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Back Black Bin Back My Life 06 JUN 2015

Well that was a surprising turn of events. Two garbage collection days ago my municipal black wheelie bin disappeared, prompting me to note it under a blog post going by a title directly influenced by a Ben Affleck directed movie.

Then on Thursday, Chantelle pulled up the driveway and hooted for me to come outside. Excitedly she told me that as she was driving home, she spotted two black bins lying in the front of someone’s yard and one of those bins looked a lot like ours – and now I need to quickly drop everything and come along with her to verify. So in I hopped, we drove down the street and around a corner to number 29 Whittle street, and sure enough, there was our bin, the telltale scratches and faded number immediately identifying it.

(Chantelle also cleverly figured out the owners of the other bin, matching up the initials as belonging to the complex across the road from us)

our black bin lounging behind the gate of 29 whittle street - guarded by a dog

However, both bins were behind a secured driveway gate, and with one big and one small dog taking decided interest in my presence so close to their gate, I beat a retreat. No doorbell, the neighbour didn’t have contact details from them, the security company noticeboard a sham, I opted to instead approach the owners of number 29 later that evening once they had returned from work in order to try and secure the release of my bin.

(My theory is that the bins simply got moved to the area either by the wind, construction workers or vagrants on bin day, and this person then simply gathered them in for safekeeping, but Chantelle is more on the path of them nicking them – which doesn’t make sense to me because if they were indeed nicked, why would they be lying in the front of the yard as if they needed to be seen?)

Anyway, I went back to work whilst Chantelle did a good Samaritan thing and went over to the other bin owner to inform them that their bin had been spotted. However, patience isn’t particularly strong with this lot it would seem, because a few minutes later, Chantelle learned that both bins had now been retrieved by this very angry bin owner who had roped in number 29’s neighbour to attract the attention of the dogs while he hopped over the gate and threw the bins back over.

Problem solved I guess.

So my bin is safely back home, and the owner of house number 29 Whittle Street must be scratching his head as to how two big black bins mysteriously disappeared from his yard, despite his doggy protection system!

Gone Black Bin Gone My Life 28 MAY 2015

Sigh. I dislike the fact that this game even exists here in South Africa. Every Sunday evening I dutifully place my municipal black wheelie bin out for emptying by the refuse disposal truck the next day, and every Monday evening when I come back home from work, I anxiously scan the complex’s returned pool of bins, hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved No.5 bin – grasping at the fact that my neighbours’ bins look far prettier and thus more inviting to ‘borrow’ than mine. (A completely made up notion of course, but it works for me.)

Exciting stuff I tell you.

Sadly however, this week my bin was not in the returned pool of bins. I slowly drove around the complex to make sure that it hadn’t just been delivered to someone else by mistake, but sadly no. My black bin is gone (again).

I just hope it isn’t feeling too lonely… wherever it is.


municipal black wheelie bin

How to Disable a Mobile Phone if Yours Gets Stolen CodeUnit 29 JUN 2012

If your mobile phone gets stolen, your first move should be to phone your Mobile Service Provider (e.g. Vodacom, Cell C, MTN or 8ta) in order to block your SIM card so that the thieves can’t make money off your account.

A second thing to do is actually get the service provider to block your handset, which renders the phone pretty much useless, even if the thief swaps out the SIM. To do this, you need to give them your handset’s unique serial number (known as your IMEI code), which you can retrieve from your phone by dialling *#06#** on most models.

Write this 15-digit code down and keep it safe.

If thieves can’t use or sell off stolen phones, then perhaps they won’t bother stealing phones in future? (Worth a shot anyway)

Our Municipal Black Wheelie Bin Delivered! My Life 25 OCT 2011

Wow, kudos to the municipality servicing Gordon’s Bay. Our black municipal rubbish bin was stolen last week Tuesday, and after opening a case with the police and alerting the municipality on Wednesday, we were told to wait 14 days for our new replacement wheelie bin – free of charge.

So you can very well imagine my surprise when today a truck rocked up at our gate bearing a load of fresh black rubbish bins on the back. A little bit of paperwork, an updated sticker, and our brand spanking new bin is now ready for duty.

And in only 4 working days.


Now just to break out the paintbrush and paint so as to make sure that no one is going to surreptitiously remove this one!

Carpet Census Bin My Life 20 OCT 2011

Nice post title because it just rolls off the tongue when you say it out aloud, but actually it refers to three completely unrelated points that I’ve just happened to bundle all together because they all take place on the same day.

So let’s start with the carpet then shall we?

After noticing that Jessica is quite willing to stay on her tummy and flail around for longer the harder the surface she finds herself on, we yanked away all the protective cushioning and now let her roll around directly on the lounge carpet. Works pretty well except for the teeny weeny problem that our carpet is dirty. Very, very dirty.

It’s partly the cats fault, partly my disinterest in properly cleaning the bottom of my feet, and mostly because we only really yank the vacuum cleaner out every second month (if that), meaning that in addition to increasing Jessie’s tummy time, her immune system was probably also getting a good boost thanks to all the nasties down there.

Needless to say, we had to rectify the situation, and so we called upon Monty and Cheryl to come through for supper – and just maybe lug their fantastic Kirby vacuum cleaner along with them! ;)

Thankfully they accepted, and in amongst all the wine, tuna wraps, and ice-cream with strawberries, the Kirby proved yet again why it is by far the ultimate carpet cleaning machine! (Seriously, it looks like a brand new carpet, and achieving that with our carpet is an achievement to say the least!)

Anyway, at the same time, we also got added to the official SA stats, courtesy of Census 2011, with the arrival of a designated census worker outside my front gate during the afternoon. Being a little busy with work, I opted to take the form from her and fill it out on my own time before handing it back to her in the evening. So I dutifully did this, in pencil, and must congratulate her on having given me the correct estimate when I asked her how long I could expect this to take – she said 30 minutes and I did it in 30 minutes. (Shamefully, it would seem that everyone else that has done this, has done it in a far shorter period of time, so I’ll just put this done to being more dutiful than the rest then.)

On handing over the census back to the lady in the evening, Chantelle noticed that our black wheelie refuse bin hadn’t been returned yet, and after a cursory scan and chat to the complex maintenance guy, we were forced to assume that it had been pilfered from the herd. So off to the police station for a case number and a phone call to the municipality – 14 days to get a replacement one delivered, and at no cost to us, which is particularly nice to hear. Oh, and for now the rubbish placed in black bags will suffice for collection.

And with that, I have neatly concluded my Tuesday of Carpet Census Bin story, don’t you think?

Catching Some Z’s over the Long Weekend My Life 21 MAR 2011

The weekend before last I completely crashed. My weekday morning routine of up at 05:30 and back in bed at 23:00, combined with my early hours Jessica feed duty over weekends finally caught up with me, forcing me into bed in a state of deep slumber for most of that weekend (early nights, or should that be late afternoons!), with the only real activity being a whole heap of gardening in the hot day sun, with some blogging in the wee hours of the morning (after feeds of course).

Funnily enough, this past long weekend was pretty much more of the same.

Well except for Friday evening of course. Friday evening saw us knock on the door of Ouma for babysitting duties once more, as Chantelle and I (after a Old Oak Diner pizza for supper) darted off to Durbanville to pay a visit to Trish’s parent’s place, for the annual celebrate Trish’s birthday boardgames get together (well, it is kind of annual most of the time). Just about all of the old gang were present and accounted for, and we had a thoroughly entertaining evening comprising of the classic board game action of 30 Seconds and Pictionary.

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Stealing My Work: Ashihara Online’s Fraudulent Portfolio Listing General Nonsense | My Life 20 OCT 2010

I’m taken aback, really I am. Going through some of Google’s nifty stats for my various sites the other morning, I came across the fact that my Funakoshi Karate International South Africa website was being linked to by South African web design company, Ashihara Online.

Now I’ve come across Ashihara Online’s work before, mainly because I’m interested in martial arts and that is the field in which they first went to work in, and so interested as to why they might be sending me link love, (despite the fact that most of their web “designs” are usually pretty damn ugly, horrible, 1990 era stuff, I clicked through…

…only to spit out with disgust when I discovered that on their portfolio page listing their “work” done, was sitting a link to my lovely, Joomla-driven Funakoshi Karate website!

I couldn’t believe it.

Blatantly lying about one’s work or stealing credit for another man’s labour is not the way to build up an online brand, particularly when the person you steal from is more than capable of holding his own in the online space, capable of pulling out more than a few SEO tricks from his own hat – in other words expect to have a fair number of points knocked off your online brand’s value if you do!

Needless to say, I have generated this post and sent off an e-mail to the contact address listed on the site, so I guess I’ll just have to sit back and see what their grovelling excuse or reply is!

Click to enlarge...

Seriously, what were you guys thinking? O.o

Related Link: http://www.ashiharaonline.com/html/portfolio.html

Symbol of My Rage My Life 01 FEB 2008

volkswagen badgeFor sensitive readers you might want to tune out for the rest of this entry. You have been suitably warned.

Motherfucking piece of shit. Bloody ass-wipe monkeys! If I ever catch that baboon be it a kid, a hobo or just some other piece of trash I am going to beat them black and blue simply because that is how I feel when someone messes with my car or any other piece of my property for that matter. Last nght I made the nasty discovery that some horseturd had deemed it okay to rip the Volkswagen badge right off from the boot of my car sometime during the day. I’m not entirely sure where it happened, but more than likely it was during the day at the Bellville train station parking lot because I recall seeing that they had broken into a couple of cars via the side windows when I was leaving the station last night.

I think the effect is the same for any man whenever someone messes with especially their car and I am pretty sure Chantelle was rather disturbed at my rather rude outburst when we came across the damage last night on our way out to supper with Retha. Luckily I only stayed pissed off for a little while because in the end we actually had a very enjoyable evening out, though this morning my anger returned a little when I had to open my boot to stash my gym bag before heading off to work.

Luckily the badge was affixed by that double sided sticky tape they use so at least the car’s paintwork wasn’t damaged when they ripped it off because otherwise I would have been even more super pissed off. The only crappy part of this whole story is that those bloody badges are so frickin’ expensive to replace – for instance, Chris’ Mazda MX-5 badge was also swiped a little while ago and they quoted him R550 for a replacement! I’m hoping the Volkswagen badge is a tad cheaper than that :(

Anyway, enough of my ranting. You will now return to the normal scheduled broadcasting. If you have any complaints please send a mail to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, P.O. Box 4412, Craighall’

After looking at this post after I finished uploading it, I couldn’t help but notice how my writing style and sentence structure deteriorates when I am angry. Oh well, all the better to carry over the emotion I guess.