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Weskus Padstal Stop (2014-02-28) Photo Gallery 03 JAN 2015

Back in February last year, Chantelle, the kids and I were invited to join both the Montgomery and Holmes clans for a weekend away in Jacobsbaai, which we of course gleefully accepted. On our way up, Chantelle insisted that we pull over at the famed Weskus Padstal, a place she was dying to introduce me to.

And I have to say, it’s just as well that she did. What an interesting little stop. Padstal, nursery, aviary, restaurant, this little place has it all, not to mention some fantastically eccentric props, art installations and just general interior design.


A feast for the eyes and senses, and even better, a great little stop spot for the little ones! :)

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Pinnacle Point Weekend with the Montgomery Clan (2014-08-30) Photo Gallery 02 JAN 2015

In August last year Dad let us and the Montgomery Clan use the Pinnacle Point pad for the week (well for Chantelle, myself and the kids, a weekend and a little bit), which turned out to be a pretty good getaway in the end. We enjoyed great weather, Jess loved her time out on the golf cart, and of course we did a fair bit of walking and sightseeing.


As for rest time? Well with Oupa and Ouma on hand, there was plenty of rest time to be had! ;)

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Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort Getaway (2014-06-14) Photo Gallery 31 DEC 2014

Halfway through this year Monty and Cheryl invited Chantelle, myself and the kids to join them for a weekend away at the Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort, perched atop the Piekenierskloof pass, just outside of Citrusdal.

The chalet we stayed in had the most fabulous of views, you can literally see for miles all around you. It’s spacious, comfortable and features an awesome outdoor braai on the patio – which turned out to be very important because sadly the weather for the weekend was pretty sad. Rain, cold and mud were the order of the day, though that didn’t stop us from having a brilliant family weekend away anyway.

Good food, warm braais, lots of swimming in the resort’s heated indoor swimming pool, and of course a trip or two down to Citrusdal were the order of the day, and in the end pretty much everyone had a fantastic time. (Except maybe Chantelle, who was targeted one evening by an epic throw up all over her from a clearly upset Emily, and perhaps Robert, who was forced to abandon his bed because I simply snored too much. And not just me, Chantelle’s snoring eventually had him sleeping on the floor in the lounge! Only once we put Jessica in the same room as him was he finally able to get some decent sleep of his own!)


Oh, and did I mention that the chalet had DSTV? That was of course super important, because naturally I wasn’t going to miss a single moment of the 2014 World Cup (which was awesome just by the way).

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Glenfinnan Langebaan Weekend Away (2014-07-12) Photo Gallery 30 DEC 2014

Earlier this year, Touchwork sponsored a weekend away for Chantelle and myself to say thanks for all the hard work my team and I had put into getting all the Distell work out of the door on time. Whilst Tracy and her partner opted to head out to Citrusdal, Chantelle and I decided on a change in direction and went for Langebaan, where Chantelle sourced some awesome accommodation in the form of Glenfinnan Guest House.

With the kids safely deposited with the grandparents, it was off along the West Coast, where we were treated to space, quiet, and a weekend free from all of our responsibilities. We ate out (a lot), enjoyed long strolls, stopped for coffee, and in general, just enjoyed some time as husband and wife without all the distractions that kids bring to the equation.

That said, it didn’t take long for us to miss the hell out of them at all!

The accommodation was great, the weather played along perfectly, and all in all it was a fantastic weekend away for Chantelle and myself, giving us some much needed bonding and relaxation time.


(And of course, when in Langebaan you can’t exactly miss out on a day trip to Club Mykonos now can you?)

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Photo Gallery: Cheryl’s 60th Birthday, Jacobsbaai Weekend Away (2013-09-07) Photo Gallery 09 SEP 2013

We celebrated Chantelle’s mom Cheryl’s big 60th Birthday in style, going away to Jacobsbaai on the West Coast for a well deserved weekend of family, friends and rest! The weather played along, the company was great, and the big birthday party held on Saturday evening at the Herberg was everything Cheryl could have asked for! :)

2013-09-08 11.28.02

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Our Rico Suter Country House Long Weekend My Life 28 JUN 2013

Whoops, somehow it’s taken a while for this particular post to get out of my Drafts box, but I thought it better late than never to give you a little rundown of the fabulous weekend Chantelle, Jessie and I enjoyed a couple of weekends ago, over the Youth Day long weekend.


Chantelle did a little Internet research and came up with the Rico Suter Country House, a working wine estate nestled at the foot of the Waaihoek mountain range in the Worcester/Slanghoek area. Now it’s a little more expensive that what I’m usually comfortably paying for in terms of accommodation, but Chantelle told me to just shut my eyes and let her handle that part of the bill, meaning that come Saturday morning, we were packed and on our way through the Huguenot Tunnel and on to Worcester.

Of course, Jessica chose to stay awake for the whole trip, only falling asleep literally ten minutes away from our destination, which I have to say, we found surprisingly easily enough! We were welcomed by Bruno Suter, an extremely likable and welcoming man, together with the farm’s two resident dogs, the elderly sheepdog Bonnie and the exuberant and youthful ridgeback, Pumba.

Of course, Jessica wasn’t particularly comfortable around the excitable Pumba, but that said, even though he wasn’t allowed to get too close to her, she couldn’t bare it if he wasn’t nearby, especially on our walks!


The top floor of the modern farm house serves as the guest accommodation and you are welcomed into a spacious open plan rectangular living area/kitchen combo, with a storage lined passage that opens up into a luxurious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The entire mountain facing side of the house is lined with huge glass doors, meaning that you get the maximum in terms of view, both of the beautiful surrounding as well as the working vineyards themselves. And with snow still heavily sprinkled over the mountain tops, the scenery was pretty damn exquisite it must be said!

Although the vines are all withered and bare at the moment, this didn’t stop Chantelle, Jessica, Pumba and I heading out for many a stroll, though as luck would have it, the majority of these all ended with Jess in tears, what with her successfully falling bottom first into a large puddle on the first outing, dropping her banana in the mud on the second, and just simply falling face first into the first bit of gravel she encountered at the winery on the third!


Not that these put her off enjoying her weekend mind you – she was in full force the whole time, practicing her counting and rearranging the house’s pillows to her heart’s content! :)


Over the course of the weekend we took a drive through to Worcester, visiting at the mall and stopping in at the open air museum Kleinplasie, a place where both Chantelle and I had visited as children. Unfortunately, we chose to go on a day (Father’s Day Sunday) over which the place is pretty much shut down, meaning that other than the museum exhibits and the animals roaming around, there wasn’t all that much to take in compared to the historic re-enactments that normally would be on show.



We lunched at a fantastic eatery under the trees, The Dam Fine Cafe, situated right next to another old holiday stomping ground from my youth, Goudini Spa, and partook in a lazy afternoon drive through the gorgeous Slanghoek valley, crossing over a particularly swollen river in the process!

(As you can see, Chantelle simply had to get out and take some snaps!)


A little bit of television and DVDs in the evenings, with a roaring fire warming up the house thanks to a homely little fireplace in the living area, the end result of it all being a fantastic weekend of pure getaway, restful, scenic and oh so relaxing.

And now that we’ve been here in winter, it’s almost a given that we need to return in summer – after all, who doesn’t want to see the wine making process up close and personal on this welcoming and idyllic working wine estate!

Without a doubt, the Rico Suter Country House is certainly one of those getaway spots that one can highly recommend if you are looking to escape the confines of city life for a bit! :)


For more pictures from our weekend away, check out the photo gallery!

Photo Gallery: Rico Suter Country House Weekend Away (2013-06-17) Photo Gallery 19 JUN 2013

This long weekend saw Chantelle book us in for a fabulous winter weekend away at the stunning Rico Suter Country House, nestled in at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountains. Weather was fantastic, we took trips out to Kleinplasie in Worcester, Slanghoek, and even crossed the Breede River, and in general just enjoyed our time out in the fertile fields.

A proper weekend of rest and relaxation in other words!


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Photo Gallery: Jacobsbaai Weekend Away (2013-03-23) Photo Gallery 25 MAR 2013

We visited with Priscilla at her guest house in Jacobsbaai for the first time last year February, and one year later, we found ourselves once again packing our bags and joining Monty and Cheryl for what turned out to be a thoroughly relaxing weekend at the always welcoming Artists’ Retreat guest house.

2013-03-23 09.50.22

It was a pretty short weekend for Chantelle and myself, just Friday and Saturday evening after all, but for little Jess it’ll go on for a little longer – she stayed behind for another three nights with Monty and Cheryl, primarily because they were rather keen to show her off to Bernard and company who are also down for a little holiday break, staying over in the picturesque Paternoster for the week.

The weather was palatable, the entertainment subdued, and the food fantastic (alongside Chantelle’s cupcakes and treats that travelled through with us, Monty braaied on Friday, I braaied on Saturday, and for breakfast we went to the Weskusplek restaurant on Saturday and then enjoyed a guest house breakfast on Sunday courtesy of Priscilla and her mom!).

Jess had fun stealing everyone’s shoes and clomping around in them and like I said, Chantelle and I pretty much just slept in, lazed about and unwound – in other words a weekend of relaxation well spent!

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A Duo of Weekend Updates My Life 04 MAR 2013

Monday and thus the start of what is sure to be another week of hard code development, thanks to all the shit I have to deal with at work at the moment thanks to some ineptitudes displayed by my former colleagues. Never mind that though, I have in fact enjoyed two rather nice weekends in a row now, the first being our fun getaway with the Lotter Clan to Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay two weekends ago, followed by the weekend just past which was little more than a weekend of pure rest and relaxation!

jessica jumping on a trampoline in george

As for our Pinnacle Point weekend, we joined up with Mom, Dad, Ryan, Claire and little Devon on the Saturday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday afternoon, meaning that it was a good and proper little getaway from home. Of course, this didn’t help Chantelle’s cause much because on her return she was pretty much chained to the kitchen for the new couple of nights playing catch-up, but for Jess and me it was an absolute blast. Plenty of swimming and road trips to George and Mossel Bay were had, lots of good food was consumed, Jessica finally got acquainted with a proper trampoline, and we even squeezed in a birthday lunch with my Mom in Mossel Bay harbour on the Tuesday afternoon before we left!

mom's birthday lunch in mossel bay harbour 3

As for this weekend it was really a weekend of lazing about and doing as little as possible. Probably the only thing we did achieve on Saturday was to go out and do paint shopping in preparation of our house being painted this week (turned out to be a rather quick decision in terms of what colour to go for), as well as some on the spur of the moment DIY as I finally got around to putting up key hangers everywhere! Sunday was a slightly more productive day in that we drove through to Bellville in order to tuck into a properly delicious pork roast lunch with the Montgomery Clan, not to mention drool at the simple but delicious dessert that followed up such a succulent main!

Unfortunately the T20 Proteas versus Pakistan game was a disaster for us South Africans, I was well and truly beaten by Rob at the dart board, and let’s not mention my poor run in this year’s Super Rugby Superbru tournament, but at least I did get something going my way in that I finally managed to find a new pair of shorts to fit me, not to mention this awesome building brick tipper truck present I got for Jess – which proved to be an absolute hit! :)

half way stop at rolandale 9

So yup, had two enjoyable weekends in a row, meaning that I’m now refreshed and ready to tackle this pile of steaming turd which passes off as a project in desperate need of saving here at work. Sigh…