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How to Start or Stop MySQL Server on Ubuntu via the Command Line CodeUnit 07 JUL 2010

To stop a MySQL server instance on an Ubuntu linux install via the command line is as simple as entering:

sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop

Alternatively, to start a MySQL server instance you can simply submit a start command like so:

sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start

Incidentally, if you want to check on the status of a currently running MySQL server instance, you can make use of the status switch:

sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status

Oh, and if you want to install MySQL on the ubuntu machine, simply make use of the usual apt-get suspect and enter:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Useful little things to remember if you are working in a terminal only environment, don’t you think? :P

And so the Quest to Become a Father Begins My Life 19 APR 2010

So here’s the big new coming out of 45 Nagua Bay then: Chantelle and I have at last decided that the time is now and that we would like to become parents – meaning of course that in other words, the baby-making quest has now officially begun! :)

Thinking about it, it is a really scary thing to have signed up for. When and if the baby becomes reality, there are just so many unknowns, fears and uncertainties that I’ll have to deal with on a personal level, questions that I’ve already addressed, sure, but questions that take on a whole lot more weight once the idea of being a father becomes a reality.

Will I be a good father? Will I be capable of loving my child? Will I be able to care for my family? Will I be able to make sure my marriage survives the expansion to family unit? Will I be able to provide on a material, intellectual and spiritual level for my child and wife? Will I do the right things? Can I actually do it? How will I protect my child? How will I teach my child? Can I handle the lifestyle change that comes with having a child? Can I overcome my own issues so that they don’t pass on to my child? Will I…..?

The point is that this is a huge, monumental, colossal decision. And we’ve spoken about it and we’ve made it. It’s so exciting, but so scary at the same time.

But the matter of the fact is that the time is right. I turn 30 in three or four weeks time. Chantelle turns 30 at the end of the year. By this stage it is apparent that neither one of us are career-driven people, so we can’t use that as an excuse to put off becoming parents. We don’t live dangerous or unstable lives that would prohibit having a child. If we have our children now, then we can experience the best years of our lives with them, the years when we have already gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as have the material means to easily support a family and best of all, when our children are growing up we will still be around to meet our grandchildren.

The time is right, we both know it.

But I’ll reiterate. It. is. scary.

Such a big decision, but in the end a surprisingly easy one to make. Despite all the fear and wondering that comes with it, both Chantelle and I WANT to be parents. We want children. We want to grow a happy, loving family. And the time is now. Simple as that.

So like I’ve said before, the baby-making quest has now begun. Be it Jessica or Ethan that arrives first on the scene, I can’t wait. It’s scary, but I simply can’t wait.

It’s moving towards a new chapter in my life.

And it’s the best decision I’ve had to make in a long, long time! :)

Ubuntu: Restart the SMS Server Tools 3 (SMS3) Service CodeUnit 13 JAN 2010

SMS Server Tools 3 or SMS3 is a great piece of SMS Gateway open source software that allows you to send and receive short SMS messages through any number of GSM modem types or mobile phones.

It installs itself as a service on an Ubuntu Linux machine and after some setup configuration the software is good to go, verified by the fact that a service –status-all terminal call should result in showing up SMS3 somewhere in the resulting running services list.

To stop the SMS3 service, you simply need to run this line from a terminal command:

sudo service sms3 stop

To start it up again, use:

sudo service sms3 start

To restart the service completely:

sudo service sms3 restart

(You’ll notice the use of sudo to elevate your user privileges to ensure that you can interact with the possible locked service files.)

Related Link: http://smstools3.kekekasvi.com/