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Chantelle and her Dislocated Toe My Life 25 JAN 2016

Chantelle and I didn’t have a particularly good end to 2015. I haven’t gotten around to detailing it all in the blog yet, so I guess this is then officially the start.

Thursday 26 November 2015 marked the evening that we had invited my Mom and Dad over to have supper with us at our home. Of course, this then meant that on arrival back from work, Chantelle immediately set about cleaning the house, which translates to a lot of wiping down of surfaces and some furious mopping. (Standard procedure for whenever we’re expecting visitors mind you!)

Sadly for her sake though, she must have applied just a little too much soap to her mop water or sprayed a little too much floor cleaner beforehand, because on stepping down into the braai room to mop there, her feet slipped and she went down like a ton of bricks, landing on her back and somehow (miraculously!) not hitting the back of her head on the step in the process!

Lots of screaming, swearing and gnashing of teeth immediately let me know that something was wrong – which made sense considering that the toes on her left foot were now staring back at me whilst in the shape of a V!

close up of chantelle lotter's dislocated toe

The kids were beside themselves, so after calming them down, I organised with Jessica that we drop them over there for a bit until my folks (already on their way) could arrive to pick them up (shame, interrupting a date night with Mark in the progress), whilst Chantelle swore and managed to get hold of someone at our local pharmacy on the other line.

After a quick painful drive there, the doctor and pharmacist both took a look and concurred that it looked broken, meaning that our immediate next step was a race through to the Emergency Centre at Vergelegen Mediclinic Hospital (because of course, as with all accidents in the Lotter household, it was already after hours).

emergency centre at vergelegen mediclinic in somerset west

Naturally, Chantelle was in a heck of a lot of pain, and unfortunately it was quite the extended wait at the Emergency Centre to get her seen to.

(I twiddled my thumbs for a very, very long time, while back home, my folks ended up getting pizza for supper! This means that technically we still owe them supper one of these days…)

chantelle lotter with her bandaged foot

Anyway, luckily for Chantelle the twin x-rays showed that the toes were just dislocated as opposed to broken, and so after a super painful injection into her toes (she had insisted on the anesthetic without realizing how sore receiving it would be!), the doctor popped everything back into place and bandaged her up.

With that, our expensive and painful evening was now finally over.

chantelle lotter and her dislocated toe

Recovery was slow and sore, but thankfully the toes managed to heal up just in time such that she could still make the big, big December event – which was of course her being bridesmaid to best friend Retha’s big Stellenbosch wedding!

chantelle lotter at retha and miguel's wedding

(Which sadly I didn’t get to attend, the sorry story around that still to follow…)

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When Emily Goes to Hospital… My Life 17 AUG 2015

I never got around to posting this, but seeing as I came across the photos, I may as well put it up here. Back in May of this year Emily got particularly sick. A nasty virus (which I can no longer remember the name of) was doing the rounds, and it hit poor Emily hard, so much so that it became literally impossible for her to keep any food or fluids down.

It was more serious than what we could handle, and so after a trip to the doctor for diagnosis, Emily was immediately booked in for observation and drip feeding at Mediclinic Vergelegen Hospital.

IMG_20150516_133900 emily lotter in vergelegen hospital

Obviously, Chantelle opted to stay at hospital with her baby, leaving me and Jessica to fend for ourselves back home.

The end result?

Three days and two nights of extreme boredom for Chantelle, a slightly better (but at least out of danger) Emily, and a hospital bill of R9,500.

(And a slightly worried Jessica who couldn’t understand why Mommy and Emily weren’t home and why we had to drive over to visit them each and every evening after work/school!)

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”33680,33681,33682,33679″]

However, it was her later trip (in June) to the emergency room at Vergelegen’s Hospital that is far more embarrassing for me.

One evening I was playing roughly with Emily on our bed as I always do, when she decided that she had enough of her daddy’s relentless tickles and clambered off over the edge of the bed. However, in doing so, she grabbed at the blanket on her way down (we have a very high bed), and the result was her doing an awkward swing and landing on her bum.

It was immediately apparent that something had gone wrong, because it was tears, howling, and holding a very limp arm at her side, completely unable to lift it up in order to ask for a consoling hug like she always does.

Frantically I tried to figure out what was wrong, but eventually admitting defeat, I phoned Chantelle and told her to come home immediately, which she did, gave me a stern talking to, and then rushed Emily off to the emergency room at Vergelegen hospital.

Our suspicions were confirmed by the doctor on duty – definitely a pulled elbow (also known as Nursemaid’s elbow). He popped her little arm bone back into the socket/joint, and after a bit of an observation period (in which she was apparently very cute, marching up and down and interacting with everyone else in the emergency room), Chantelle and my baby girl returned home.

Oops. Needless to say, this wasn’t the proudest moment of my parenting journey!

Photo Gallery: Emily and Chantelle Return Home (2014-01-16) Photo Gallery 16 JAN 2014

Eventually Chantelle’s lovely rest break at the hospital had to come to an end – which of course translates to “Yay, Emily is coming home!” time.


And so far so good, Jessica has been pretty good with the new addition to the family. Hopefully this lasts…

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Photo Gallery: Emily and Chantelle in Hospital (2014-01-14) Photo Gallery 14 JAN 2014

Chantelle and Emily stayed the required three nights at hospital following the successful cesarean section operation on the Monday morning. Naturally, I paid them plenty of visits over that period – even taking Jess along every now and then too!


Chantelle enjoyed the rest break (no baking!) and the food, not to mention the visitors, while I enjoyed holding Emily for the first time.

One truly does forget just how small these little guys first come out!

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Photo Gallery: The Birth of Emily Jane Lotter (2014-01-13) Photo Gallery 13 JAN 2014

On the 13th of January 2014, 08:14, via a Cesarean Section performed by the awesome Dr. Jane La Grange at Mediclinic Vergelegen in Somerset West, little Lotter #2, weighing in at a healthy 3.53 kg, was brought kicking and screaming into this world – say hello to miss Emily Jane Lotter.


Things didn’t quite go according to plan though mind you, Emily did have some fluid on the lungs as a result of the procedure, and as such over-nighted in the NICU (Still that’s a lot better than what poor Jessica had to undergo when she arrived a fair bit ahead of schedule, so I have to say, we’re getting better!).

She also struggled a little with weight loss for the first few days, but other than all that, we’ve been blessed with a very healthy baby girl, with a gorgeous full head of dark hair and a very wise little face.


In other words, awesome.

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An Emily Update My Life 10 JAN 2014

So the end of the road is finally in sight – this coming Monday, 13 January 2014, Chantelle and I will be welcoming into this world our little Emily, in all likelihood the last addition to our little branch of the Lotter Clan.

It’s been a long nine months and Chantelle has certainly struggled this last month and a half, thanks to the general uncomfortableness associated with pregnancy, and of course the soaring heatwave that Cape Town experienced for much of the December holiday period.

Pleasingly, unlike the previous pregnancy with Jess, and despite the little scare with Chantelle’s earlier car crash, there were absolutely no complications this time around – meaning that Chantelle has carried Emily all the way through to full term, and in the process affording her the full experience of being pregnant.

Mind you, she’s ready for Emily to come out now – it’s been a little too tiring and uncomfortable these last few weeks!

Needless to say, we’re a little bit apprehensive for the upcoming c-section operation on Monday morning (08:00!) – unlike last time when it was a medical emergency and there was no time to really given anything much thought, this time around we’ve got a very nervy Sunday evening to ponder on the big event lying in wait for us. Doubt much sleep will be had by the either of us in other words!

On another note, I must say that I’m pleased that we’re in Vergelegen this time around – they really are one of the better baby-friendly hospitals around, and we’re looking forward to the experience based on what they showed us during the earlier facilities tour (thankfully they’ve now fully restored functionality following the flooding that hit the area early December last year).

All in all, it’s really an exciting time again, and despite the long hours and loads of work coming our way, I CAN’T wait to see my new baby girl and hold her in my arms already! :)

pregnant chantelle lotter showing off her belly

(Looks like January is certainly going to be the month of birthdays in the family. In addition to little Emily, my sister Claire and her husband Riley just welcomed their second son, Grayson into the world a week ago on the 2nd of Jan this year, and then of course my brother Ryan celebrates his birthday towards the tail of January. Presents, presents, presents!)