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Eventually even the Mighty Mega-105WR Router Needed Replacing! Hardware 28 FEB 2016

The original modem router that I received from Telkom upon first signing up for ADSL way back in our Nagua Bay days was of course the legendary Mega-105WR router. Unbelievably, it continued serving me like a relentless trooper all the way through to the end of December 2015 (since 2008), without failure or replacement even once during its lifetime!

That all ended though when it came head to head with my five year old daughter, who managed to push it off the desk and then rescue it by yanking it out from under the entanglement of wires I prefer to keep hidden behind my workspace. At that stage in December, I was still completely immobile following my operation, so I couldn’t really do anything other than advise Jessica to prop the modem up on a fabric ottoman under the desk – a bad move on my part because of course, the heat build up under there during our staggeringly hot Summer was enough to once and for all fry my dear old modem pal.

TP-Link TD-W8970 Wireless N Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router

Disheartened at its demise, I got stuck in searching for a suitable replacement, something in the mid-range table that would get the house up and going again in terms of connectivity, with an eye on supporting more media streaming over WiFi in the near future.

After a lot of hand wringing, I eventually settled on the TP-Link TD-W8970 Wireless N Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router which I then picked up at the start of January from Takealot.com for R959.

Essentially an All-in-One Device, the TD-W8970 gives me an ADSL2+ Modem, NAT Router, 4-Gigabit-Port Switch and Wireless N Access Point. It’s advertised as supporting 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless speed, with four Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections. It supports three kinds of connectivity, namely standard ADSL, Ethernet WAN or 3G/4G modem and also comes with a nifty additional feature which is a USB 2.0 port at the back, perfect for storage, printer, ftp or media server sharing.

It’s been two months so far, and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the purchase. The dual antenna give me much better WiFi range in the house, the modem itself is sleek and sexy, the USB port works brilliantly for sharing files between all my PCs, and so far connectivity has been great. Music, video and game streaming all work pretty smoothly.

So yes, it might not have quite as catchy a name as my trusty Mega 105 once sported, but so far my TD-W8970 looks to be quite the worthy replacement!

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Bath Time Fun: Yookidoo Flow ‘n Fill Spout! Toys 28 FEB 2016

Chantelle spoiled the two girls with a rather fun surprise the other day – she ordered two Yookidoo Flow ‘n Fill Spout baby bath toys from Takealot (two, because sharing is not a concept often understood by small children!).

yookidoo flow n fill spout bath toy

The Flow ‘n Fill Spout is a battery operated spout that essentially pumps water in an endless stream without wasting water from the bath tap. It is as cute as a button and comes with 3 interchangeable, stackable bath cups, each with different water straining and spraying effects.

As you might well imagine, Emily is absolutely over the moon with hers (she is two after all!), and surprisingly enough, Jessica is quite fascinated with hers as well.

In other words, Chantelle’s masterstroke has bought us a few more of those precious and rare moments of peace and quiet in the daily hustle that is the evening bath and bed routine! :)

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The Earphones Saga My Life 16 APR 2012

So a little while ago I decided to relocate the handy chest of drawers from the office to the braai room in order to provide more storage space for Chantelle’s burgeoning baking supplies. Of course, this in turn meant a sorting out of some of the existing drawers in the study to make space for the items coming over from the chest of drawers, an unenviable task of sorting out and discarding in other words (made particularly difficult by the fact that these are all “man drawers”).

In the process of cleaning up my drawers, I came across quite a large selection of old in-ear earphone sets collected over the years, and based on the fact that they’ve been lying dormant in the drawers for so long already, I without hesitation chucked them out.

Needless to say, the next day on arrival at work, I discovered that my iPod Nano’s earphones had somehow inexplicably been crushed in transit (well, they were four years old already), rendering me earphone-less for the day, and with the stomach-sinking knowledge that I had just tossed out all of my possible replacements the evening before!

I quickly turned to online shopping to order another pair, and after paying over my money to Takealot.com, I realized that the combination of upcoming public holidays in April meant a heavy delay in delivery date. Not cool.

Back home I rummaged through a couple of other drawers in the office which I had yet to get to, and came up with a two sets of in-ear headphones which I had missed in the previous clean-up sweep, the one being a pretty good quality set at that.

Pleased with the fact that I now had a functional iPod again, disaster struck the next day when an ill-placed decision to punch the punching bag out of frustration with Jessica (who wouldn’t stop crying and with no mommy in sight), resulted in the cord of the ear piece being caught in my punch and the earphones being literally torn apart in a single punch.


And to my dismay, the second set of earphones which I had retrieved from the dark recesses of my drawers wasn’t functional, meaning that I now sat with no earphones whatsoever!

Thank goodness for the old universal 3.5 mm audio jack though, as I still had one alternative left to me – a dusty old set of over the ear headphones I used to use back in the day when I didn’t want the PC to disturb anyone, and praise be to the heavens, they actually still worked!

Now I’ll admit it looks a bit silly going for a jog with these fluffy ear muffs on, but at least they work and I have music in my life again – Just a pity that they stay so damp with sweat for so long after every morning jog!


And for the record, I’m still waiting for my order from Takealot.com to come in…