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Visiting Paardevlei following the Winter Rains in Somerset West (2017-07-16) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 16 OCT 2017

Gripped by this unusually long period of drought, I noted that Paardevlei was already bone dry back in April when the girls and I paid a visit to the nearby Cheetah Outreach wildlife sanctuary. (Not that this is all that unusual mind you. The very definition of vlei is that it is a shallow, minor lake, mostly of seasonal or intermittent nature.)

We have of course since then endured a relatively mild and not so wet winter period, and pleasingly the vlei of Paardevlei was back to its wet (and bird inhabited) self by July already.

(And, as you might be able to see if you squint into the background of some of the photos in the gallery below, we even had a couple of days of snow-capped mountains to enjoy!)

Seeing as I needed to stretch my legs for a bit, I bribed the girls to come with me and after stocking up on snacks and a new game for the house, we entered through Paardevlei’s entrance boom, parked by Cheetah Outreach and started our stroll along the nature walk along the vlei.

As always, there was plenty of grumbling from the little one for a lot of the walk, though thankfully the constant sight of the bag of snacks in my hand was more than enough motivation for her to continue walking and for me not to have to carry her on my shoulders!

(That said, pretty much the first bench that we encountered was thus designated snack bench by the two salivating girls at my side…)

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”45963,45964,45965,45966,45967,45968,45969,45970,45971,45972,45973,45974,45975,45976,45977,45978,45979,45980″]

Not that the girls wanted to hang out bird-watching by the vlei for too long mind you – they were way, WAY more excited at the prospect of returning home to try out the new game of Hungry Hippo that we had picked up from Toys R Us a little earlier on our drive!

(Hint: It was a very, very successful buy.)

So, a decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon in July then.

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Jessica Goes Shoe Shopping My Life 19 OCT 2013

The other day we were killing some time in Bellville and I decided to head us off down to Northumberland street so that I could pick up a new pair of shoes seeing as my last pair were now pretty much unwearable. So off to Shoe City Chantelle, Jessie and I traipsed, where I immediately set about the task of sniffing out a new pair of casual footwear for my toesies.

I didn’t get very far down the aisle before I was summoned back by Chantelle, turning the corner to find our dear Jessica with a huge grin on her face and stomping around in a pair of Disney Princess slip slops – apparently she saw them on the shelf, picked them out and demanded to try them on!

Pleased as punch with her find, she then continued on her search, the end result being much happy stomping around Shoe City as she showed off and modeled her finds – too cute for words I tell you! In the end, I walked up to the cash register with three pairs of new shoes for our little shoe model, a pair of sandals, a pair of slip slops, and a pair of closed shoes – in other words, Summer Shoe Wardrobe sorted!

Oh, and I managed to pick out a pair of shoes for myself as well, just in case you’re wondering. Sadly, Chantelle walked away empty footed.

jessica lotter tries on her new shoes

Of course, the fun didn’t quite end there, because next up was Toys R Us to buy birthday presents for Devon and Evalynne, whose birthday parties we were attending later in the day. Needless to say, it’s not easy buying toys off the shelf with a toddler continuously begging you to give her the present – in the end the snap purchase of a knock-off purple pony was enough to placate little Jess, or at least distract her for long enough while mommy wrapped up the kids’ presents! :)

A Duo of Weekend Updates My Life 04 MAR 2013

Monday and thus the start of what is sure to be another week of hard code development, thanks to all the shit I have to deal with at work at the moment thanks to some ineptitudes displayed by my former colleagues. Never mind that though, I have in fact enjoyed two rather nice weekends in a row now, the first being our fun getaway with the Lotter Clan to Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay two weekends ago, followed by the weekend just past which was little more than a weekend of pure rest and relaxation!

jessica jumping on a trampoline in george

As for our Pinnacle Point weekend, we joined up with Mom, Dad, Ryan, Claire and little Devon on the Saturday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday afternoon, meaning that it was a good and proper little getaway from home. Of course, this didn’t help Chantelle’s cause much because on her return she was pretty much chained to the kitchen for the new couple of nights playing catch-up, but for Jess and me it was an absolute blast. Plenty of swimming and road trips to George and Mossel Bay were had, lots of good food was consumed, Jessica finally got acquainted with a proper trampoline, and we even squeezed in a birthday lunch with my Mom in Mossel Bay harbour on the Tuesday afternoon before we left!

mom's birthday lunch in mossel bay harbour 3

As for this weekend it was really a weekend of lazing about and doing as little as possible. Probably the only thing we did achieve on Saturday was to go out and do paint shopping in preparation of our house being painted this week (turned out to be a rather quick decision in terms of what colour to go for), as well as some on the spur of the moment DIY as I finally got around to putting up key hangers everywhere! Sunday was a slightly more productive day in that we drove through to Bellville in order to tuck into a properly delicious pork roast lunch with the Montgomery Clan, not to mention drool at the simple but delicious dessert that followed up such a succulent main!

Unfortunately the T20 Proteas versus Pakistan game was a disaster for us South Africans, I was well and truly beaten by Rob at the dart board, and let’s not mention my poor run in this year’s Super Rugby Superbru tournament, but at least I did get something going my way in that I finally managed to find a new pair of shorts to fit me, not to mention this awesome building brick tipper truck present I got for Jess – which proved to be an absolute hit! :)

half way stop at rolandale 9

So yup, had two enjoyable weekends in a row, meaning that I’m now refreshed and ready to tackle this pile of steaming turd which passes off as a project in desperate need of saving here at work. Sigh…

Jessica and Her Big Orange Hopping Ball Jessica | My Life 19 OCT 2011

One of the things to come out of Baby Gym is just how good an exercise it is for your baby to be perched on top of a big bouncy ball and then being made to bounce – it activates and stimulates their sense of balance as well as speed of recovery, and combining it with some other exercises like rolling them side to side or over the top on both their tummy and back, really does turn the simple hopping ball into an essential home gym accessory!

Finding one at a toy shop however isn’t quite as easy as you might think, especially when the balls come packed in boxes which aren’t spherical in shape at all, never mind the staff that don’t quite understand what you are trying to mime to them when inquiring about bouncy balls in the first place. Nevertheless, I persevered and was eventually rewarded with a bright orange Winnie the Pooh hopping ball from Toys R Us in Bellville, along with this really cool green elephant plush toy that laughs when you pull on its cord! (Truth be told, I was more excited about the elephant than the ball. So was Ryan. Jessica on the other hand couldn’t care less about the elephant as it turns out).

I must admit to being a little bit stumped when I extracted the deflated stretchy balloon from its box, struggling to figure out just how in the world one was meant to inflate this giant monstrosity. Unfortunately for me, it would seem that I’m the only one who doesn’t know about these cool removable plug systems, as Ryan and Chantelle were quick to point out how dumb I was being in terms of struggling to get this thing inflated.

As it turned out, Chantelle did most of the donkey work.

Still, it was all worth it, because Jessie can’t seem to get enough of the bright orange chew toy which Daddy occasionally throws her on and then makes her bring up her lunch with some vigorous hops…

Feeding from up high in her Chariot Jessica | My Life 23 SEP 2011

So, the spoiling of little Miss Lotter continues unabated, as last weekend we picked up the newest baby accessory to make our lives just that little easier – a feeding chair.

Now that Jessica is comfortable with picking up objects in front of her and placing them in her mouth, it makes sense to get her into a good solid feeding chair which will a) allow her to eat solids unassisted and b) entertain her while mommy or daddy potters around in the kitchen.

The Bumbo seat which served this purpose up until now still works perfectly fine, but it has never really been a safe option, as you constantly have to stay on high alert lest she leans over too far and topples over – and besides, the little girl is all grown up now, so on to the next stage we go! :P

Despite a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to the matter of feeding chairs,Chantelle, Jessica, and myself found ourselves at Somerset Mall on Sunday during her split (in the rain), where we got to grips with checking out the various chairs available to us at both Baby Boom and Toys R Us (which are handily right across the parking lot from each other).

What we didn’t realise is that pretty much all feeding chairs nowadays feature the same set of features, namely reclining seat, height adjustable, sliding tray, removable auxillary tray, and of course wheels. So with the playing field pretty much now level, and a bit of back and forth between the two shops, we ended up picking the cutest one of the lot, a pleasing on the eye green chair from Chariot, for somewhere around R700 mark from Toys R Us, complete with the cutest bear face wheel covers imaginable!

Back home I immediately set about assembling our latest baby purchase, and I must complement Chariot on putting together an extremely well designed kit that is pretty simple to put together, without the need for a spanner or screwdriver for that matter! In no time at all, the chair was up, Jessica secured in it*, and daddy running around the house, pushing it about with baby still seated inside, you know, just to test its wheels out! :)

Oh, and Jessica promptly devoured some Flings and Boudoir biscuits placed before to complete my successful test.

So, one of the bar stools has been demoted down to the braai room, and we now have yet another baby friendly addition to our home décor!

And now for some pics, because I like my camera so:

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