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Watch where You Tread: There are Little Ones About! My Life 10 APR 2011

Hmm, looking back over my blog for the last little bit, it is painfully clear that I haven’t been doing all that great a job of keeping you up to date with all the happenings in the Lotter household. So let’s sort that out, shall we?

Starting with Chantelle, well she is finally back at work having started the 1st of this month, and as can be expected everyone is absolutely thrilled to have her back (shame, except of course for Annelie, who filled in for her over the maternity leave period, and who will now have start looking for something else to turn up). With Andrea having to close up shop on her GameBox experiment, she now finds herself returning to Gordon’s Beach Lodge to partner up with Chantelle once again, meaning that the GBL work roster returns to more or less what it was back when Chantelle first started working there, which is a good thing because it means that we are finally back to a far more stable calendar! (And it is pretty cool because Andy’s little Annabella is only a month younger than Jessica, so the two new moms have plenty in common!)

Of course, this then leads into the question of what about Jessica? Well the good news is that we managed to get her accepted into a great little daycare centre here in Gordon’s Bay, but the bad news is that they only have space for her come the 1st of July. So for the next three months we’ve had to make a bit of a plan, which works out to me working from home on a Tuesday, Ingrid taking Jessica for a Friday, and then the remaining three days split between to Grandma and Ouma, both of whom will drive out to Gordon’s Bay to come look after Jessica on their active duty days.

Also, with Chantelle’s shifts having returned to the work every second weekend with every second Thursday off mode, I now have to further pull up my already awesome Top Dad socks and earn an even bigger best Daddy in the World mug because apart from the Tuesday run, I’m also now tasked with solely looking after Jessiebean for those weekends when wifey is at work.

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