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Yacht watching in the Gordon’s Bay Harbour (2016-11-05) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 17 NOV 2016

The so-called Old Harbour in Gordon’s Bay (where the South African Naval Training College is situated) is always a nice sightseeing spot, thanks to the large number of yachts moored there.


Tucked safely within the harbour’s stout, dolos-lined walls, the yacht marina is also home to the Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club, whilst dotted around on the outside of the harbour you’ll find restaurants in the form of Harbour Lights and The Thirsty Oyster, as well as a small NSRI sea rescue base, and a few other odds and ends come to think of it.


I was keen for a bit of a morning stretch of the legs, and so coaxed the two girls into joining me for a short walk about the harbour. Naturally, the two were completely terrified of the water, opting to either hold back to the safely of dry land when possible, or alternatively sticking to me like barnacles on a hull.


Surprisingly, there weren’t too many people on the harbour wall trying their hand at catching fish like is normally the case (though I did spot a couple having a go from the adjacent Bikini Beach).


The photos that I did end up taking when I managed to pry my hand loose from the tight grip of my two girls every now and then are a little misleading in that the sea appears rather calm – when in fact the reality was that there was a fair bit of swell breaking against the harbour walls! (Which seemed to both delight and terrify Jess and Emily mind you!)


Anyway, once they finally calmed down enough to enjoy the sights, the girls did eventually agree that they rather liked the short sightseeing outing, and after a bit of time spent yacht watching and keeping an eye out for seals (no luck on that front), we turned back and left the beautiful sanctuary that is the Gordon’s Bay old harbour.

These are the few pictures I managed to grab, a feat considering just how stuck to me both the girls were for the most part!

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Also, a map in case you want to check out the boats for yourself the next time you find yourself in my neighbourhood:

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Traveling the South Coast in Luxury
[Partner Content] 07 NOV 2015

Stretching southwards all the way from Durban to the beginning of the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast, and located in the KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa’s South Coast is one of the country’s premier vacation destinations. Few people can deny the area’s incredible natural beauty, its numerous opportunities for adventure, or the sheer amount on offer to those who venture south, and more and more Americans are choosing the South Coast for their vacation of a lifetime.

Experiencing the South Coast

The South Coast’s main draw continues to be its beaches, and tourists flock week after week, year after year to experience the warm, azure sea and the soft, sandy beaches. However, there are numerous other activities available along the South Coast, including scuba diving and snorkeling, sailing, surfing, shallow and deep sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching, and simply swimming through the waves. The Wild Coast, which is located off the Eastern Cape, offers particularly dramatic scenery, and the sea surrounding Umkomaas and Scottburgh is rated as being world class for shark diving.

Further inland, the adventure continues; the South Coast is a veritable feast of emerald green tropical rainforests, steep gorges, and rolling hills, with bananas and sugar cane grown in abundance. The Oribi Gorge, for example, is a fantastic place to go trekking, hiking, and nature spotting, while other beauty spots boast gushing waterfalls, rich vegetation, and a wealth of native flora and fauna. Nature reserves, such as those at Umtamvuna and Vernon Crooks, offer a glimpse at some of the most amazing wildlife you’re likely to experience.

Where should you stay? There are numerous towns dotted along the South Coast, from Scottburgh, Pennington, Southport, and Port Shepstone, to Shelly Beach, Margate, Southbroom, and Port Edward; each offers an array of accommodation to suit any budget, and tourists can choose between upmarket and boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravans and camping sites, and self-catering apartments.

Seeing the sights in style

While traveling on foot or driving between towns are both fantastic ways to see the very best of the South Coast, there is, in our opinion, only one way to go: on the water. Glimpses of ocean life and views of the coast from the water are some of the most magical experiences to be had in this region. One man who certainly knows how to make the most of his adventures – if you’re on the lookout for a little sailing inspiration, that is – is Lord Irvine Laidlaw, a Scottish businessman and former member of the House of Lords. The Lady Christine superyacht, owned by Lord Laidlaw, has seen some truly fantastic sights around the world during the last 12 years, after the businessman took to the sea on a world tour in 2003; merely imagining the adventures he’s had or the sights he’s seen is enough to inspire anyone to follow in his wake.

The South Coast is truly one of the world’s most stunning locations, offering a wealth of activities, sights and experiences to those who venture along its shores. While there are numerous ways that you could explore the length of beach and rugged coastline, it is only by boat that you will sample the luxury you deserve on your vacation.

lady christine superyacht luxury yacht

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