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Street Fighter IV Cosplay: Juri Han (Taori) Cosplay 18 MAR 2014

Another cosplay entry for these pages, this time featuring a trip to the ultimate fighting franchise for our insert, none other than the king among arcade fighting games – Street Fighter! (Well Street Fighter IV to be exact). The character being profiled? Korean newcomer, Juri Han, cosplayed here by Taori!

Street Fighter IV Cosplay Juri Han by cosplayer Taori 1

The first ever Korean playable fighter, Juri is a taekwondo practitioner of note, and the series’ first ever proper female villain. An underling of the evil Seth and a member of S.I.N., Juri is a particularly nasty individual, eagerly playing off her sultry and provocative looks before decimating an opponent with her powerful kicks and ranged energy abilities, gifted by the pink Feng Shui Engine crystal embedded in her left eye.

A woman of powerful character and with an enjoyment in what she does, designer Yoshinori Ono’s “Spider” Juri is most definitely not a woman to be underestimated or crossed!

Cosplayer Taori pulls off a great mischievous and provocative Juri Han, with a lot of detail going into her spider/taekwondo costume, all pulled together of course by her rather outlandish hair style and slightly deranged look!

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