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Review: Shaun the Sheep (2007) | Timmy Time (2009) My Reviews 12 DEC 2012

If you have young ones in your life and are looking for something to sit down and watch with them, something that both you and they might thoroughly enjoy, look no further than either Shaun the Sheep or Timmy Time – seriously, I can’t stress (or recommend) this highly enough! :)

Shaun the Sheep (2007)

Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated children’s television series created by Nick Park and produced by Aardman Animations, a spin-off from their famous and much loved Wallace and Gromit franchise, starring Shaun the Sheep from the “A Close Shave” episode as its main protagonist. It first aired in March 2007 and went on to spawn at least 80 odd 6 minute long episodes, never mind a whole lot of specials. The series has also inspired its own spin-off show, Timmy Time, which is aimed at younger viewers (which I mention a little later).

A premise of the series is that Shaun the sheep exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in a farm setting, which usually provides a situational comedy conflict which Shaun must resolve before the end of each episode. Recurring themes include the characters evading the sheepdog Bitzer (though he is sometimes with the sheep in their escapades) and avoiding discovery by the Farmer.

Episodes are very much a combination of slapstick and classic silent comedy in Aardman’s recognizable animation style. There is no spoken dialogue, only simple grunts, bleats and sighs, all of which are used to generate the wonderfully enjoyable atmosphere that makes up Shaun the Sheep.

Episodes are fun, lighthearted, contain plenty of references to popular culture, and with its awesomely cute visual style (not to mention its particularly catchy theme tune), it is guaranteed to entertain both young and old!

Highly, highly recommended.

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Timmy Time (2009)

Whilst Shaun the Sheep caters for young children, Timmy Time caters for even younger, pre-school children, taking Shaun the Sheep’s already successful and enjoyable formula, and lightening it up even further, in terms of both color palette and lessons taught.

Timmy Time is a stop-motion animated comedy series created by Jackie Cockle and produced by Aardman Animations. It started broadcasting in 2009 and is a spin off from the Shaun the Sheep animation, which itself is a spin off from the Aardman series Wallace & Gromit, and has spawned 70 odd 10 minute long episodes thus far.

In this series, Timmy and his friends have to learn to share, make friends and accept their mistakes. They are supervised by two teachers, Harriet the Heron and Osbourne the Owl.

As with Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time doesn’t feature any dialogue, but instead a variety of grunts and animal noises pass as the storytellers. There is a lot of slapstick comedy to be had, as well as loads of life lessons, all wrapped in a wonderfully cute and highly colorful stop-motion animation style.

Highly recommended if you have a very little one, like my little Jess for example! :)

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…And I’m Back My Life 13 JUL 2012

…And I’m back, back from a rather extended blogging break (seriously, it’s like just short of a month or so!). Sure the site has had continuous content updates over the period that I’ve been away, but then again that isn’t all that impressive when you realize that I pretty much have content scheduled to appear all the way through to December next year! :) (Calendar printout. Best invention ever for ensuring you build up a decent content buffer!)

Anyway, there isn’t really any sinister reason for not keeping you all up to date with developments in the lives of Jessie, Chantelle and Craig, other than Chantelle and I have continued being sick in some form or another for quite a couple of weeks now, meaning that we probably just aren’t in the best of moods at the moment. Hopefully though, now that I’ve restarted my early morning walks (in the dark mind you), some semblance of normalcy and routine should come creeping back into my life. (Hey, must be working – I’ve returned to the blog haven’t I?)

So what have we been up to since I last ran a personal update? Well Chantelle and I finally had a good market at Willowbrige (thanks payday!), much needed because up until now, Winter markets are very much proving a bust in terms of sales for Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes. Chantelle took the weekend off last weekend because she just wasn’t feeling up to baking during the week, though this week she is making up for it by being in full baking form, trying to get as much done before the arrival of her long lost friend Retha the following weekend – who is taking a break from South Korea and coming home to South Africa for a well deserved visit, in case you were wondering.

Oh, and she made a drastic change to her look and had a professional pretty much lop off most of her hair. It took a day or two for me to get used to the new short-haired Chantelle, but in the end this new look really does suit her – she looks kind of like a proper mommy professional now!

Jessica is doing fabulous as always, too cute for words (her hair in twin ponytails these days), but unfortunately not hitting any more development milestones (and hasn’t for a while), meaning that we may be looking to take her to someone for some evaluation tests in the near future, just to make sure everything is still on track and put our own minds at ease (well mainly Chantelle’s to be fair).

We’ve gone and purchased a nice luxurious carpet for the braai room television area, effectively transforming the area into Jessie’s very own playroom, much more cosy and warm than the nasty old cold tiles of the lounge area! I’ve also introduced her to Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time which she appears to be absolutely loving (and to be fair, which I’m thoroughly enjoying as well!)

In terms of excursions, again our ongoing battle against all the Winter bugs has made it difficult to get out and about, but we did manage to enjoy a lovely recent trip out to Butterfly with Jess, Monty and Cheryl, which turned out to be a proper treat for everyone!

As for me, like I’ve mentioned I haven’t been running on a 100% for a while now, so it has pretty much been head down and putting in the necessary hours at work so that I can properly rest back home. That said, there are some pretty interesting happenings currently underway at Touchwork, the end result of which may be a change in position for me at the company – which needless to say makes me a pretty happy chappy.

But more on that once everything gets confirmed.

So yeah, it’s good to be getting back into the seat of normalcy again – though this catch-up to do pile lying in front of me is squinting at me in a rather daunting fashion…