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Gourmet Burgers at Pure Craft and Foods in George (2018-01-03) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 29 APR 2018

George isn’t really known for being a foodie hotspot, which means then that both Chantelle and I were way more than pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon the fantastic Pure Craft & Foods during our short stay in the “Capital of the Southern Cape” at the start of this year.

Standing where the long running institution that was the King Fisher Restaurant used to be, Pure is like one of those hip, young eateries that you would expect to find in some trendy Cape Town neighbourhood like Woodstock or Observatory. Except that it is in George. Which is kind of at the other end of the trendy spectrum.

Owned by a young guy, heavy on the wood and brass look, the double storey high Pure features loads of table space (both inside and out), and oozes a contemporary feel with just about everything that it does.

Their menu and food presentation is just as up to snuff, and pleasingly, the waiters all seem to be young, energetic and eager to interact. In addition to their great dishes, Pure, as what any other contemporary eatery simply needs to have, has a great range of craft beers and sushi (of course!) available, and as you might have guessed by now, this rather popular new spot definitely has quite the good vibe going for it.

Although not exactly overly kid friendly in that they don’t have a space available for kids to play (the girls did love their colour-in kiddy menus though), Chantelle and I absolutely loved it and its offering, so much so that we actually visited there twice over the handful of days that we were in George!

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Impossible not to recommend really.

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Fish and Sushi at Harbour Rock in the New Harbour of Hermanus (2017-08-09) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 24 FEB 2018

As is almost always the case, we were in Hermanus to watch whales. We watched whales from the piazza, we watched whales from Fick’s Pool, we watched whales from the cliff path, we… well you get the picture.

Anyway, the point is that after all that whale watching/ambling about, a spot of lunch was required – and so we randomly picked out a new spot for us to try: Harbour Rock.

Designed and built in 1997, the stone, steel and timber Harbour Rock building sits perched atop a cliff overlooking Hermanus’ New Harbour, a premium restaurant known for its wine and more importantly, ever-evolving menu of seafood and grills.

A magnificent view over the harbour and across the bay, competent chefs, an authentic Chinese sushi team, and access to pretty fresh catches, it is no wonder that Harbour Rock is as popular as what it is.

While the girls weren’t particularly enthralled at having to eat at a seafood restaurant (and to be honest, seafood isn’t really my thing either), Chantelle on the other hand was ecstatic, immediately diving deep into a delicious sushi platter

I on the other hand opted for the less exotic fish and chips option, and in terms of drinks, we turned to a delectable bottle of Wolftrap Syrah for the table.

Following our lovely lunch, we next decided to take in some of the sea air with a leisurely stroll out along the harbour wall – a perfect way to stretch one’s legs and give the food a proper chance to settle in my opinion.

This, the girls were a little more pleased with.

In summary: Harbour Rock was a pleasant surprise and definitely worth keeping in mind if you are ever looking for a nice date night venue when in the Hermanus area.

(In other words, I’m rather glad that Chantelle came up with this particular suggestion!)

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Bonus: If you would rather just have a drink, then Harbour Rock’s adjoining Gecko Bar is the perfect solution, enjoying the exact same stunning view that comes with the main restaurant experience.

Just follow the motorbikes to find it!

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Valentine’s Day and Separation Anxiety My Life 16 FEB 2012

Valentine’s Day and Separation Anxiety, two completely different topics which I have now married together to form a quick post, a masterful stroke indeed. And when I say married together, I mean completely separate of course.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day 2012 caught Chantelle and myself somewhat unprepared, so much so that we even forgot to try and exploit it via the Cookies and Cakes venture! Going away for the weekend didn’t help, and so when Tuesday morning rolled in to play, Valentine’s Day started off with nothing more than a “Good morning my love, Happy Valentine”, before more snoring quickly followed.

We did however get our act a little more together by the afternoon though, where Chantelle and I met up at the always fabulous Jenna Viva for an impromptu Valentine’s Day lunch, with wifey first gobbling down some sushi before the two of us tackled our delicious open sandwiches.

Of course, the lunch was a little rushed thanks to the fact that I only have a hour lunch break in the afternoon, and to be honest, things got a little worse on the romantic front when you consider Chantelle had to wait until the evening before I could get her a yummy Aero chocolate slab to decorate her pillow with, and I on the other hand had to wait until Wednesday night to arrive home after karate to a bag of biltong with a card.

Shameful I know, but next year I’ll pull my socks up love, promise!

Now onto separation anxiety. It would seem that Jessica is now starting to enter this development phase, as every now and then we’ll hit a speed bump when Chantelle tries to hand her over to either the creché or me, with the little one crying her head off and reaching back for mommy to take her again. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it certainly does take place, which I guess we can’t get too mad about because it is a sign that she’s developing.

Still no improvement in terms of saying a word or two, but at least the standing, moving along a ridge whilst standing, and sitting down from a standing position are all nicely in place now! :)

Alan Committie and the Waterfront Weekend My Life 15 NOV 2011

Seeing as this weekend past was another Single Parent weekend for me, and other than Jessica attending a birthday party, me working on the driveway, and enjoying lunch with the folks in Bellville on Sunday, there really isn’t all that much to give feedback on, so perhaps it would make more sense to chat about the weekend before that, which we used as a quasi celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary.

To start off with, Friday night was an interesting one, in that Chantelle decided to reward me and give me a bit of a break from Jessie, meaning she whisked my daughter away with her to Bellville, where she spent the night in the company of her family and hours of Come Dine with Me South Africa recordings.

As for me, I immediately hit up KFC for a proper bachelor, greasy supper, before doing all things nerdy like watching anime, catching up on some blogging, playing Dante’s Inferno and most important of all, sitting down to watch the gritty Batman: Year One animated DVD that had just come in via Takealot.

So a good evening in terms of entertaining myself, but actually a pretty lonely evening and not something I’m looking to do in a hurry any time soon. Anyway, Saturday morning was spent catching up on all the chores and working in the garden, before I got ready and shot through to Bellville, where I picked up Chantelle for our date evening.

Our target: Theatre on the Bay, Camps Bay, to catch the 17:00 show of Alan Committie’s latest one man comedy show, Happily Ever Laughter.

The official blurb:

Alan Committie is back at Theatre on the Bay in his brand-new, hilariously happy stand-up comedy show Happily Ever Laughter!!

In this side-splitting new comedy revue, award-winning comic madman, Alan Committie returns to his one-man roots and explores everything from Royal Weddings to Nursery Rhymes; from the Twilight movie series to Disney princesses and all that’s in-between, including a “do-it-yourself 1980’s music video” demonstration; classic arguments; and a rather extensive look at The Harry Potter Movie Franchise.

But this is a one-man show with a difference! It co-stars Jo Galloway (Boeing- Boeing, Dick and I and Perfect Wedding) who joins Committie in exploring the fairy tale existence of life in 2011!

The show will include sketches, characters and loads of silly observations as only Committie can provide. And Johan van der Walt, security guard extra-ordinaire, makes an appearance to talk about National Anthems.

As per usual, we walked away very, very entertained, with Alan (as always) on top of his game, drawing the laughs from the crowd right from start to finish. Jo was a bit of a disappointment though, with her performance feeling very much… well, like a performance, meaning that there was too much acting and not enough natural comedy.

As a whole, the show was pretty well done, though the singing, musical segments didn’t really fit all that well and could probably have been done without. I can only imagine they were squeezed in there for Jo. The costume changes were well done, all Alan’s favourite characters made their appearance and as a special, their projected segments of remade movies were quite the riot! Oh, and let’s not forget the hilarious 80’s music video ending! :)

(And as an added bonus though, I did get picked on – for the first time ever – as Alan went through his hilarious cold-reading send-up of John Edwards!)

Now completely stress-free, we decided to follow up the evening’s entertainment with a trip through to the V&A Waterfront, a place I haven’t been to in well over a year. After walking around for a fair bit, loving the addition of the beautifully lit up Ferris wheel but at the same time feeling disappointed that the place hadn’t changed at all in all the time I haven’t been there, we capped off our outing with a delicious supper at the Cape Town Fish Market, where Chantelle got to grips with some fantastic sushi and I played catch with my Surf and Turf.

And then because we’re old and parents now, we drove back to Bellville to get our beauty sleep in preparation for Jessie’s usual 06:00 morning wake up! ;)

Sunday morning was spent lazing around with the Montgomery clan, before we packed everything up and hopped in the car to Kraaifontein, after first picking up some snacks, to visit with Damen and Michelle and for me to get my first introduction to their newly born bundle of joy, little Logan Alexander.

After an enjoyable visit, it was back home, where we got to grips with the usual Sunday routine before breaking with tradition and ending the night off with some home made pizzas, which were as per usual absolutely yummy.

And that, was our weekend.

A Matter of Taste Hardware 01 SEP 2008

While the old days of computing saw it as a rigid, scientific affair with expensive equipment housed in expensive to maintain surroundings, nowadays computers and their associated accessories have become so cheap that anyone will just a little iota of design sense within them can do some modding – or at least buy something cool from someone who has already thought of it.

Like these USB memory sticks that look like Japanese delicacies, sure to be a hit in any boardroom meeting – though you might have to fend off the odd hungry colleague or two!

sushi usb drives 1

sushi usb drives 2

Myself? I think I’d take a crack at this light-up ducky instead thank you very much.

usb plug in glowing ducky