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I’m Too Big for My Shirt My Life 19 OCT 2013

I had to laugh, but poor old Jess has properly outgrown all of her 2-3 size clothes. Today I got her all dressed up for our Daddy and Daughter day of entertainment while Mommy worked the Willowbridge Market, and the plain and simple green t-shirt that Jess had picked out to wear pretty much left the whole of the bottom of her tummy uncovered!

However, she was determined to wear this piece today, so we hopped into the car and after stopping off to purchase some baking ingredients for Chantelle, I made a detour off to the mall, where we parked, marched in to Pick ‘n Pay Clothing, grabbed a 3-4 t-shirt in the same shade of green, purchased it, and once outside the store, promptly whipped off the tummy-baring, offending top for the much better fitting new wardrobe addition!

(Full disclaimer, she made me buy a pink one as well).

jessica at root 44 market play area 1

With her tummy now nicely covered, we were ready for the rest of the expedition, which saw us head out for some time spent at the Root 44 Market, playing in the play area on the slides and in the sand pit, not to mention wolfing down pancakes and listening to the live music on show.

Following on from there we also popped down to Helderberg Farm where we bought some carrots and feed and spent a decent amount of time strolling around and feeding the bunny rabbits, ducks, and rather vicious goats!

jessica feeds rabbits at helderberg farm

Oh, and there was even enough time before mommy arrived back home to still pop into the shops on our way home for supplies and booze (we’ve got visitors in the form of Retha and Miguel this evening), as well as spend some time crashing an endless amount of planes into the water in Battlestations: Pacific on the XBOX 360 – something that seems to amuse Jessica to no end!

Anyway, the point is that once we had gotten home and I threw her now very dirty clothes in the wash, I was forced to dig through her wardrobe to find something that fits her – the end result being that I had to settle on her new, just purchased this morning, bright pink t-shirt.

In other words, my little baby girl is definitely growing “up” quickly! :)

jessica goes down big slide at root 44 market

P.S. She went down the slide pictured above really, REALLY fast. Probably explains the expression!

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The Animated Character Single-Item Wardrobe Syndrome My Life 21 NOV 2012

The Animated Character Single-Item Wardrobe Syndrome. This is something that Chantelle picked up on a while ago, noting that in all the various animated television series that I watch, the characters always pretty much wear a single change of clothing.

Of course, we all know that it helps with character recognition and thus makes sense to do, but outside of that, it is pretty hard to explain without looking too silly.

Anyway, the the other day while I was hanging up our washing I noted that 95% of our washing line was decked out in black garments, with the remaining 5% light. And then it struck me: for the last year or so I have pretty much worn two variations of the same outfit for each and every day – either a plain black t-shirt and my light long shorts when I’m out and about or stuck at work, or alternatively a plain white t-shirt and black shorts when I’m relaxing at home.

Gasp, I’m just like a cartoon character!

Chantelle must SO be tired of my fashion by now – still, there’s always the bright side.

At least I make it easier for her to recognise me! :)

Comic Book T-Shirt: Wolverine Comic Books 31 JUL 2010

Another week, another comic book related t-shirt from Pick ‘n Pay that makes its way onto my shelf back home. This week’s t-shirt marvel features none other than the ultimate bad boy of the comic book world: Wolverine!

I guess not much has to be said about the short, gruff ball of muscle and attitude that is Logan, aka Wolverine, what with his jump from comic books to big screen movie adaptations. But for those of you who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant with enhanced senses, a heightened healing ability that allows him to recover from just about any injury or illness and most iconically important of all, an adamantium fused skeleton that comes complete with three retractable claws on each hand!

This is one anti-hero who you really don’t want to make angry, even if he is primarily with those goody two-shoes the X-Men!

Bub, don't mess with me. After all I'm the best at what I do... and what I do isn't nice.

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Comic Book T-Shirt: The Flash Comic Books 24 JUL 2010

Pick ‘n Pay doesn’t just do Marvel t-shirts as this latest purchase of mine indicates – no, even DC Comic get their fair turn! This week’s comic book t-shirt features none other than the fastest man alive: the scarlet speedster, the iconic Flash!

Many have worn the mantle of the Flash, the Golden Age’s Jay Garrick, the Silver Age’s Barry Allen and of course the Modern Age’s Wally West, the Flash I’m most familiar with. One thing of course stays constant for these three heroes, namely the super speed each one is blessed with, the ability to move faster than sound, faster even than light in some cases.

So if you are looking for a hero who knows how to think fast on their feet, you certainly shouldn’t look further than the Flash! :)

As for the t-shirt for sale, feast your eyes on this piece of class:

Heh, this one ought to just fly off the shelves you know! :P

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Comic Book T-Shirt: Spider-man’s Green Goblin Comic Books 17 JUL 2010

Pick ‘n Pay is at it again with its awesome range of Marvel t-shirts and this week we a showcase a shirt depicting one of the classic Spider-man nemeses, The Green Goblin.

Although many have donned the mantle over the years, it all started with industrialist Norman Osborn whom ingested a serum that gave him enhanced physical abilities and intellect. However, a side-effect saw him driven completely insane, leading to him donning a halloween-themed goblin outfit and arming himself with a high-tech arsenal that included items like his feared pumpkin bombs and goblin glider. Responsible for some of the biggest tragedies in Peter Parker / Spider-man’s life, the Green Goblin is certainly not a man to be trifled with!

And as for the funky black t-shirt which I bought, well wonder no further, this is how it looks:

The fearsome Green Goblin, bursting right out of the funny pages and onto your chest!

Related link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Goblin

More Marvel T-Shirt Geekery! Comic Books | My Life 18 JAN 2010

Did I mention that all of a sudden all my t-shirts happen to feature Marvel superhero characters? I don’t know how this happened (clue: it was Christmas’ fault) but I do know that it is awesome – and I like it! :P

So in no particular order and because I want to share these awesome Marvel t-shirts garnered from the most unlikely of sources namely Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Store and Mr. Price here are the latest batch of shirts in my T-Shirt Geekery collection!

My Spider-man threads

Classic Iron Man blasting away

The Incredible Hulk pounding away as per usual

Captain America and his allies storming forth t-shirt

Muppet on a T-Shirt: Kermit the Frog My Life 14 JAN 2010

Posted entirely for the sake of Sven and his insatiable love for all things Muppet, I thought it prudent to put up this picture of the t-shirt given to me by Claire and Riley for Christmas and now worn proudly around the home when in relaxation mode (but which hasn’t quite made it all the way through to the work office just yet).

Needless to say, when adorned by the ever sexy and beckoning Kermit the Frog, I can’t help but feel like a great big lean green love machine! ;)

Kermit looking quite debonair as per usual...

Silver Surfer Again? Comic Books | General Nonsense | My Life 12 DEC 2009

Believe it or not, yes, it is another Silver Surfer t-shirt post.

Geeky to you, awesome to me, I now wear it with pride thank you very much. Thanks Pick ‘n Pay for stocking so much awesomeness, even if you have chosen to keep it hidden amongst all that other junk that you fill your shelves with!


I know I know, awesomeness sometimes needs to be contained.

T-Shirt Geekery: Silver Surfer and Hulk My Life 01 NOV 2009

Ooh, my fanboy inside kicked into overdrive when I spotted these two awesome Marvel merchandise shirts, featuring the Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer, at Pick ‘n Pay of all places yesterday, forcing me to instantly purchase them (for only R40 a piece) without so much as a second thought.

They’re cool, they’re awesome and they bring out the colour of my eyes.

’nuff said! :P

The Incredible Hulk Marvel T shirt

The Silver Surfer Marvel T shirt