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Failed Flash & Missing Backups CodeUnit 03 MAY 2010

Sigh. After years of solid and faithful service, despite the lack of care, my Transcend JetFlash 4 GB USB flash drive finally borked and said it’s last goodbyes. But it didn’t go quietly into the night.

No, it kicked and screamed, corrupted and declared itself write-protected. I spent hours combing the Internet, trying out various solutions, tricks and suggestions, none of which worked and none of which could get the drive back into working, usable condition.

From low-level formats to registry hacks and just plain begging and pleading, all was for naught as I finally came to the conclusion that it was dead and dusted, leaving me only with one recourse – to open it up and operate on it in the hopes of a miracle happening.

Unfortunately that was not to be as my clumsy hands sliced the top of a connector clean off its housing and brought with it the finality of the waste bin.

But losing a faithful flash drive was not the worst part of this ordeal. No, the worst part was that I, a software technician of all people, had failed myself in that I didn’t keep any backups of the important data on the drive. Not a single backup whatsoever. Important personal documents, desktop application projects in mid development, databases built up over years, all gone because I was too lazy to keep up a decent backup programme.

But the loss now behind me, I have vowed to change my ways and send out this warning to those of you out there like me – backup your data, synchronize your drives, don’t fall in complacency.

Even if it is just by using the simplicity of rsync or its’ graphical counterpart, grsync, schedule your backups and stick to it – or as I have now done, place a perpetual reminder in your calendar and stick to it.

For you never know when the blight that is drive failure will strike again…

Transcend’s PF710 Digital Photo Frame CodeUnit 14 DEC 2009

I bought something really, really cool for Chantelle for her birthday back on the 6th of this month, a Transcend PF710 digital picture frame. Now I’m completely new to the world of digital photo frames and bought this particular model based entirely on price and a good word from Stephen (who had purchased one for his fiance a couple of months ago), so I was rather pleased when the thing arrived, worked straight out of the box and actually looked pretty damn stylish sitting there on the dresser to boot.

It’s a little 7 inch high resolution (480 x 234) widescreen, rather bright, display that can handle both landscape and portrait views and generally uses the source image information when displaying a particular picture, meaning that original aspect ratio is catered for in full. It’s pretty thin (28 mm deep) and lightweight, the one I bought has a transparent border with a black inlay, making the whole affair come across as being pretty modern and stylish in my mind, and comes ready to stand on any even surface or get mounted to any wall if you’re so inclined.

Unfortunately, it does run off live current, meaning you need to have it plugged in in order for it to operate, but other than that the thing really doesn’t seem to possess any major drawbacks or failings.

It comes with 1 GB of onboard memory only, but this can be expanded with a host of different memory card types or even straight from a USB drive if you must, it features a clock and calendar display, plays back MP3, WMV and WMA music files (which you can attached to either photos or alarms) and even serves as a decent wake up MP3 alarm clock if you need it to replace your current bedside table partner.

Oh, and did I mention it comes with a remote control as well?

For features, I’ll copy and paste straight off Transcend official product listing page, but I’ll leave you at this point as there really isn’t anything else to say about this awesome little package. In terms of value for money and features this little guy simply doesn’t seem to go wrong – making it the perfect gift for a loved ones come silly season! :)



– Bright 7” high-resolution widescreen color TFT LCD panel
– Built-in stereo speakers and headphone jack
– Supports USB flash drives and SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/CF memory cards
– Fully compliant with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1
– Direct USB connection to your PC for easy file transfer
– Built-in 1GB memory – works even without a memory card
– Auto power on/off
– Slideshow, thumbnail, still picture, and zoom-in viewing options
– View photos with background music
– Attractive Frame Themes to accent your pictures with
– Important date/event reminder
– Clock, alarm and calendar functions
– Warranty period is two years, one-year screen warranty(Transcend will replace or repair screens with four or more dehective pixels).
– Supports 13 user languages including song/artist name display (English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese)


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