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Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 003: Locating G-Spot The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 20 MAR 2011

Another “probably sounded funnier in his head” pencil, paper, eraser, black ballpoint pen and photoshop comic up for your enjoyment.

Introducing our very first bad girl in Major Naughtylust’s Rogue Gallery, the rogue master thief, G-Spot. With her light-bending ability  that allows her to basically turn invisible by refracting light in a particular manner, G-Spot is able to slip in and out of spaces and places with the greatest of ease and with almost no threat of detection.

As a master thief she is without peer, being skilled in all the necessary arts required of a cat burglar, including the fine art of disguise which makes her even more difficult to pick out of a crowd!

Just like her namesake, this woman is hard to pin down, and is almost never found, thus making it particularly difficult to confirm her existence for most.

But she always gets the loot…

The House of C 014: Fast Food The House of C 08 MAR 2010

Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Back when I still worked at the varsity, committee meetings were the greatest because there was always some finger snacks, sandwiches and juice to be had – which of course made paying attention to what was being stated in the meeting itself pretty tricky at times!

I must say, I kind of like the cheerful look on our running thief’s face, but in brutal honesty, I really should have spent some more time/effort on the background and background characters.

Can only imagine that I must have been rushing to get to my supper on the night…

Wissing Weber My Life 17 FEB 2010

You see that fellow tucked away in at the bottom right of the above picture? You know, that rather round guy all dressed in black and wearing some sort of grille as a hat? Well I’m sad to say he is no more – some bloody arsehole has decided to remove him from behind our flat and whisk him away to parts unknown! :(

I can only assume that some opportunist reasoned, hey these people have both a Weber and a proper braai here – surely they don’t need both and wouldn’t mind if I simply took old Weber and gave him a new home? Or even better, made some cash by selling him off to some unsuspecting sod?

Well anyway, the point is that some bloody idiot has gone and stolen our Weber that was given to us by Monty and Cheryl, and quite frankly, we may now never again experience the taste pleasure that comes from a properly cooked Weber chicken.


Plus, now I need to head out and get some kind of chain or something to secure the remaining braai here on our property – it would be an absolute disaster if that too all of a sudden decided to find feet! :(