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How to Choose Your Sunscreen Science, Technology & Curiosity 31 AUG 2016

Skin cancer really is no joke, and now that we the general public are much better informed about the risks of staying out in the sun for extended periods of time, we tend to do a much better job of protecting ourselves.

However, the question still remains – which sunscreen should you choose?

Sun protection

Broadly speaking, the higher the SPF factor, the better the protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that penetrate the skin, damaging DNA and promoting cancer cell growth in the process. SPF30 is a good starting point, as it can block up to 97% of the harmful rays.

The next thing to consider then is whether to go for mineral or carbon-based solutions. Although thicker to apply than carbon-based solutions, mineral based sunscreens are usually less of a skin irritant if you have sensitive skin, and surprisingly have less of an environmental effect on the water in which you might be swimming.

Oh, and if you use the spray, make sure that you actually spray enough to form a thick (in other words useful) barrier!

Narrated by Julianna Zarzycki, Mary Poffenroth joins forces with TED-Ed to bring us this nicely animated explainer video:

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How Playing Sports benefits both Your Body and Brain Science, Technology & Curiosity | Sport & Health 15 JUL 2016

I participated in lots of sports as a child during my school years, including cricket, tennis, baseball, chess, hockey, cycling, karate, and badminton, and it is one of my biggest secret hopes that both my girls get involved in, and more importantly, enjoy playing sport too.

field hockey girl juggling ball during game

Taking part in sport is of course fantastic when it comes to the obvious health benefits, but it is the other hidden side of playing team sports which is just as important – things like learning to work with and rely on others, the sense of satisfaction that teamwork can bring, the friendships that naturally arise, etc.

TED-Ed recently published a short lesson on this very topic by Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh, with a slick video animated by Kozmonot Animation Studio and narrated by Susan Zimmerman.

(Playing a team sport is by far one of the biggest things that I miss in my current stage of life, just by the way!)

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