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The Tragedy of Owning White Couches My Life 13 SEP 2012

I had to laugh, but in a crying way last night. Back in 2010 we were very excited to welcome our brand spanking new, super squishy (and expensive) couches from Coricraft into our home. Chantelle had won our epic battle on the shop floor, and so we ended up with sparkly white, Kirsty, a big oversized unit which admittedly does look super smart wherever you plonk it down.

Anyway, one of the battles we had on the shop floor had been around preferred colour, and in the end, Chantelle convinced me that the off-white would look the best in our current apartment at the time, and that keeping the couches clean wouldn’t be a problem because of the slipcovers which allow for fairly easy cleaning.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years, add in some cats and now a toddler, you can well imagine that keeping the couches sparkly clean is a nigh impossible task – so much so that the couches are almost permanently draped in some or other cover in the hopes to limit muddy paw prints or misplaced Purity lips. And although removing the slip covers from the couch is actually pretty easy – in other words making washing the couches pretty simple, getting the damn things back on again is easier said than done, thanks to bull denim’s propensity to ever so slightly shrink in the wash!

Right, so with the background now covered, let’s get into just why I had to laughing, in a crying way, last night. So a few weeks ago Chantelle accidentally bumped over my half drunk cup of coffee, spilling it over the couch in braai room. A tragedy needless to say. Then a few days later, after an epic baking session that had lasted well into the early morning hours, she managed to fall asleep with a cup of coffee in her hand – and promptly spilled it all over the couch in the lounge.

With no other choice, we undressed the couches and sent the cushions and slipcovers off to the laundry, got them back nice and (fairly) clean, and then proceeded to swear and sweat as we redressed the couches on Tuesday evening.

Now poor little Jessica has not been feeling well at all for this entire week, so much so that she skipped school on Tuesday, staying at home with Chantelle who was also off sick, as well as on Wednesday where Monty and Cheryl graciously agreed to help us out by driving through to look after the 3 times a day nebulized Jessica.

Anyway, after a long day at work, and with a sick Chantelle and a restless Jessie who wouldn’t go to bed, the three of us were sitting on the couch in the braai room around 20:30, watching some Avatar, when wouldn’t you know it, Jessica started vomiting, huge milky volumes all over the newly washed couch!

So yes, needless to say, I couldn’t help but laugh, in a crying way last night. Sigh, off to the laundromat we go…

Chantelle’s Last Weekend of Leave My Life 21 APR 2012

So last weekend marked the end to Chantelle’s week long period of leave, and so we decided to make the most of it by organising a date night, meaning in other words a trip through to Bellville on Friday evening (Chantelle spent the day there with Jess, I simply joined them after work), where we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with the Montgomery Clan, before leaving Jessie in their capable hands and heading out to Tygervalley to catch the ultimately entertaining and enjoyable date night movie, “This Means War”.

Saturday morning was taken over by the big clash between the Stormers and the Crusaders, and wouldn’t you know it, the first Super 15 game of the season which I can actually sit down and watch, the unbeaten Stormers finally get their first taste of defeat! (Am now seriously considering the fact that I may have been the cause of their loss, and will probably not watch another game for the rest of the season, out of the hope that my abstinence will once again put them on the path of total victory!)

With the game done and dusted, Chantelle and I packed up, bundled Jessica into the car and headed out to Stellenbosch, to pay a visit to Willowbridge Slow Food Market’s sister market, held on the spectacular Oude Libertas wine estate grounds.

The Stellenbosch version of the market is definitely a much bigger affair and certainly one we’d love to be able to get in on, though our experience was slightly soured when Jessica inexplicably decided to vomit all over the grass, just as we had sat down to enjoy a light snack purchased from the stalls. (And once again, it was Chantelle who happened to be holding her when she decided to spew her guts. Like I say, Chantelle seems to have the knack for bringing the worse out of our little one! :P)

Anyway, back home in Gordon’s Bay, we opted for a lazy night off, heading out to Pick ‘n Pay to resupply, before putting Jessica to bed, whipping up some fantastic home made pizzas, and settling down to enjoy the quite intriguing and enjoyable “Limitless” via a rented DVD.

Sunday we took the active decision of, for the first time in weeks, going absolutely nowhere on the day, and instead set about doing a proper spring-cleaning operation of the house, a bad move as it turned out, seeing as I was suddenly forced to race out and replace the DSTV decoder which decided to pack up, Jessica who took a spectacular backwards somersault fall off our bed, and Chantelle who fell deathly sick in the early evening, suffering from severe stomach pain, diarrhoea, and body pain and vomiting. (As it turned out, this bug was contagious, because it knocked me out at 2 o’clock in the morning, resulting in my absence of work on Monday, and then Jessica the next day, who subsequently missed crèche on Tuesday!)

So yeah, it was a good weekend for the most part, but by the look of things, we could have perhaps done without Sunday.

Definitely done without Sunday.

Jessica and the Projectile Vomit Jessica | My Life 03 APR 2012

Shame, poor wifey.

A couple of weekends ago, on a fateful Friday night, we found us actually both being home for Jessica’s bedtime routine for a change. Because it was a Willowbridge Market weekend, Chantelle had loads of baking to do in the evening, meaning that everything was optimized for speed so that once everything had settled down, she could jump right in and finish all the baking and packing for the following Saturday morning.

To this end I was tasked with picking up KFC for supper on my way home for work. I arrived home just after 18:15, Jessica had already been fed by Chantelle, and so we seized the moment to dish out the fried chicken and have an early supper while Jess entertained herself with her toys until bottle time when I would take over.

We eagerly tucked in to our tasty (but unhealthy) meal, but it wasn’t long before Jessica became really moany. She wouldn’t leave us alone and was crying incessantly, and I could see Chantelle started to lose her cool will little Jess. Certain that Jessica was throwing a tantrum because we weren’t giving her enough attention, Chantelle continued to ignore her, prompting even more wailing from Jess’ side. Eventually enough was enough, and Chantelle put down her food, bent down to pick up Jessica and was just about to admonish her for her crocodile tears, when all of a sudden with a rather violent lurch, Jessica started to do a proper projectile vomit, covering Mommy and the couch in all manner of food particles and slime.

Needless to say, Chantelle (who was beside herself at this point) started retching and gagging, before jumping up with Jessica still held tightly in her clutches, and running off to the shower, where the two of them had an emergency (and rather noisy) clean up operation.

Still laughing to myself, I grabbed some roller towels and started operation wipe up on aisle lounge.

Well at least we now know why Jessica was moaning so much, and needless to say, Mommy felt pretty bad – but pretty grossed out over the whole affair as well.

And yup, that was the end of Chantelle’s appetite as well. :)


(Just for the note, Jessica actually never vomits. I can probably count the number of times she has vomited since moving onto food on my two hands, and certainly the number of times she has projectile vomited probably on my one hand – lucky for us as parents I know, but certainly not quite so lucky for Chantelle this time around! Jessica on the other hand slept like a baby following all this drama…)