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Feeding the Strand Duck Pond Geese (2015-03-07) Photo Gallery 09 MAR 2015

We kicked off an incredibly busy weekend (more on this at a later stage) by heading to the family favourite Strand duck pond (just across Strand High School) in order to feed all the hungry quackers. Armed with a loaf of fresh white bread purchased on the way at Cinnamon Square Spar, we arrived at the duck pond only to discover Emily fast asleep in her Bambino car seat.

Not wanting to wake her seeing as she needed the sleep having woken up particularly early on this Saturday morning, we left the windows wound down and stepped out onto the grass embankments – and were immediately flocked by dozens of geese and rather cute white ducks.

(For a change, Egyptian Geese didn’t dominate the scene. Also, the duck pond was at a mysteriously low level, certainly much lower than what I’ve seen it before. Not sure whether maintenance, leak, or just old fashioned Summer evaporation.)


Jessica quickly clambered up onto a park bench and started dishing out white bread slices left, right and center, and it wasn’t long before Chantelle and I found ourselves also joining in on the fun!

Lots of quacking, flapping and bread devouring was to be had, and no time at all the bread was done and we could make a run for it, back to the safety of the car and ready to head on to the next stop of our jam-packed family activities weekend!

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Photo Gallery: Jessica and Emily feeding Ducks (2014-12-20 ) Photo Gallery 21 DEC 2014

First day of my holiday and I’m already out and about with my girls (Chantelle is pretty much working 90% of the time whilst I’m on leave this year, so for the most part December 2014 will be the “Adventures of Daddy, Jessie and Embels” period), kicking things off with a trip to the always a hit, Strand picnic park duck pond.

Two half loaves were on hand, which Jessica proceeded to get rid of in no time at all (from the safety of a park bench of course!) whilst Emily just chewed on her chunks of bread as a hopeful crowd of geese could just look on in dismay.

With the bread gone, and the hordes of ducks and geese eventually turned away, we then continued with a stroll around the pond, before heading for the adjacent playground, where Jessica had a ball, made a new friend, and even pretend drove a tractor.

Emily and I on the other hand stuck to the roundabout, followed by clambering all over the park benches whilst waiting for Jess to tire herself out! :)


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Photo Gallery: Duck Attack at the Strand Duck Pond (2013-12-28) Photo Gallery 28 DEC 2013

It would seem that the duck population in the Strand duck pond across the road from the high school enjoyed a rather good breeding season.


Needless to say, this very hungry pack of ducks and geese terrified Jessica more than just a little – Luckily for us, a nearby park bench was on hand, and this combined with the newly learned ‘karate kick’ trick from Daddy, meant that Jess could (kind of) enjoy the duck feeding outing to the fullest!

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Photo Gallery: Strand Duck Pond Excursion (2012-01-22) My Life | Photo Gallery 22 JAN 2012

During her split on a working Saturday afternoon, Chantelle joined Jessie and me as we headed off for an epic duck and Egyptian geese feeding session over at the Strand duck pond, marking the first ever time that either Chantelle or Jessie had ever been there!

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