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Free XBOX 360 Games: Games with Gold Games | My Life 20 JUN 2013

fable 3 xbox game coverFinally, Microsoft takes a page out of Sony’s book and in one quick announcement makes owning a XBOX Live Gold account worthwhile again.

Following in PlayStation Plus’ footsteps, Microsoft will now give away two free selected games each month to all XBOX Live Gold account members for the remainder of this year, starting in July 2013 with the gifting of digital downloads for Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.

And just because they can, they’re also offering up Fable III for free to all XBOX Live Gold accounts, available now until the end of June. (I’ve already grabbed this, having missed out on it first time around!)

This is a fantastic incentive for having a paid-for Gold account in the first place and to be frank, it’s great for game development companies who can now get a second round of interest in some of their older titles, which they can then try to capitalize on by heavily promoting some paid-for, shiny new DLC.

I’m looking forward to seeing what titles Microsoft is going to be giving away in this manner for the rest of the year, and am secretly hoping that they can bring aboard a few of the other big name publishers instead of just releasing items from their own back catalog.

And who knows, maybe it will be successful enough that they decide keep this promotion running indefinitely? In any event, here’s to at least six months’ worth of free games coming our way!

xbox 360 games with gold logo

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A XBOX Live Gold Denizen Proper at Last! My Life 21 DEC 2012

xbox 360 black wireless controllerNow that Chantelle’s baking business, Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes, has taken off like wildfire, i.e. keeping her busy pretty much all hours of the day, and given the fact that Jessica goes to sleep early every evening, I now desperately needed to find something to keep me busy at night – and that thing turned out to be a twelve month XBOX Live Gold subscription card.

Up until now I have largely given the world of online gaming a skip, mainly due to budget constraints and mainly due to the excessive hours I know it would suck up. However, with all this late night time on my hands now, it seemed as good a time as any to finally jump on the bandwagon, and a quick search on the web indicated that getting online in South Africa is no longer as expensive or as technically challenging as what it used to be (i.e. they now cater for South African XBOX Live users!).

So I convinced Ryan via phone that this is a good idea and after a frustrating weekend of trying to purchase our membership codes via BT Games (I eventually skipped them and obtained my subscription code from the excellent mspoints.co.za site), and an exhilarating mall rush to pick up FIFA 13 before the store closed it doors with Jessica (we literally ran into BT Games with less than a minute to spare!), the both of us were finally online and managed to hookup for some awesome online FIFA 13 fun.

Since then I’ve progressed to playing FIFA against people from all over the world, and as of now, Ryan and I have started a co-op play through of the classic Gears of War 2, a game which Ryan picked up for super cheap via the also excellent evopoints.co.za website.

So far so good, and apart from a few dropped connections here and there (mainly whenever the wind roars here in Gordon’s Bay), I must say that it runs pretty damn smoothly over my 1 mbps connection, and more importantly is turning out to be loads of fun.

In other words, if you are looking to add yet another South African FIFA 13 opponent into the mix, be sure to lookup CraigLotter on XBOX Live.

(I know, I know, not a terribly original nor fear inspiring gamer tag. That’s okay. All that it means is that you’ll feel even more silly when I beat you at footie – you know like when a poodle wins a greyhound race…)

fifa 13 on the xbox 360

gears of war xbox 360 marcus shooting reaver while riding on betty