wolfsrainI finally got to the end of Wolf’s Rain and I’ve got to say it was quite a nice, interesting piece of work. Interesting storyline, great character design/animation (at least in terms of the wolf forms of the characters) and a very nice English lyrics sound track all makes for one solid and entertaining anime title. For those who don’t know anything about it, Wolf’s Rain is set in an apocalyptic future and revolves around a pack of wolves that are in search of paradise. Humans cant see wolves as wolves deceive human eyes by taking up a human appearance, which sets up a lot of unusual and interesting sequences and story points. The problem lies in the fact that to get to Paradise the wolves need a key in the form of a special Flower maiden – a being that unfortunately is quite high in demand.

The initial TV run was for 26 episodes (that includes a hugely annoying and disappointing 4 recap episodes in its tally). Luckily the DVD release added another four episodes to that number and to be honest, without episodes 27-30, the show would be lost in the land of anime with poor endings. (Not that it has a particularly conclusive ending though I suppose). The show moves along at a good pace and there is quite a bit of action sequences littered about. Note that there is a fair bit of blood in this series and it is probably aimed at a slightly older audience in terms of its violence.

If you’ve got time on your hands and nothing better to do, Wolf’s Rain offers a solid bit of entertainment.