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Music and your Feelings My Life 04 APR 2007

ThreeDaysGraceIts amazing how music can be such a friend or a foe, depending on how it is wielded. Music has the power to completely lift your mood or completely squash it down into the dark abyss. Music tends to move people in many ways and people tend to attach thoughts or memories or even certain feelings to it.

In my personal space, throwing on Lighthouse Familys Lifted is guaranteed to get me in a good mood, similarly Savage Gardens Truly Madly Deeply will remind me of the love I once felt for Liz and Bryan Adams Summer of 69 instantly makes me think of the fun times I had with her. Of course the other side is also present.

On a more personal note, the first few times she caused me much emotional pain, Papa Roachs Scars was the song I most identified with. Now that I’ve exorcised her from my life, I find that Three Days Graces Gone Forever sums up exactly how I feel.

Now seeing that this is the unlawful Internet and a low profile page in the greater scheme of things, I’ve even decided to put up two songs for download (with their lyrics attached as a nice comparison to my mood from then to now).