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The Mighty Thor Cosplay: Lady Sif (Yaya Han) Cosplay 07 OCT 2012

Popular Asian-American cosplayer Yaya Han is at it again, this time donning her fantastic costume and armour creations in order to transform herself into Lady Sif, ready for action against the vile trickster, Loki. (Who for some reason is now a woman. Oh well, details, details.)

An Asgardian warrior just as Thor is, Sif has long been enamored with the God of Thunder and has been his on and off love for many years now. A skilled warrior, she often accompanies Thor into battle, fighting often alongside the rest of their merry group, including the likes of Balder and the Warriors Three, made up Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg.

As with any other Asgardian, Sif possesses enhanced strength, durability and longevity, as as the extra ability to teleport, though whether this is through her sword or herself isn’t quite established. An excellent swordsman skilled in the use of cold weapons, Sif is also a fantastic hand to hand combatant.

In other words, truly a warrior to be feared!

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Detective Comics Cosplay: Catwoman (Yaya Han) Cosplay 19 AUG 2012

Asian-American Yaya Han is a well known cosplayer gracing the convention scene, famous for her buxom figure and often meticulously detailed costumes. This time around she has drawn on the popular Adam Hughes’ Catwoman design, donning Selina Kyle’s whip and trademark tight clothes – claws out of course!

Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman is one of Batman’s oldest adversaries and potential love interests, and as such has seen a number of changes and rewrites over the years. However, one thing that has remained constant is her status as an athletic, elite cat burglar – with a penchant for cats.

Whilst she doesn’t possess an super powers as such, she is an Olympic level athlete and gymnast, a highly skilled combatant and of course has all the attributes necessary for any stealthy burglar. Of course, being a burglar puts her squarely on the opposite side of the line from Batman, but as the years have rolled on by, she has been cast as somewhat more of an antihero, making it particularly difficult to know just which side of the fence she straddles.

Nevertheless, certainly a strong female character whom you most definitely don’t want to end up on the wrong side of!

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Cowboy Bebop Cosplay: Faye Valentine & Julia (Omi Gibson | Yaya Han) Cosplay 06 JUN 2010

Cosplay Sundae time once again and this time we have two cosplay powerhouses teaming up to bring us a fantastic Cowboy Bebop-themed showing, none other than Yaya Han and Omi Gibson!

Bad Girls: Yaya Han as Faye Valentine and Omi Gibson as Julia

Cowboy Bebop is one of those legendary anime classics, a series that every anime fan really should make the effort of seeing and certainly one of my all time favourite series. Although Spike Spiegel tended to steal most of the limelight, there was still plenty of spotlight left for the more than capable member of the bounty hunter team, Faye Valentine, a talented pilot with a penchant for stealing things, gambling, drinking, teasing men and unnecessary violence.  Oh, and an almost indomitable spirit to boot!

Julia on the other hand wasn’t afforded a whole lot of screen time and met an untimely death at the end of it all, but as the story revealed, she, possibly a former Syndicate member herself, was a pivotal character in the lives of Spike and Vicious, and in fact turned out to be pretty much one of the main driving points for the whole series itself.

Two strong, action-orientated women in the world of Cowboy Bebop then.

So needless to say, you’re going to need some pretty big feet to fill those big shoes and who better to take on the role of Faye Valentine than the American-based cosplayer extraordinaire, Yaya Han, a lady whose varied award-winning cosplays have featured a number of times on this site already. Beside her and taking on the black clad figure of Julia is Omi Gibson, a rising and enigmatic force in the world of Cosplay following her striking Revi of Black Lagoon notoriety.

And as you can see, these two nail down the characters perfectly!

Attitude. It literally drips from these two. Though that said, anyone dressing in such a tight-fitting, unbreathing costume as Omi would be dripping buckets anyway...

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Cosplay Sundae: Shampoo (Ranma 1/2) Cosplay 18 APR 2010

More Yaya Han cosplay time again, this time showing us some Shampoo of Ranma 1/2 fame!

You don't really want to mess with Shampoo and her broadsword, now do you?

Ranma 1/2 was one of the first manga books I ever came into contact with and Rumiko Takahashi’s form-changing martial arts romantic comedy soon had me in absolute stitches with the various misadventures of Ranma and Co. One of the many delightful characters to grace the story was of course that of Shampoo, the Chinese warrior girl who swore revenge on the female Ranma by means of a “Kiss of Death” for defeating her in a prior annual martial contest.

She eventually came to Japan and after giving the male Ranma the “Kiss of Marriage” became torn between kill and marrying the poor lad, before she too befell an accidental trip into the sorrowful lakes of transformation and ended up becoming a cat. Known for her bad bicycle delivery driving skills, where she routinely knocks people down (usually Ranma) no matter where they are, be it the street or rooftops, Shampoo is in fact quite a skillful martial arts beauty and is most definitely not someone on whose bad side you want to be!

As for our passionate cosplayer Yaya Han, little more has to be said of this ten year veteran cosplayer that has graced many a convention with her passionate and extremely detailed (and quite often outlandish and rather revealing) costume designs. As per usual and as you can see, she pulls off a perfect character impersonation, much to poor old Mousse’s satisfaction.

(Not that it helps him get any closer to her of course!)

Simply put, Mousse never learns, now does he?

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Cosplay Sundae: Carmilla (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) Cosplay 14 MAR 2010

Presenting today’s Cosplay Sundae: Carmilla of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust notoriety!

Come closer my dear, I don't bite... much!

Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 2000 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was a great addition to the dark and bloody Vampire Hunter D franchise and today’s Cosplay Sundae pays homage to the movie with a great piece of cosplay featuring Carmilla, principle villain of the movie. An ancient vampire residing in the Castle of Chaythe, Carmilla’s legendary bloodlust was exactly what led to her demise, when D’s father, the Lord of Vampires, impaled her in her sleep and left her body to rot and her spirit imprisoned within her very own castle. However, for vampires death is very seldom permanent and with the right body in her possession, Carmilla may very well rise in the flesh again – but for now her ghost will have to remain content in trying to entrap the hapless Charlotte before anyone figures out what really is going on!

Yaya Han may very well be America’s queen of cosplay if you ask anyone, with the amount of time, effort and passion she puts into each and every one of her costumes and appearances. I’ve featured this hardcore cosplayer before and I’m pretty sure you’ll see her here again.

After all, you can’t exactly argue with a woman who has fangs in her mouth now can you!? ;)

You can run, but you'll never escape! Not with these radar dohickeys pasted on the side of my head!

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Cosplay Sundae: Psylocke (X-Men) Cosplay 17 JAN 2010


X-Men this week for Cosplay Sundae, and this time around we have cosplay queen Yaya of angelicstar.net fame bringing the delectable British-born Elizabeth Braddock, a.k.a Psylocke to life. Psylocke is a highly skilled martial artist, first believed to be telepathic but then later discovered to actually possess telekinetic abilities. She wields in particular her psychic knives and katana to great affect and has for a long time been one of the staples of the X-Men mutant team, also being the fraternal sister of Brian Braddock, a.k.a. Captain Britain, England’s greatest superhero.

Needless to say, with her long since well-established and acclaimed cosplay skills, Yaya pulls this one off with a bang, wouldn’t you agree? ;)


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