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Review: Despicable Me 2 (2013) Animation | My Reviews 07 AUG 2013

An entire secret laboratory near the Arctic Circle is stolen by persons unknown, leaving the Anti-Villain League little choice but to turn to former super-villan Gru, now a kindly jam and jelly manufacturer, to try and identify the nefarious villain before it is too late. The stolen mutagen PX-41 poses a grave threat and it is up to a rather reluctant Gru and super keen AVL agent Lucy Wilde to finger the suspect while working out from under the cover of their cupcake deli front, Bake My Day.

Three daughters, staff issues, disappearing minions, separation of love-struck teenagers, surviving disastrous blind dates, and not to mention a rather surprise blast from the past, Gru certainly has far more than any former super villain should have on their plate!

despicable me 2 screenshot
I quite enjoyed the first Despicable Me outing, finding the balance between clever humour, outright silliness and heartstrings-tugging moments to be pretty much perfect, easily catering to both young and older viewers alike, and pleasingly I have to say I rather enjoyed this sequel – despite the fact that I’ve kind of reached that point in my life where I no longer really enjoy animated features as much as I used to. Damn growing up.

Although not quite as emotionally touching as the first outing (but hey, this is a sequel, and we all know that sequels can never surpass the original), Despicable Me 2 hits all the right notes when it comes to clever writing, some great little ‘twists’, and loads slapstick humour loaded with some sneaky wit.

It’s slickly animated, oh so colourful and likeable, and as per usual the minions almost steal the show – honestly, the Backstreet Boys number at the end nearly killed me! :)

The soundtrack is fun, and the voice cast all do a fantastic job, in particular Steve Carell as Gru and
Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo Perez.

All in all, there is absolutely no chance of your kids NOT loving this one, and even better still, its worthwhile to sit down and watch it with them, because you’ll be guaranteed of more than just one laugh yourself!

despicable me 2 minion workers screenshot

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Date Night… An Opinion My Reviews 04 MAY 2010

It was pretty enjoyable.

I went to see Date Night with Chantelle the other night, and despite not being entirely what I expected (I expected a bit of a pointless movie with loads of laughs right the way through), I ended up quite enjoying it – this movie with a main, well built storyline focussing on the problems facing long term married couples with kids which then kind of gets mixed up with this completely improbable and mixed up scenario which is so action-packed and dripping with comedy that you just can’t help but enjoy it!

A shirt. Are you allergic to them then?

The movie tells the tale married with kids couple Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) who are in a bit of a rut in terms of their marriage but who still make the effort to go on “date nights” in order to keep their relationship alive.

On one particular evening though, Phil decides to try and go that extra mile and so they hit one of Manhattan’s most popular and hippest seafood restaurants at the moment to see if they’ll be lucky and get a table for dinner. But as could have been expected, the place is jam packed and the chances of them getting a cancellation is looking pretty slim – until Phil decides to hijack a reservation of a couple who obviously has decided not to show.

The dinner is fantastic, but the consequences of having hijacked that reservation is not – two armed thugs appear and take them for a walk, asking about a very specific little flashdrive – and under the complete impression that the Forsters are now the Triplehorns. What follows on from here is a madcap chase and adventure in which Phil and Claire need to stay one step ahead of the gun-toting thugs and attempt to catch up to the real Triplehorns in order to clear up this whole mess – though the only problem is that this little story is a lot more higher connected than anyone could possible imagine!

Both Tina Fey and Steve Carell are absolutely fantastic in this movie. They manage to capture that real world feel of a married couple and both have that wonderfully sharp and sarcastic wit that really works well off one another is an absolute barrel of laughs to see on screen. And as a comedy duo they just absolutely work (see the pole dancing sequence if you don’t believe me! :P). Outside of that we get great little performances from Ray Liotta of all people, Mark Wahlberg who appears allergic to shirts and William Fichtner of Prison Break fame.

In a nutshell, while not the necessary brainless and hilarious comedy I expected, Date Night is a fantastic fun movie that should be seen by married couples and fans of Steve Carell’s brand of humour. The chemistry between the lead actors is fantastic and there is actually quite a sweet story driving this madcap laugh a minute story, making Date Night well worth shelling your hard earned bucks out on!

Running Scared. For pretty much the whole movie actually!

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