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Kids saving the World? #brightFuture
[Partner Content] 14 JUL 2015

Kids have ideas. Kids have ideas on how to make the world a better place. A place where perhaps everyone has food to eat, water to drink, and a safe place to call home.

unilever brightfuture youtube screen capture

Unilever brightFuture is a platform that helps unite and amplify the efforts of a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably.

Kids are the future, kids have ideas, kids would like to make the world a better place. Perhaps we should join in with them and their ideas and see just how we can perhaps change our future for the better?

unilever brightfuture campaign clean beach

unilever brightfuture campaign joshua boy

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What to look for when Choosing Workout Wear
[Partner Content] 19 MAR 2015

Nothing kills your motivation to move quicker than a workout outfit that offers zero comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a cute new something to add to your active wardrobe or building it up from the very beginning, it’s all about making sure you have the right pieces. Beyond just being the perfect fit for your body, make sure that they’re the perfect fit for your workout too.

So before you run for the tills, make this your go-to shopping game plan:

Fit First:

Nothing beats that feel-good confidence you get from wearing something that looks and feels like a win, and it’s that confidence that’ll inspire you to keep on working out. So before you make a beeline for the baggy layers, why not opt for a figure-flattering look that will accentuate your shape.

Basic leggings are the perfect starting point for going colour crazy with your pick of ladies gym tops – like the gym-ready racerback vest, the fun 2-in-1 or the old faithful V-neck tee.

lady in exercise wear holding a medicine ball

Dress Code:

Yoga in a tennis skirt, anyone? How about cycling in baggy track pants? The key to comfort starts with keeping your look activity appropriate. Keep in mind the moves you’ll be doing the most, and make this your starting point for loading up your shopping basket.

The best bet for beginners: comfy cropped leggings and a performance top that’s designed to wick away sweat. To be sure after you’ve bagged your pieces, try out a few signature workout moves in (or just outside) the changing room.

lady setting up to run on a track

Sweat Wicking Ability:

Working out and working up a sweat go hand-in-hand, and a sweat-soaked workout is never ideal. Shop for garments with moisture-wicking attributes that draw sweat away from the skin and to the outside of the fabric. These are designed to keep you cool in hotter conditions, and keep you comfy in colder climates.

Our signature moisture management material – Dri-Sport – features in a number of our garments. Look for synthetic blend fabrics such as polyester, nylon and lycra blends, as well as the Maxed Elite range of ladies gym tops and bottoms.

lady doing a star jump exercise in black leggings

Technological Touches:

It’s everywhere: from the waterproof mp3 players used by some swimmers to the impossibly lightweight running shoes used by marathon athletes. Technology continues to take the sporting world by storm, and it doesn’t stop at workout clothing.

Look out for laser cut holes for improved breathability, moisture management technology that wicks away sweat, or reflective details that ensure you’re more visible during low light training sessions.

Layer Up:

Just like your day-to-day wardrobe – getting your active wardrobe on track starts with investing in a few quality basics that are versatile enough to take you from season to season. Save on gear that can easily be layered up in the winter months, and dressed down to the bare essentials in the summer months – especially if you train outdoors.

Start with a moisture-wicking top and bottom as your base layer. Keep warm with a long sleeve running tee and complete your cold-climate look with a rain and windproof nylon shell. And as the days get warmer – dress it all down to the basics again.

man in blue vest doing a push up exercise

So before you shop that look because it looks hot on the hanger, or you love the colour – think twice about how it feels, fits your body and fits into your active lifestyle. You’ve got the tools, now all that’s left to do is rock that champion gear.

Have a winning look that you just have to share? Follow us on Twitter @MrPriceSport or Instagram @mrpsport and share your sporting look by tagging us with the hashtag #mymaxed.

Shop through our range of ladies’ fitness clothing perfect for any workout!

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mr price sport - mrp sport logo

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Travel Insurance for You
[Partner Content] 13 MAR 2015

Going for a holiday overseas is pretty daunting. So much planning, so much thinking, so much packing. Of course, one thing that doesn’t usually cross your mind is “What if something goes wrong?”.

Well it probably should, because just imagine you slip on a damp ramp in an Austrian restaurant and your knee folds in ways knees are designed to fold? Or perhaps you’re strolling around Mexico City, snapping pictures and then step into an open manhole courtesy of a stolen manhole cover?

Sure its funny now, but these things do invariably happen, which is exactly where the concept of travel insurance comes in to play.

Travel insurance is in essence a short-term cover that applies when you are travelling internationally. In general it covers a range of things from trip cancellation and luggage loss to emergency medical and personal accident assistance – the emergency medical probably being the most important of the lot!

(The South African rand doesn’t exactly stretch far in most foreign countries, making the thought of expensive foreign medical fees rather daunting to say the least!)

Respected insurance provider AIG now also plays in the travel insurance space, and has packages suited for individual travel, business travel, and for those of you still young enough to qualify, student travel.

So worth a thought then when next you find yourself on the airline website busy pricing tickets for your latest overseas getaway!

Lunch Time in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Save Money by buying Online with Coupons, Vouchers and Daily Deals!
[Partner Content] 13 MAR 2015

There is no doubt that as our courier services become better and more efficient, online shopping becomes a more and more attractive option for grabbing those things that you want – without the hassle of actually going to a crowded mall on a Saturday morning, where no doubt you will be assaulted by dozens of sugar-hyped kids tearing about.

In general, items bought online are cheaper than the equivalent in a traditional brick and mortar store simply because of the reduced overhead costs. Of course, this money saving tip makes us smile to no end, but what REALLY makes us smile is when we manage to get those cheaper items for even cheaper still – enter the world of coupons, vouchers and promotions then.

As a kid I remember those big coupon sheets that the grocery stores used to print out in the newspapers, which were then dutifully snipped out and stored by mom, only to be triumphantly brandished as we hit the till on our next big monthly shop.

Those days have to a large part ended, the printed coupons that is, but you’ll be surprised to know that the concept of vouchers and coupons live on in today’s digital world – all designed to drive more sales of course!

(Come on, we know that the shops aren’t really interested in saving us money – they want more sales and we want cheap deals. Seems like a mutually satisfying arrangement to me.)

Anyway, newcomer to the digital realm of coupons, vouchers and promotions is IntheCity, billed as your best local online shopping mall. Essentially they aggregate a large number of coupons, vouchers and deals for a variety of South African online retailers, all cleverly and presented in one good looking web location.

Their portfolio covers a large range of retail, sports, electronic, fashion, gifts, books and clothing offers and deals, and with a popular daily newsletter bringing all of the latest savings directly to your inbox, IntheCity certainly looks to be a great way to save those few extra Rands!


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Star Wars Rebels hits South African Shores
[Partner Content] 29 OCT 2014

Following the massive success of the CG animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series by Lucasfilm Animation (it ran for six seasons, hitting 121 episodes, and was popular with both young and old fans alike), it’s no wonder Disney XD was keen on keeping the spark going by commissioning a brand new Star Wars series from the guys and girls over at Lucasfilm Animation.

Set five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and fourteen years after the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Council in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Rebels follows a motley group of rebels – cowboy Jedi Kanan, ace pilot Hera, street-smart teenager Ezra, tough guy Zeb, warrior firebrand Sabine, and cantankerous old astromech droid Chopper – all of whom have been affected by the Galactic Empire in one form or another, that band together aboard a freighter starship called the Ghost.

The evil Galactic Empire is tightening its grip of power on the galaxy, Imperial forces are hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights and slowly but surely the brickwork for what will become the Rebel Alliance is being laid by this most unlikeliest of crews…

star wars rebels screenshot 1

You can join the rebellion (i.e., catch Star Wars Rebels episodes) every Saturday morning at 09:20 on Disney XD (Dstv channel 304).

To celebrate Star Wars Rebels hitting South African shores, The Walt Disney Company Africa (TWDA) just completed a unique graffiti project in Cape Town and Johannesburg to introduce local communities to the characters of Star Wars Rebels.

Professional artists Justin “Nomad” Badenhorst and Charles “Riot” Keylock, created billboard walls outside Mzoli’s, the popular tourist hotspot and hangout for locals in Gugulethu, Cape Town. The Rebels then gathered in Soweto, where a wall in Pimville was transformed. With local residents looking on, each wall took 5 days to bring the eye catching artwork to completion.

In Cape Town:

star wars rebels graffiti cape town 1

star wars rebels graffiti cape town 2

In Soweto:

star wars rebels graffiti soweto 1

star wars rebels graffiti soweto 2

Of course, everything was captured on camera:

So now it’s just a matter of deciding on whose side you are, right?

star wars rebels screenshot 2

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star wars disney xd logo strip

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MRP.com: Mens Fashion T-shirts
[Partner Content] 16 AUG 2014

Spring is pretty much on our doorstep now, meaning that it’s back to shorts, t-shirts and slip-slops before you can blink again. As per usual, anything goes when it comes down to tees, and this season, MRP’s RT brand brings to you the hottest prints and coolest fits – at unbelievable prices.

Guys, we’ve got you covered with statement tees for just R49.99!

Get your message across with printed slogans, cool colours and fresh fits – and then complete the look with summer’s most wanted shades and caps.

For all the designs, prints and options, hit the official MRP.com wesbite!

mrp.com mens fashion t-shirts rectangle

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mrp.com mens fashion t-shirts banner

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Victoria Falls Safari Experiences
[Partner Content] 09 JUL 2014

Needless to say, a trip to the majestic Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders) as it is know to the locals, should be right near the top of anyone’s African sights bucket list. Of course, being in the area would also unlock the opportunity to experience the spectacular African wildlife through the endless number of available safari options – be it something on the Zambezi River, a trip into the heart of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Wildlife Park, or even a full-day visit to the world-renowned Chobe National Park in Botswana!

victoria falls - zambezi

Sun International’s world renowned, opulent The Royal Livingstone Hotel lies on the banks of this mighty African river, and features a total of 173 en-suite guestrooms offering splendid accommodation in 17 riverbank residences. Infused with Africa’s tribal warmth, The Royal Livingstone is a hotel that exudes Victorian elegance and splendour, down to the finest detail of the lamps, the magnificent paintings, and the black and white photographs of early pioneers – indeed, it is the perfect sanctuary to reflect and rejuvenate.

royal livingstone hotel victoria falls 1

From this splendid base, a number of awe inspiring safari nature experiences are available:


MRP.com: Win Double Your Basket Back Competition
[Partner Content] 21 JUN 2014

Mr Price’s online store MRP.com is once again running a great promotion for all you clothes shoppers out there, basically offering you the chance to win back double the value of your basket following any online purchase from now through to 13 July.

Me, I’m kind of fondly looking at the rather sylish Harrington Jacket they have on sale at the moment.

mr price mrp.com double your basket competition

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the Mr Price mobile app that was released a handful of weeks ago – a definite fashion best buddy. It lets you browse Mr Price’s full range from your phone or tablet, build your own virtual wardrobe and if your closest store doesn’t have an item in your size – no problem just scan the code and find another store that does!

In other words, rather nifty.

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Paint is Dead: Vinyl Applications are In!
[Partner Content] 10 JUN 2014

Every sensible car owner knows chopping and changing out the original colour of their vehicle is an
uninformed act of pure idiocy on the driver’s part.

However, more and more individuals are enjoying the luxury of changing the colour of their car to suit their mood or hottest trend, without further devaluing their precious asset. This is being achieved through the use of vinyl applications – there is absolutely no paint involved and if done well, you can have your ‘baby’ change dress in just a short few hours!

“Paint is Dead: Vinyl Applications are so Hot on the Car Scene Right Now!”

A brand new Porsche Cayman can be transformed from its traditional silver finish to a luminescent bright green, whilst a 1972 Chevy Impala convertible gets perked up in sparkly chrome outfit just a few steps away. The cars are being meticulously hand wrapped, by skilled vinyl applicators, armed with large sheets of light-weight vinyl, rubber squeegees, an anti-cutter and heat gun. The trade that used to be popular amongst race cars or the NASCAR industry, for sticker bombing and sponsorship logos, has now filtered its way into the mainstream with an influx of private vehicles being wrapped – often without any graphics at all, just a simple application of colour!

Commercial vehicles, such as busses, trucks and liners are being wrapped to become rolling billboards and business is honing in on the opportunity to advertise. From the outside, it may seem like a rather expensive endeavor to undertake, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices available out there these days. On that point, the cost of your custom wrap will depend entirely on the size of your vehicle, the quality of the vinyl sticker and the complexity of the job itself.

So, reasons to wrap: