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Non-slip Baby Bath Mat Emily 16 JAN 2015

Back in December it became increasingly obvious that we would need to upgrade our bathing solution for Emily – seeing as she now kept climbing out of her Bambino bath ring!

So off I nipped to Baby Boom at Somerset Mall (Value Mart), where I was disappointed to find that they only had one type of non-slip baby bath mat in stock – which was pretty pricey to boot (about R300 if I recall correctly).

Nevertheless, it wasn’t safe for us to continue using Emily’s blue bathing ring any more, so I handed over the cash and came home with this soft, blue, and very squishy mat. It appears to be made of a similar material as what Chantelle uses in terms of non-slip mats to transport her cakes on, and I have to say, the material combined with its multitude of little suckers is pretty damn effective.

It’s pretty large, although it doesn’t quite cover the interior of the bath from end to end, and as a bonus, the package included a little knee pad cushion made of the same material as the mat – pretty useful for people who don’t weigh quite as much as me I would assume! ;)

So overall the big blue non-slip mat from Baby Boom works a charm, meaning that scenes like this don’t have us quite so panicked any more:


Of course, if Emily would just stay on the mat then that would be awesome – instead, she seems to rather enjoy following Jessica all around the bath, trying to play with everything that Jess touches!

So, our bathroom bathing arrangements over the course of last year pretty much looked like this then:

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Bonus! A year ago there was much giggling and trying not to laugh out loud when a distressed three year old Jessica called for us to come and help, only for us to walk in on this:


I suspect a nifty bath mat wouldn’t have been of much help back then.

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Photo Gallery: Quick Pitstop at UCT (2013-11-17) Photo Gallery 26 NOV 2013

Forgot to post these snaps, but basically on our way home from Claire’s birthday lunch in Constantia, little Emily decided to make life hard for Chantelle’s bladder, meaning a bathroom was needed sooner than later.

So I suggested stopping in at UCT to make use of their facilities (I worked there for long enough, meaning I know my way around – more or less. Turns out my memory really isn’t all that wonderfull…)

Anyway, I did take the chance to stroll around a bit, you know, for nostalgia’s sake, and I have to say, I miss the old girl a little. Of course, the spell was quickly broken by an excited Jessica who insisted on running up and down the lanes with Mommy and Daddy in hot pursuit! :)

2013-11-17 16.48.59

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Only in Japan: Super Great Toilet Keeper! General Nonsense 31 OCT 2012

The man in the picture? Tatsuhiko Kubo, also known as “The Dragon”. A recently retired Japanese soccer star with a penchant for scoring goals.

Except he has just been foiled by the most unlikely of foes – a toilet.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a hoax or not, but from what we’re told, the Super Great Toilet Keeper is a joint venture from hi-tech toilet manufacturer TOTO and sports-betting lot toto, the result of which is a goal blocking toilet, capable of keeping out shots travelling as fast as 160km/h!

Using two high-speed cameras to determine and calculate the speed and direction of any incoming shot, the toilet then sharply pivots and fires out a smaller ball with the aim of deflecting the soccer ball. Needless to say, this pretty much happens in the blink of an eye.

Although I’m not entirely sure what the point of all this is, two thing definitely do stand out. First, the Japanese really are at a superior level of technological advancement and second, Japan really is the king of WTF.

Seriously though, I can think of more than just a handful of keepers who should be more than a little scared of this! :)

Skid Row General Nonsense | My Life 22 MAY 2010

This is not a nice topic to breach, but it is one I feel is absolutely necessary. We have in our office… an untrained person.

And when I say untrained, I mean unable to use the most simple of shared toilet etiquette utensils – the toilet brush.

Yes, every now and then when one makes their way down to the bathroom on the lower level, closes the door behind them, unzips their pants and lifts the lid of the toilet – there on the perfectly, gleaming white porcelain bowl will lie the worst of the worst, the horror of horrows: skid marks and little chunks of unflushed, sticky poo.

Not cool untrained person, not cool.

Even I know what the toilet brush situated next to the toilet is intended for.

Perhaps it is time that your partner takes you in hand and teaches you the basic etiquette that comes with a shared toilet? O.o

Really, I do wish this with my whole heart. There is nothing more off-putting than saying hello to an already streaky brown toilet bowl…

Screenshot Saturday: Golden Boy (Episode 2) Anime 13 MAR 2010

Golden Boy, how can you not love this classic? Honest lad, seems a bit simple at first glance, loves the ladies just a little too pervertedly, always gets in trouble… anyway, today’s screengrab for our Screenshot Saturday slot comes directly from episode 2 of the original OVA series…

How can anything compete with this overwhelming sense of joy received from cleaning a beautiful young lady's exclusive toilet I ask you!?

Tatsuya Egawa’s Golden Boy is undoubtedly one of those guilty little pleasures one has to afford one’s self  if you are a big Anime watcher. Very naughty in places but always with tongue stuck firmly in cheek, the series as a whole is just an absolute laugh-a-minute, serious to the core delight which is easy to digest and an absolute must in any young man’s collection.

Today’s Screenshot Saturday grabs its material from episode two of the 1996 OVA, entitled “Temptation of the Maiden”. Basically we find Kintaro hired on as a campaign staffer for a mayoral candidate, where he is assigned to tutor his boss’ attractive teenage daughter, Naoko Katsuda. Unfortunately for him though, little Naoko isn’t quite as naive and innocent as she looks!

Of course, as you can see from the above, none of this quite matters to Kintaro (and all his fetishes)  just yet – as long as he can clean the toilet on which her pretty bum normally rests, he may as well be the happiest temp around! :)

Indeed, this may be the only way to be close to said lady's bottom...

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The House of C 010: House Trained The House of C 08 FEB 2010

It’s remarkable the level to which some people want to humanize their animals. Take toilet training for example. Take a gander across the Internet searching on the term toilet train cat and see the sheet amount of literature written on that one subject already. But as the photos and videos go on to prove, teaching your cat to use a human toilet for its business is pretty doable.

Though of course it does leave the question just whose job it is to flush.

But at least now we men would have an adequate scapegoat should our woman ever corner us regarding some or other piece of forgotten toilet etiquette…

(Oh and note that this comic marks the first official appearance of what will eventually become the House of C’s regular cast of characters. So welcome Candy, Cain and Coco, courtesy of Craig. Note the name theming and note the title of the comic. Now you’re getting it…)