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Review: Great Teacher Onizuka (2000) Anime | My Reviews 07 MAR 2014

great teacher onizuka anime 1Meet Onizuka Eikichi, former leader of the notorious Onibaku Motorcycle Gang from Shonan. 2nd Dan Black-belt in Karate, Eikichi is as strong as he is vicious. Known as Evil Eikichi, the dauntless Onizuka was known for fighting and decimating his opponents. He obeyed no rules except those he made himself.

Six years ago, Onizuka and his fellow gang member, Danma Ryuji, gave up that life and moved to Tokyo. Ryuji attended professional school and now manages a motorcycle shop. Onizuka is studying to be a teacher – albeit so that he can get closer to all the pretty schoolgirls in short skirts. His path has been opened to him. He will strive to be the greatest teacher ever.

His chance finally arrives when he is accepted at the prestigious private school, Holy Forest Academy. He’s been assigned the school’s most problematic class to deal with, but that shouldn’t faze him too much. Using his unique approach to life and applying it to teaching, Onizuka strives to make school a fun place for all of his students. And as many lessons as he has to teach, he has to learn as well.

No matter the problem, no matter the wall, Onizuka will break it down – and allow people to begin helping themselves. Truly he is: GTO.

Great Teacher Onizuka was one of the biggest hits on Japanese television. It follows the exploits of a gangster-turned teacher Onizuka Eikichi and the lessons he learns and teaches to his students. Although Onizuka is the most unconventional teacher around, he is also the teacher with the biggest heart. He’s naivety and belief in the goodness of the people around him is refreshing, and he willingness to face certain death in order to save his students is inspiring. Plus his general perverted nature is just fun to watch.

GTO introduces an interesting and complex group of characters, and follows the story of how Onizuka is accepted as a teacher at the Holy Forest Academy and subsequently assigned to the school’s most problematic class. They specialise in terrorising and driving out teachers. It would appear that something in the past occurred to break down their teacher-student relationship. And it is up to Onizuka to try and solve this as well as chase away each problem child’s personal demons.

The stories are wonderfully and powerfully scripted, each story arc flooring one with a wonderful moral. But it is the journey to uncovering this moral that makes GTO such a pleasure to watch.

The animation for GTO is quite brilliant. The style is crisp and clean, and is able to switch to the totally ridiculous faces and expressions at any time. For prime examples of this, watch any scene involving Onizuka and vice-principal Uchiyamada.

The musical score for Onizuka is brilliant. There are two great opening and three closing titles for the series. But the real winner is the uplifting music played when any problem finally gets resolved. Guaranteed to leave a lump in your throat everytime.

Overall, GTO is one of my favourite titles of all times. Hilariously funny, it manages to balance its extreme humour with extreme seriousness. GTO is a must see for all true Otakus. Grab your motorcycle and join the legend.

great teacher onizuka anime 2

(Historical Note: This was written back in November 2003. Thankfully my writing has improved greatly since then.)

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PS4: Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video Games 11 JUN 2013

I’m not a hardcore gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but even I am not terribly keen on the recently announced Xbox One, in particular its heavy Internet connection reliance and seemingly painful DRM system Microsoft seems so keen to implement.

Which is probably why I’m already leaning towards Sony’s PS4 when the time finally arises to retire my current Xbox 360.

And to be honest, this video on how to share a PS4 game with a friend did make me laugh:

Can’t say I like the look, but at the end of the day, as long as it plays games I’d be happy.

sony playstation ps4 console

PlayTV Games 24 AUG 2007

Man, this just in. Seems like the PS3 is really pushing to be way more than just a games console. Already a formidable media centre, it has just been announced that Sony is going to be introducing a new external device that will allow the PS3 to act as a digital TV tuner and recorder. Sony says the device, called the PlayTV, will allow users to watch high-definition TV broadcasts and record them to the game unit’s hard drive.

It will also allow transfer of recorded content to Sony’s handheld PlayStation Portable for viewing.

It is slated for release in Europe from early 2008, but I’m pretty sure it wont take to long after that for it to make it to our shores be it along official or unofficial lines of course :)

So come on Microsoft – what next are you going to make the XBOX 360 do?

sony playstation ps3 playtv