Matrix Path of Neo is the second Matrix game to come from developer Shiny (Probably most famous for their landmark Earthworm Jim titles back in the 90s). A major step up from the disappointment that was Enter the Matrix, Path of Neo can best be described as an action brawler with attitude. Slow motion moves, martial arts, acrobatics and hosts of different firearms makes for an action packed game that pits you right in the action as Neo against the machines. And of course Agent Smith is there to give you a hard time just in case you thought this was going to be easy.

It has to be said though that the graphics engine used for this title is not going to win any awards for beautiful models though. Producing some really hideous graphics seems to be its strong points, and cut scenes are very hard on the eyes to be honest. Luckily the bad character models are only seen from close up and most of the game action is from a far kinder camera distance. That said, the game physics are awesome with very decent rag doll physics, full destructible environments and usable environmental objects.

The musical score suits the game perfectly, and in fact there is even a little Queen thrown in the mix to look forward to towards the end. Obviously the main videos for the game are ripped from the three movies (mashed up a bit for style and storytelling effect) but outside of the voices for these movies, the rest of the game hosts sound-alikes which may detract a little from the experience for any hardcore Matrix fans.

The game is frantic and action-packed and to be honest thoroughly enjoyable (bar the completely annoying Wachoski video thrown in to disrupt the game atmosphere towards the end). It probably isn’t a classic, but to fans of the 3D action adventure brawler genre this is a solid play well worth your time.

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