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Save Money by buying Online with Coupons, Vouchers and Daily Deals!
[Partner Content] 13 MAR 2015

There is no doubt that as our courier services become better and more efficient, online shopping becomes a more and more attractive option for grabbing those things that you want – without the hassle of actually going to a crowded mall on a Saturday morning, where no doubt you will be assaulted by dozens of sugar-hyped kids tearing about.

In general, items bought online are cheaper than the equivalent in a traditional brick and mortar store simply because of the reduced overhead costs. Of course, this money saving tip makes us smile to no end, but what REALLY makes us smile is when we manage to get those cheaper items for even cheaper still – enter the world of coupons, vouchers and promotions then.

As a kid I remember those big coupon sheets that the grocery stores used to print out in the newspapers, which were then dutifully snipped out and stored by mom, only to be triumphantly brandished as we hit the till on our next big monthly shop.

Those days have to a large part ended, the printed coupons that is, but you’ll be surprised to know that the concept of vouchers and coupons live on in today’s digital world – all designed to drive more sales of course!

(Come on, we know that the shops aren’t really interested in saving us money – they want more sales and we want cheap deals. Seems like a mutually satisfying arrangement to me.)

Anyway, newcomer to the digital realm of coupons, vouchers and promotions is IntheCity, billed as your best local online shopping mall. Essentially they aggregate a large number of coupons, vouchers and deals for a variety of South African online retailers, all cleverly and presented in one good looking web location.

Their portfolio covers a large range of retail, sports, electronic, fashion, gifts, books and clothing offers and deals, and with a popular daily newsletter bringing all of the latest savings directly to your inbox, IntheCity certainly looks to be a great way to save those few extra Rands!


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Employee of the Month My Life 14 OCT 2010

Nice. One of the things Simon introduced at Touchwork after starting a couple of months ago as the Development Manager was the concept of the Employee of the Month award, basically a recognition of one singled out office dweller (generally of the Dev team) who receives a nice little gift from the company, usually a R200 gift voucher from Kalahari.net.

The good news is I managed to walk away with the prize for September (the second time I’ve come away with it), completely irrelevant to us developers because of course we ALL pretty much work our hardest at the company, but perfect timing for me because as you can imagine, the whole house buying thing has pretty much tied up all my cash, meaning I have absolutely no idea when last I actually bought something cool for myself!

So it goes without saying that I instantly hopped on Kalahari.net and selected some absolute classics in the form of good old animated DVDs to keep me entertained, two from the West and two from the East.

First up is the brilliant Superman: Doomsday which I have been itching to lay my hands on in DVD format for absolute ages now, while the second from the West is Dead Space: Downfall, a game-related sampling from Studio Roman that providing such excellent work in Dante’s Inferno. As for the two from the East, I picked up two bargain bin classics in the form of the original Blood: The Last Vampire and Street Fighter Alpha 2: Generations.

Cheesy I know, but man I am I looking forward to those sweet, sweet sounds of the footsteps of the deliveryman coming up our stairs once more!

It’s been a while you know! :P