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Easter Weekend 2011 My Life 09 MAY 2011

Admittedly, Easter Weekend 2011 was probably not the most awesome or exciting of Easter periods I’ve ever had, but this one did come with enough variety in activities (and chocolate) to not make it a bad one! ;)

A view of the ocean from Pringle Bay on a stunning Saturday afternoon!

Seeing as our disposable money levels aren’t yet recovered (sigh, I wonder if it will ever recover), it was no going away this year for the two of us, a pity because for a change Chantelle was actually off for the weekend!

Anyway, Friday evening, as all Friday evenings have pretty much become, was a pretty laid back affair, with us doing the daily routine of getting little Jessie-bean fed, bathed and ready for bed, Chantelle then grabbing the opportunity to get to bed early-ish (shame, she has a lot of admin like expressing and getting milk ready each and every night before she can turn in!) for a change, and me the opportunity to put my feet up and take in some entertainment, be it in the form of manga, anime, television or gaming, or my particular favourite, a Jackie Chan movie – watching South African actors in “Who am I?” was so much fun!

Saturday we decided to make the best of the beautiful weather, and after some work in the garden while Chantelle got Jessie all ready to go, we hit the coastal road enjoyed a scenic (well we had to because we were stuck in a line of cars behind one rather leisurely driver) trip past Rooi Els and into Pringle Bay, where we first dawdled around (and changed nappy), before ending up at our usual spot at the delightful, if a little overpriced, @365 restaurant for some yummy lunch and most importantly, delicious dessert!

(This actually marked the first time we had taken Jessica into an eating establishment with us, and because we were prepared with bottle at hand, it went really, really well!)

We followed this up with a lazy drive through to Betty’s Bay, marvelled at the huge sand dunes and commented on how big the sleepy coastal spot seems to have gotten since last we were there (we say the same thing every time), before turning around and driving home.

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Back to Work, Back to Blogging My Life 07 MAY 2011

Note: Once again, life gets ahead of blogging, and this post which was meant to appear on Tuesday, only appears now. Oh well, what can you do? :P

And I’m back. Thanks to all of the public holidays plus three days’ leave, I have technically been away from work for 11 days now, having last been there back on the 22 April! Having not taken a holiday break last December, I was pretty much desperately in need of this little downtime, but unfortunately as any single parent with a baby will tell you, there really is no such thing as proper rest and relaxation if you have one of those little critters in your care! :)

Lack of funds and of course the fact that Chantelle was working meant that I didn’t go away for my leave period, and instead found myself home-based for the entire holiday, which isn’t all that bad I guess – if you don’t mind a little hard work. Yup, once again those sleeves got rolled up and I found myself toiling away for a considerable number of hours around the yard, sawing down poles, pulling up brick borders, laying down cement slabs, doing gardening, cleaning up the yard and yes, even doing a little bricklaying as well.

But it wasn’t all hard work, all the time mind you.

Pringle Bay, and a beautiful shot of Chantelle holding the cutest baby in the world!

On the Saturday of the Easter weekend Chantelle, Jessica and I went out for our first real outing together, taking the car for a spin along the always scenic coastal road towards Betty’s Bay, on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We trundled about Pringle Bay, enjoyed lunch, changed nappies, drove through Betty’s Bay and in general just enjoyed a pleasant afternoon together. The evening brought with it another first, with us taking Jessica along with us to a restaurant for the first time, the family friendly Gordon’s Bay Sunset Spur. Armed with a milk bottle (always at the ready), the evening went quite well actually, though we didn’t break any records for length of stay come to think of it! :)

The Monday following the gluttonous, copious Easter egg devouring of the Sunday was kicked off with an enjoyable visit from Zania and Dean with Jessica and myself, before Chantelle arrived back from work and the Montgomery clan rolled in to join us for a late afternoon braai. As it turned out, my folks popped in for a visit on their way back from their little weekend away, and ended up staying for the delicious meat-fest as well!

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Photo Gallery: Easter Outing to Pringle Bay and Sunset Spur (2011-04-23) My Life | Photo Gallery 23 APR 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day, so no wonder Chantelle, Jessie and I so enjoyed our Easter outing to Pringle Bay, followed up by a compulsory visit to the Sunset Spur! ;)

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Stomach versus Sunset Spur My Life 12 JAN 2010

I had a good week last week, that I did. Had a good start to work for Touchwork 2010, caught Cats at the Artscape with the Montgomery Clan on Thursday evening and then spent the weekend in Betty’s Bay on a Karate Camp with my fellow Funakoshi karateka, before finally returning on Sunday afternoon to join Chantelle in her quest to spring clean our pad for good, 2010 style.

However, I did make one short pitstop in between.

You see, the weather was perfect on my arrival back to Sunny Gordon’s Bay, and wanting specifically to spend some time with Chantelle who had knocked off work a little early on the day, I suggested we either go to supper, catch a movie or even just do lunch as a treat from me to her. Eagerly agreeing to the lunch idea (because she didn’t really want to break the spring cleaning flow later the evening), Chantelle suggested we head out to our old nemesis the Sunset Spur in Gordon’s Bay on the beachfront in order to enjoy some friendly cuisine while sitting in the outside area and enjoying the sun and all the people milling around the beach for a change.

Surprised at her choice, based on our bad experiences with that particular branch of Spur in the past, I nevertheless agreed, and off we hopped and hit the busy Gordon’s Bay beach road in search of parking or at least a place we could leave the car without the fear of returning to find one of those much maligned pink tickets that seem to always appear on your car’s windscreen when you aren’t looking (and are parked in an area surrounded by red lines).

Eventually we did find a spot (up in the narrow streets far removed from the beach I’ll add), and off we toddled to the Spur, who wasn’t doing too bad business on a fairly late Sunday afternoon after all. Our waiter was friendly and for a change we even ordered starters, kicking off our dining experience with some buffalo wings and then followed up with mains, this time taking me back to an old favourite classic of mine, Spur’s usually delicious bacon and guacamole burger.

Surprisingly enough though, the food was actually really good for a change, arrived on time and came with absolutely no complaints attached, and so sated from an excellent meal in a good location, Chantelle and I bid farewell to the beach crowds and headed off home.

Which is exactly when it hit me.

All of a sudden my well functioning stomache which had played its part so perfectly over the rest of the weekend, was reduced to a quivering, liquidity mess, coupled with headaches and a seemingly malicious intent to drain all the blood out of my face and rob me of my strength while at it!

Now I’m not saying it was necessarily Sunset Spur’s fault (though the Spur has hit both Chantelle and I before), but what I do know is this little bug completely knocked me for a six and had me curled up in a little ball, so much so that yesterday I opted to stay and attempt to work from home – rather than risk facing the wrath of my fellow colleagues for spoiling the clean-smelling and usable office space environment! :)

(Though unfortunately in the process Chantelle was somewhat affected by the unpleasantness of the situation as she had the misfortune of also being at home thanks to an unexpected off day granted by her bosses. Sorry love, I didn’t mean to make the flat that uninhabitable for you after all…)

P.S. Well at least I’m feeling a little better now. Been back at work for two hours now so far, and have yet to run for the bathroom! A good sign, I’m sure! ;)