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Jessica Posing with the Family Jessica | My Life 09 NOV 2011

A couple of weekends ago I entertained myself (Chantelle was on duty) by taking Jessica out for the day to Bellville and Kuilsriver, with the express purpose of squeezing in visits with all the family that I could manage, making sure to grab a photo of each and every encounter.

My first stop was with Great Granny Bothma, who wasted no time in joining Jessica down on the floor, where the two of them spent some quality for the next while, during which I caught up on news, changed a nappy, showed off Jess to all the neighbours, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with snacks.

Next up was Great Granny Lotter, who immediately grabbed Jessie from me and proceeded to hold on to her for just about the entire duration of the visit, in which I caught up on news, prepared a bottle, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with snacks!

From there it was on to Granny and Grandpa Lotter, who weren’t at home when we arrived, meaning that I ended up feeding Jessica in the car. As per usual Grandpa quickly latched on to young Jess once they finally made it home, and outside of some great quality time spent with Granny and Grandpa, Jessie caught a nap, we had lunch, and of course, caught up on all the news!

With enough time left in the day for just one more visit, it was off to Granny and Grandpa Montgomery, who also instantly latched onto young Jess, pretty much taking over and affording my a moment to quickly pop out to the shops – after all the news was caught up on, coffee had, and the obligatory baby nap taken!

So really not bad for a full day’s worth of visiting with the family, wouldn’t you say? ;)

30 Seconds with the Folks and the Rest of a Weekend My Life 04 JUL 2011

Had a thoroughly enjoyable evening of boardgame fun again on Friday night, though not with the usual suspects mind you.

Actually, now that I come think about it, I have been rather lax in keeping you updated with the more mundane aspects of life in the Lotter Clan, like how Chantelle and I spent her last weekend off (two weeks ago) pretty much in Bellville for the whole duration of the weekend, gorging ourselves on some fun experiences with both the family and friends. That particular Saturday afternoon we were being hosted by the Montgomery Stronghold clan for a big Monty’s side of the family get together, with the highlight of course being the heavily pregnant Chane and Jasper making the trip down from Loeriesfontein to spend the day with us around the family table.

The evening then saw us join up with the friends group at Ryan’s stronghold, where it was time for another braai, Trish’s renowned two layer cake, and of course a very heated, taxing and excruciatingly fun session of the classic Scattegories! And after a night back at the Montgomery Stronghold on their guest futon, it was a quick break away from Jessica for Chantelle and myself, as we left her in the care of her capable grandma and grandpa, and went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at Tygervalley. Lunch time we were back around the table for the big water blommetjies potjie which had been whipped out in honour of Cheryl’s side of the family in the form of Peter, Gail, Nicholas and Angie who were down for a visit.

And yes, it was Father’s Day, and yes, Jessica did give me my first ever father’s day present, consisting of a big bag of biltong and a special box of chocolates! Lucky me :)

Anyway, enough of the past, on to this weekend just past. While our planned big friends boerewors and boardgames get together had fallen through for the Saturday afternoon, our Friday evening summoning of the two sets of Grandparents had not, and so our house filled up with Monty, Chery, Mom and Pops as we set about putting Jessica down after her first, and very successful I might add, day at Baby Steps daycare, before tucking into the delicious giant chicken pie with pumpkin fritters which Chantelle had lovingly whipped up for us.

Tummies full, it was then on to a big first for our combined group: A game of 30 Seconds with the folks. We split into two teams of three, Chantelle, mom and dad on the one side and Monty, Cheryl and myself on the other. From there on out it was no holds barred, with Cheryl and Monty quickly getting the hang of the game, meaning that soon the house was filled with tears of laughter and exaggerated hand and feet movements, as things heated up and the battles of guess and explain became ever harder.

Chantelle’s group took the first match and after an epic stumble right at the post from their team on the next outing, our team took the second, setting us up for the grand finale – but only after we had finished tucking into the chocolate pudding mom had dragged along for dessert!

Sadly, I have to report that Chantelle and Mom (dad was called away for some work duty, so he was relegated to the kitchen and would occasionally call out an answer or two for them) managed to pull a win out of the final hat, with them narrowly pipping us at the end and taking overall honours for the evening!

Loads of fun that simply soaked up the hours and saw the two sets of grandparents only leave our dark little patch of Gordon’s Bay a half an hour before midnight! Talk about a lengthy Friday night visit! :)

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A Photo Visit from Mom and Pops Jessica | My Life 16 JUN 2011

A couple of Sundays ago we were treated to a visit from Mom and Pops, something we hadn’t had for quite a while now. They were quite keen to come and catch up with little Jessica and see the various changes we had made to the house, and even though the chance of seeing Chantelle was pretty slim as she was working on the day, they came through anyway.

As it turned out though, the bosses let Chantelle slip out early and so it was the four of us who could sit down, catch up on all the gossip come late afternoon, and enjoy the yummy mint lammingtons and lemon meringue tartlets that Chantelle had scrounged up for us to partake in.

Of course, as the clock kept ticking, the stay kept extending, and by the time Mom and Dad did eventually say their goodbyes, a good six hours had passed and in that time we had munched on the aforementioned snacks, scoffed down boerewors rolls for supper, drank copious amounts of coffee and cooldrink, enjoyed pancakes for dessert, and thoroughly enjoyed watching Bug’s Life together.

Oh, and looked after Jessie of course! ;)

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because of the fantastic set of photos Mom and Dad captured of little Jessie, some of which Mom put up on Facebook already. The rest, well the rest I’ll get off Dad’s PC once he finally gets around to cleaning that Conficker virus off his machine!

But in the meantime, here’s a sample of some of the shots they got…

Photo Gallery: Retha’s First Visit with Jessica (2011-01-16) My Life | Photo Gallery 16 JAN 2011

Although Retha couldn’t be here for Jessie’s early arrival into this world, the first chance she got when finally back in South Africa, she came to spend a weekend here with us in Gordon’s Bay – going even so far as to give Chantelle a much needed break from late night baby duties!

Truly a friend indeed! :)

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Not Quite Out and About Just Yet My Life 12 JAN 2011

(Wow, it is proving to be quite difficult to get in any sort of blogging now that Jessica is back home with us. Apologies, but this one was meant to be pushed out on Monday already!)

So another gorgeous summer’s weekend here in Gordon’s Bay has come and gone, though shamefully I can’t exactly say I made the most of it… but that is entirely Jessie’s fault! :)

The thing is, seeing as she is technically still at a minus age (was only due to be born round about now) and thus still pretty fragile, we’ve got to tread pretty lightly in terms of environmental factors, in other words forces like wind, sun, and of course germie wormies – all of which translates to no Lotter family outside time just yet!

Still, it is not like I didn’t get a truckload of stuff done over the short little break.

I arrived home on Friday (after battling through Muizenburg and the rest of Baden Powell’s beach attending and traffic jam inducing crowds), just in time to catch Chantelle’s cousin Chané and Jasper who had popped in for a Jessica visit seeing as they are currently down for a little holiday visit from the middle of nowhere world of Loeriesfontein.

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Weber Get Together My Life 10 APR 2008

ChickenLast night saw Chantelle and I make our first trip out of the Somerset West confines, well past Somerset Mall and all the way to Bellvile, to join up with the Montgomery clan at Chantelle’s parent’s place for a big get together.

One of the cousins, Al, is leaving for England this morning and so last night was declared the big going away party and as such saw Monty, Cheryl, Rob, Nola ma, Gail, Peter, Nick, Angie, Al, Chantelle and myself all converge on the Montgomery’s back stoep where we all raided the beer fridge, drank all the wine (four bottles or so) and polished off anything that moved. (Well, almost anything. Both Mishka and Ginger the cats managed to escape with their lives)

The meal of choice for the evening was the good old Weber chicken, a delicacy that the Montgomery clan are particularly well known for and as always the meat was a succulent and tender as a baby’s bottom (not that I know how tender a baby’s bottom is of course. Or at least, that’s what I tell the cops anyway). Not to be outdone by Monty and Rob’s chicken making skills, Cheryl stepped up to the plate and whipped up some delicious potato bake and salad, but then went for the kill by preparing a killer light and fluffy orange pudding with cream (both the regular and iced version) for dessert. Sheer delight I tell you!

For some or other reason the younger generation seemed intent on sampling the crisp, wintery chill in the air of the evening, even Al who is probably going to be landing in snow this evening (I told him he should rather hope they land on the runway instead of the snow), smoking cigarette after cigarette and shivering throughout the ordeal. If it wasn’t for the copious amount of beer to keep warm, I don’t know if we would have made it in all honesty…

The meal itself was a talkative, fun affair and everyone had a blast talking about almost everything under the sun and when it was all said and done, the old people snuck off on pretence of taking the gran back to the home, leaving us do take care of the mountain of dishes that had emerged from the table.

As Nick so rightfully put it, women seem to love cleaning up because it was none other than Chantelle and Angie that got stuck into the washing up first, with the rest of the boys only joining after receiving a ton of death glares from the ladies.

As much fun as the doing the dishes was, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the Manchester United verses AS Roma game on the telly and it wasn’t soon before we had sneaked off and plonked ourselves firmly down on the couches to take in the last twenty minutes of the game. Much to my delight and others’ mire, Manchester United took the evening 1-0 with a sublime headed goal from Tevez, capping an already enjoyable evening for me.

In the end it was a great send-off for Al as yet another young white South African leaves our shores for good (well he does have an ancestral visa which makes things so much more easier) and everyone had a great evening in some good company :)

It is just a pity that it was such a long trek home last night! And we are doing it this evening again. And tomorrow night. And on Saturday afternoon…