to explain the emotions that ran through my body. (Though if it helps, Chantelle is said to have shed a tear on seeing that grainy black and white image!)

That is my child.

From the measurement of 19mm in length, the machine places our child to be at 8 weeks and 3 days old, meaning that if all goes well we will be looking at a birth somewhere around the 13th of January 2011 – so if that isn’t something to look forward to, then I certainly don’t know what is! :)

Our Jellybean. You can already see its little arms and legs protuding out of the main blobby.

(P.S. Despite the fact that Chantelle has not managed to produce the twins I had put in our contract, I’m sure she’ll be relieved to hear that I’m not going to divorce her after all – just in case she’s still wondering! :P)

(P.P.S. I had the doctor highlight every nook and cranny to make sure the second Jellybean wasn’t hiding anywhere. This proved to be particularly difficult with Chantelle laughing the whole time.)