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Sick Little Lotters My Life 29 SEP 2011

Chantelle is sick. Sick as a dog. Which is not nice because that makes her grumpy. Which brings me on to the next point that Jessica is also sick. Tonsils and an ear infection. But little Miss Cough-a-lot isn’t grumpy. Which is nice. All she does is smile, refuse to eat, and cough a lot.

Anyway, whilst Chantelle struggles to get a good night’s sleep which she then blames me for (I sleep to loudly apparently), Jessica on the other hand is finally getting some full, uninterrupted nights of rest, most likely due to the medicine that she is currently receiving for the tonsils and to battle the infection.

I say “finally” because up until now, our beautiful baby that slept through the night almost from day one (leading to much jealously amongst the other mommies it must be said), has had a torrid last couple of weeks, waking up anything from 1 to 3 times a night thanks to her top toothies which simply don’t want to make their much awaited appearance.

Jessica certainly didn’t have the same amount of hassle with her bottom two teeth that came out pretty easily enough, but at the moment our poor baby girl sits with a swollen upper mouth which makes it look as if she’s wearing a permanent gum guard! :)

Not that the lack of sleep or gum guard is stopping our girl from developing mind you. There is a lot, lot more talking, responding and saying ‘dada’ (which I’ll accept as referring to me), and she now happily sits on her bum for extended periods of time, playing with toys in front of her and trying to reach out for those ones that we place just beyond her reach.

And don’t get me started on how she likes nothing better than being handed a magazine or piece of paper and then be allowed to go wild, eat and destroy everything!

Anyway, hopefully she gets over this run in with her tonsils pretty soon, as she’s already missed one swimming lesson (which she still absolutely loves by the way) and I’m rather looking forward to our next Baby Gym session in Bellville on Saturday! :)

Oh. And hopefully Chantelle gets better soon too.

After all, we can’t keep buying takeout until she gets well enough to cook you know! :P

Update: And now little Lotter is a lot better, mommy is still sick, and daddy has gone and caught it too! :(

Heritage Weekend 2011 My Life 26 SEP 2011

We enjoyed a pleasant Heritage Weekend this year, pity of course about the public holiday falling on a Saturday, but Chantelle was off so that always makes for a nice weekend in the Lotter household! :)

Friday evening after the putting Jessica to bed routine, Chantelle and I treated ourselves to some delicious home-made pizza, the first time we had made those in absolute ages! As a companion to our deliciously decadent supper, we sat down and watched Leon Schuster’s Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to South Africa, marvelling at just how much kak Leon actually manages to get away with!

Saturday, and Jessica and Chantelle were out for the majority of the morning and early afternoon attending Chane’s surprise stork party in Somerset West, and with no baby gym to attend or rugby being showed on SABC2, I found myself pottering around the house, catching up on housework and admin, and even forgoing the gardening for some time spent working a bit on this here website.

I had to however get out eventually to enjoy the stunning weather Gordon’s Bay was experiencing, and so on Chantelle’s return we grabbed the pram and made our way over to the beach for a pleasant stroll and soft serve ice-cream, before hitting the shops in order to get all the necessities for the mandatory Heritage Day braai.

And braai we did, with chicken, steak and boerewors all making their way on to my grid (though after a fairly lengthy struggle with some very wet wood!). For a change, we had even hired out a DVD, again the first in absolute months, and although it didn’t leave much of an impact on me (I can’t remember its name, but it was kind of a slice of life comedy involving a girl whose brother is marrying the girl who made her life absolute hell during high school), it was just lekker to curl up next to wifey and enjoy a lazy evening in her company.

Sunday was a different story, and after a brisk early morning stroll with Jessica in the pram to return the DVD while mommy slept in, it was up and at them (after the fantastic Argentina versus Scotland game of course!) as we prepared for the trip through to Bellville to meet up with Evan and Natasha, Karl and Trish and Ryan for a Sunday afternoon braai.

Jessica had started coughing on Saturday evening, and Sunday it had gotten much, much worse. So on route to Evan’s place, we swung by the 24 hour M-Kem pharmacy in Bellville, where the on duty nurse took one look (or rather listen) and said that it was straight to the doctor with us. Seeing as there was a waiting list, we decided to first go through to Evan’s place to get things started, with Chantelle tasked to take leave of us halfway through in order to take Jessie to the doctor – who then proceeded to inform us that Jessie’s tonsils are inflamed as is her right ear canal. Ouchies!

Shame, so our little dribble monster is not feeling all that great at the moment. :(

Anyway, as for the actual braai, it was a blistering hot day in Bellville and so while we all hugged the bit of shade provided by the outside Simba-branded umbrella so kindly provided by Mr. Granger, it was left up to Evan to place himself slap bang in front of the hot coals and handle the tongs, a job which admittedly he did rather well, even if it looked like he needed a shower once he was eventually done! :)

Natasha had baked peppermint crisp tart for dessert, but before we partook in that, the three Lotters zipped away through to Durbanville, to pay a visit to Mom who is currently in hospital after having her knee replacement operation on Friday. It turned out that dad was also visiting around the time that we were there, resulting in a lekker little family catch up session in the hospital ward.

Anyway, back it was to Evan’s place for some of that delicious dessert, before packing up the coughing princess, putting in some petrol to get us home, and then make the arduous trek back to Gordon’s Bay, where it was straight into the bed time routine (with Idols blaring in the background) and getting everything ready for the new week to come.

Oh, and vienna sausages on cheese rolls for supper.

So yeah, a pleasant Heritage Day after all, I’d say! ;)