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Ikki Tousen Cosplay: Hakufu Sonsaku (Umi Kani) Cosplay 17 MAR 2013

Chilean cosplayer Katherine Ramos, aka Umi Kani, puts on her fighting gloves and dumbs down a little, to bring to life the protagonist of Yuji Shiozaki’s Ikki Tousen (known as Battle Vixens in the West) – Hakufu Sonsaku!

Hakufu Sonsaku is the protagonist of Battle Vixens, also known by its original Japanese title of Ikki Tousen. A second-year transfer student at Nanyo, she is not terribly bright, but is immeasurably powerful despite being only a D-ranked fighter. Because of her busty physique and high skill, she is known by others as the Busty Fighter, and is also known by her predecessor’s title, the Sho Haou, due to her fate of conquering all of the rival schools. Hakufu cares little for the politics involved between the fighters, only caring about fighting for the sake of fighting, but is staunchly against unnecessary violence and killing. Lately, however, with trouble brewing all around her, she is beginning to take up the mantle of a leader to protect her friends and family.

Hakufu’s anime incarnation portrays her as a low ranked and low skilled fighter, and has demonstrated none of her unique fighting gifts or chi powers and is arguably more stupid. In addition to her stupidity, she is more prone to doing dumber things, and either doesn’t mind or is unaware of people harassing or hitting on her. She relies heavily on her dragon or her personal skill alone, and even when possessed by her dragon, she is easily stopped by the other main characters she fights before any damage can be dealt, as opposed to her manga counterpart which is extremely difficult to stop and required the aid of artifacts. She also does not inherit Master Chosho’s chi magic (who does not exist in the anime); instead, she undergoes training with Ukitsu’s master Chokou. She is possessed by Totaku at the end of the first season but is saved by her dragon who devours him.

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Ikkitousen Cosplay: Shimei Ryomou (Rei Kohinata) Cosplay 15 JUL 2012

Japanese cosplayer Rei Kohinata dons her sexy blue french maid outfit and grabs a pair of handcuffs, as she transforms herself into the enigmatic submission grappler Shimei Ryomou, from the popular Ikkitousen franchise, better known as Battle Vixens over here in the West!

Shimei Ryomou is an almost emotionless girl with a checkered background and almost unreadable personality at the moment. A master of all types of submission holds and grappling, Shimei is a dangerous fighter with a penchant for wearing French maid outfits and carrying around handcuffs wherever she goes.

She has a distinctive mole on her cheek, short blue hair, and wears an eye patch over her left eye. As it turns out, Ryomou actually possesses one of the Dragon Spirits, which resides in her left eye and which happens to just slowly be killing her – which obviously doesn’t help her unfriendly disposition much either!

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