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Jessica builds a wooden Farm Picture Puzzle Jessica 06 MAY 2013

farm wooden picture puzzleAs you can see from this quick short video shot during the week, our little Jessica is becoming quite the smartypants when it comes to her wooden puzzles. This particular one is the farm, her favourite, but she’s pretty good when it comes to the numbers one as well.

Oh, and she decided to surprise us this weekend by wanting to learn more about tumbling – though she still needs a bit of a helping hand with this one it would seem! :)

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned the fact that she pretty much completely potty trained herself overnight, much to the amazement – and relief – of Mommy and Daddy!

Jessica the Bull (Cart Racer) Jessica 23 APR 2013

Jessica is rather fond of the wooden push cart which we somehow STILL haven’t returned to the physio, and something that she has learned somewhere along the line, much to the detriment of our toes and ankles, is that it is really, REALLY fun to chase people down with it!

Still, how can you chastise such a cute little slobber monster? ;)

jessica lotter holding maya the bee

Jessica and her WallTrax Toy Jessica 21 APR 2013

We came upon and bought this pretty cool toy from a stall at the Blaauwberg Market in January, after it managed to successfully hold Jessica’s attention and entertain her for more than five continuous minutes! WallTrax as it is known is simply a set of flexible, colourful ‘gutters’, which can be pasted with prestick on a wall or any vertical surface really, thereby creating a track – complete with drops and loops if you want – perfect for the glow in the dark marbles that they provide to run through!

Needless to say, much time is also spent hunting down the stray marbles when Jess gets throwing them in a little wrong! :)

Jessica and her Walltrax Toy

Jessica playing with Bubbles Outside Jessica 20 APR 2013

Back in January when it was still nice and sunny outside after I got home back from work, then there was little better than heading straight outside again, massive bubble maker in hand and an excited Jessica right behind!

(Needless to say, she was rather disappointed when we later dropped this on the tiles in the lounge and it broke.)

jessica playing with bubbles outside

Jessica playing Parrot with Words Jessica 19 APR 2013

I enjoy getting Jessica to practice making different sounds with her mouth, and a game we particularly like to play is parrot, where basically I run down a list of random words and she tries to copy them.

You really should hear her try to say “Orangutan”! ;)

But not this time. So instead, here is Jess and I sharing a cupcake.

craig lotter and jessica lotter eating cupcake

Jessica hides Woofie at Jacobsbaai Jessica 17 APR 2013

Not only does Jessica currently enjoy playing hide and go seek with us, she also loves hiding her toys – and heaven forbid any adults in the vicinity choose not to play with! :D

This was taken around the breakfast table on our recent(-ish) weekend getaway to Jacobsbaai.


Jessica sings with to Rooi Rok Bokkie Jessica 16 APR 2013

die campbells rooi rok bokkieAlthough Ray Dylan’s Jessica and Joshua Kadison’s Jessie are Jessica’s official theme songs, there is simply no reason why she can’t pick up any others along the way.

Like the always fun Rooi Rok Bokkie from Die Campbells!

Needless to say, after this rather unexpected song rendition, Chantelle and I was just about rolling on the floor thanks to all the overwhelming cuteness! :)

An Idol in the making perhaps?

Playing Hide and Seek with Jessica Jessica 15 APR 2013

One of Jessica’s favourite things to do at the moment is play hide and seek with us, which usually means me dashing around the house and finding some rather implausible hiding spots while she grabs Mommy’s hand and comes looking for me.

She hasn’t quite got the hang of it just yet – it really is too cute to find her with her head stuck under the couch cover, secure in the knowledge that because she can’t see us, we can’t see her – but she does have it in her head that once she’s uncovered my hiding spot, she needs to run and find one of her own! :)

Of course, all this running around is more often than not, quite a tiring business.

jessica sleeping on the couch

Music: Bittereinder ft Shane Durrant – Kwaad Naas (2012) Music 01 MAR 2013

I know pretty much nothing about South African Afrikaans group Bittereinder, other than the fact that the term “Bittereinders” was the name for a faction of Boer guerrilla fighters who resisted the forces of the British Empire in the later stages of the Second Boer War (1899-1902).

I don’t think the two are really related. (Could be wrong of course).

south african band bittereinder

However, that’s completely beside the point of this music post. The point of this post is to introduce you to the incredibly talented guys who unleashed this addictive, amusing and quite brilliant Afrikaans/English white rap tune in the dying breaths of 2012.

Brings a smile to my face every time I hear it! :)

Parkour and Altair: Assassin’s Creed Run General Nonsense 10 DEC 2012

Ronnie Shalvis is pretty good at parkour, or free running if you will. Allison Dredge is good at making costumes. Devin Graham, aka devinsupertramp, is pretty damn good at shooting videos.

And lastly, Altair is bloody good at sneaking around and killing people.

(If you don’t know who Altair is, well he is the hooded protagonist of the popular Assassin’s Creed game series.)

Take all of these talents (minus the people killing part of course), mix them together and what you’re left with is a fantastic video of Altair in real life, running around like a maniac in a modern day city.

And just because he can, Devin Graham then went on to deliver some behind the scenes footage which makes for just as interesting a watch!

Music: Jack Parow ft Francois van Coke – Hard Partytjie Hou (2012) Music 21 NOV 2012

It’s a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I kind of like it when a Jack Parow tune pops up on the radio. His tracks always manage to be pretty damn catchy, even if the irreverent lyrics sometimes make themselves pretty difficult to look the other way!

Anyway, this Afrikaans track features the always loud Francois van Coke on chorus, and as you can imagine, it’s a foot stomper. Though I’m not entirely sure what Nicholis Louw and his fans are going to make of this one…

Goofy South African white trash rap at its finest, if that’s actually possible.

Music: Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light (2012) Music 20 NOV 2012

Awesome tune from an awesome South African band. Hailing from, well Woodstock, Cape Town, this is Woodstock Mafia with “Electric Light”. Rock Pop at its finest if you ask me.

Interesting trivia. I share a boss with the guitarist Ryan Matthews. I doubt that gets me any comps though…

Time for Tax My Life 17 NOV 2012

Yes, yes, I have been putting it off for quite some time now, but with the deadline now looming before us rather large and in charge, last weekend I made the effort to dig out the folders with all the medical expense till slips for the 2011 tax period, sorted it all out and came up with some reasonably big numbers for both Chantelle and myself.

Now normally my medical expenses outside of medical aid contributions are fairly minimal thanks to the fact that I hardly ever bother to get medicine or go to a doctor when I’m sick, but this time around I had in fact spent a fair bit on Chantelle’s successful Lasik surgery – which needless to say promised a nice little tax refund for me.

As is the norm these days, filing via SARS’ wonderful efiling interface is both quick and easy (even more so because I’m a simple guy, single paycheck, no investments or expenses to claim back on other than medical), and after rectifying my first submission in which I had forgotten to note down my medical aid contributions, the system happily reported to me that all was well and I could now pack up and go to bed. Two days later and R6,500 was neatly deposited into my count.


Anyway, that just leaves Chantelle to still do hers, which I’m making a point of reminding her about pretty much each and every day.

I’m pretty sure she wants to punch me at the moment.

Now Zlatan Ibrahimovic is just Showing Off! Sport & Health 15 NOV 2012

Ouch, seriously don’t want to be a national English football supporter right now. Sweden delivered a big right hook to the English in last night’s international, and chief destroyer of the English defense turned out to be the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored all four of Sweden’s goals on the night!

The best moment of the night? Without a doubt Ibrahimovic’s jaw-dropping fourth goal to seal the win.

Even England captain Steven Gerrard described Ibrahimovic’s stunning fourth goal in Stockholm on Wednesday night as “the best I’ve ever seen.”

And I kind of have to agree. Check it out:

That takes skill (and a hell of a lot of luck).

Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Surprise (2012-11-14) Photo Gallery 14 NOV 2012

We didn’t really celebrate on Jessica’s birthday seeing as it was a weekday, but we did wake her up in her cot with a surprise cupcake and candles combo. Needless to say, she still needs to get the hang of candles.

Chantelle also made these cool pink and blue cupcakes which were then sent along to Baby Steps crèche, in celebration of our now 2-year old little girl’s big day!