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Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 004: Dealing with Dicks The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 21 MAR 2012

I imagine being a urologist can’t exactly be the most glamorous of jobs considering the subject matter you have to deal with every day.

That said, a dick joke makes perfect sense here seeing as this is my little area on the web where I can cut loose and play around with NSFW material for a proper change of pace from all of the usual stuff.

Oh, and note I said a caped man stormed in. I’m not going to confirm nor deny whether or not that’s our beloved Major Naughtylust in the waiting room…

The House of C 024: Dealing with Arseholes The House of C 21 MAR 2012

It’s a shitty job, and you’ll probably end up the butt of all your friends’ jokes, but hey, work is work – and besides, someone has to do it.

To be honest, I was a bit torn whether to go with asshole or arsehole on this one. In the end I stuck with the classier of the two!

And Doris. The perfect doctor’s secretary name in my opinion. All of which reminds me of a joke I stumbled across on Reddit this week:

A guy walked into the doctor’s office complaining about pain in his genital region. The doctor asked him to remove his pants and was amazed to find this man had 5 penises, all in working order! “My goodness,” exclaimed the doctor. “How on earth does a condom fit over that mess?”

“Like a glove doctor, like a glove.”

The House of C 023: Great Reception! The House of C 13 OCT 2011

The only time two antennae would ever get married is when I suppose your satellite dish has fallen down and the only thing you can pick up with your bunny ears is snowy static.

Still, I’m no electrician, so I’m not sure how the two would consummate their new-found relationship in the first place.

Regardless, the reception should be awesome! ;)

The House of C 022: Giggs Torres Dig! The House of C 29 MAY 2011

Welshman Ryan Giggs, one of the all time British soccer greats, has spent an unprecedented period of time playing for just one league club for just about his entire professional career, namely the Premier League’s Manchester United. A brilliant footballer, Ryan is known as the gentleman of the game, being one of the squeakiest of clean and all round nice guy for years.

Until now that would seem.

It would appear that Mr. Giggs has taken out a super injunction to block the press from reporting on his long time extra-marital affair with one busty Imogen Thomas, Big Brother reality star and feature for a number of lads’ mags over the last couple of years. Needless to say, this isn’t a good thing for his image, particularly when he found out the hard way that you can’t stop a juicy story from spreading, no matter what legal route you turn to!

As for Fernando Torres, let us just say that this highly rated striker has been churning out too many dud seasons as of late. It would seem his ability to find the back of the net has inexplicably deserted him, much to the ire of his once fans…

The House of C 021: No Such Thing as a Happy Developer The House of C 17 APR 2011

The above is pretty much every day in any programmer’s life. Which directly translates into there is no such thing as a happy developer. Unless of course you give them pizza. And hide them in a room where they can’t see their pointy-haired boss.

Or just let them work from home.

Ah, working from home. Now that makes me happy – and more money of course! :)

Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 003: Locating G-Spot The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 20 MAR 2011

Another “probably sounded funnier in his head” pencil, paper, eraser, black ballpoint pen and photoshop comic up for your enjoyment.

Introducing our very first bad girl in Major Naughtylust’s Rogue Gallery, the rogue master thief, G-Spot. With her light-bending ability  that allows her to basically turn invisible by refracting light in a particular manner, G-Spot is able to slip in and out of spaces and places with the greatest of ease and with almost no threat of detection.

As a master thief she is without peer, being skilled in all the necessary arts required of a cat burglar, including the fine art of disguise which makes her even more difficult to pick out of a crowd!

Just like her namesake, this woman is hard to pin down, and is almost never found, thus making it particularly difficult to confirm her existence for most.

But she always gets the loot…

Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 002: Look Me in the Eyes The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 12 MAR 2011

Another “probably sounded funnier in his head” pencil, paper, eraser, black ballpoint pen and photoshop comic up for your enjoyment.

Not too many superheroes introduce themselves with the crotch shot (he reckons this is his best side for photos), but as you might have noticed by now, Major Naughtylust is not exactly from your average superhero mould.

He is of course, quite the upstanding fellow.