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Brutal Legend Cosplay: Drowned Ophelia (Belle Chere) Cosplay 30 NOV 2012

Double Fine Productions released the well received Brutal Legend in 2009, which features the character of Eddie Riggs, voiced by and modeled after Jack Black, a roadie who is transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal album covers. Eddie becomes the world’s savior, leading the down-trodden humans against a range of supernatural overlords using a battle axe, his Flying V guitar that can tap into the magical powers of the world, and a customizable hot rod.

Initially an ally, but then turned enemy, Drowned Ophelia is certainly not a character to be messed with – which is brutally apparent in American cosplayer Belle Chere’s fantastically twisted cosplay!

Drowned Ophelia is the dark form of Ophelia that emerged from the Sea of Black Tears. Spawned from her sense of betrayal at the hands of Eddie Riggs, this Ophelia spends the next three months using everything she’d learned from the roadie to form her own army of Tear Drinkers, which she names the Drowning Doom.

In this form, Ophelia has a drastically different appearance to her previous look. Her hair is black and she she wears thorn-like barrettes, while her eyes are tinted purple and accentuated with eye-shadow that imitates tears. Most notable is her skin, which is blue, simulating asphyxiation, and the Black Tears themselves that form her clothing. These are a black torn-up dress that sublimates at the bottom, gloves and a fan-like collar of Tear tendrils at the back of her head.

The Black Tears also allow her to sprout giant black raven wings at will, allowing her to fly or escape from danger. When she chooses to attack, she can strike at enemies using the Tears, forming them into a melee weapon. Finally, the Black Tears allow her to manifest the Six-Stringed Sorrow whenever she wishes to play a solo.

Ophelia’s personality is much darker than before, and she behaves somewhat like a femme fatale that remarks on death, misery and emotional injuries. This is most evident when she is dealing with Eddie, as the idea that he has betrayed her trust is central to her character. She frequently mocks him for his lack of understanding.

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Review: Psychonauts (2005) Games | My Reviews 27 MAR 2007

Damn this quirky little primarily platformer game Psychonauts. I’ve been playing it the last while and am pretty far along in the story now. Last night I get home at around 19:00 and decide to relax with a quick half-hour of some gaming relief in Psychonauts.


Fast forward to 23:00 and I can finally force myself to put down the stupid controller (but only because my eyes were bloodshot and strained).

If you don’t know anything about Psychonauts, its a game created by Tim Schafer, the visionary designer of award-winning titles including Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. His games over the years have always been renowned for their humour and quirkiness, and Psychonauts doesnt disappoint in this regard.

The game is a 3rd person platformer with a host of puzzles and challenges that plays out in a number of varied mental stages as the games main hero, Rasputin (Raz for short) dives into the psyches of various people in order to save the campground from a nefarious plot. Everything is wacky and over the top and for most people this might be more than a little of a put off which might explain its poor sales in the real world.

However frustrating the game might get in certain parts (well really only one part as far as I’m concerned Black Velvetopia), it is a solid game, with lots of little pieces of humour scattered around. The controls are tight, the game is well scripted and executed and the soundtrack doesnt disappoint.

If youre looking for something a little different and willing to experiment a little, you may just find Psychonauts to you’re liking after all.

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