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Review: Switch (Volume 5) Manga | My Reviews 21 FEB 2012

Kai Eto may look like a squeaky-clean kid, but the Greater Kanto Narcotics Control Division’s new investigator hides a violent alter ego and a dangerous past. Together with his stoic partner Hal Kurabayashi, Kai is assigned to track down and stop the distribution of a dangerous new drug – Dragon Speed.

A night on the town with fellow NCD employee Mari turns into a nightmare for Kai when they get mixed up with the Ryugen drug ring in a deadly case of mistaken identity.

Volume 5 of Naked Ape’s (Saki Otoh & Nakamura Tomomi) Switch manga continues the story of the child-like Kai and serious Hal as they continue their drug investigation. Although not much in terms of character development really occurs in this volume, the story is deepened with the introduction of some key and enigmatic players, amping up the level of danger just a notch.

At the same time, amongst all the expected angst and drama, Naked Ape do inject their usual brand of silly humour into the story (particularly in the first half of the volume), but to be honest, it does drag back the tone a bit, and in the end, volume 5 doesn’t exactly hold your attention, particularly because it can’t make up its mind as to which mood it is trying to convey. Add to that the jumping around in the story and the often confusing artwork, this certainly isn’t a volume to pick up if you a) aren’t already invested in the story or b) aren’t existing hardcore fans of the Naked Ape group.

In terms of the art, I originally thought that this was aimed squarely at the girls, what with all the pretty boy designs and hairstyles, and to be honest, it does often feel like I’m reading more of a shojo story than a shonen story (which it is being punted as).

The action sequences are particularly poorly done in that they are often quite confusing and it is not always clear what is happening. That said, the line work is very clean and quite often the facial expressions of the characters are well done, but unfortunately this is let down by inconsistencies in the level of panel detail presented (sometimes great, sometimes not), as well as some pretty poor proportions and background renderings at times.

Overall, I find it difficult to recommend Switch to anyone other than girls who like pretty boys in black and white, meaning that for me, this book was a loss. The story didn’t capture me and the artwork turned me off, meaning I can’t be too bothered into looking at the rest of the series still to come.

Meh, leave it at the bottom of the pile where you found it then.

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How to Download to a Specific Directory using Wget for Windows Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 26 APR 2010

The Wget for Windows application is of course exactly that: the classic GNU/Linux wget application built for Windows command line usage.

Of course, this means that most if not all command line switches are still available to you, just as what they would be had you been running the latest wget from your Linux distro of choice.

The question I’m answering today is how to specify which directory wget is to save what it is downloading to.

Normal usage sees wget placing whatever it grabs in the directory from which it is called.

You can of course specify a specific file to which to save your downloaded web page when downloading a single page by making use of the -O switch, resulting in something that looks like this:

"C:\\wget.exe" -O "C:\\downloadpage.txt" "http://www.download.co.za/index.html"

If however we want to specify the directory to which wget must save its downloaded content to, we need to make use of the -P switch, which the results in a call looking like:

"C:\\wget.exe" -P "C:\\download" "http://www.download.co.za/index.html"

So at the end of the operation specified above, we would be sitting with a file named index.html in the directory C:\\download.

And that’s how you specify to which directory wget must drag its captures down to!

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Check a PHP File for Syntax Errors from the Command Line CodeUnit 23 JAN 2010

I sometimes find myself having to create PHP scripts from scratch using Nano on a command line only interface on a Ubuntu Linux server. Obviously this kind of sucks if you are used to using a proper error-checking and code hinting full IDE like Aptana to help speed up your scripting, but hey, you can’t always have things your way.

Anyway, the point of this quickfire post is to remind you of PHP’s built in syntax checker that comes bundled in with the main PHP executable as a switch…

…namely the -l (lowercase ‘L’) switch.

Simply point the php -l command at the PHP file you wish to check for syntax errors (via a command prompt if you’re using Windows or a terminal if you’re partaking in the Linux experience) and the application will spit out a result for you, hopefully the much appreciated “No syntax errors detected in scriptname” success string.

A nice and simple way of ensuring that your PHP script at least passes all the compiler tests in terms of syntax and will actually run when executed. :)

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