So I’m out buying a gift voucher for my buddy Karls wifes birthday on Saturday when I decide to go to Musica to see if I can get her a nice one there. The first thing I do when I walk into the shop is not go to the till point and enquire about the voucher, oh nooo, I have to walk straight into the games section and check out whats there. (Well, there were a hell of a lot of PS3s lying around I must say definitely not flying off the shelves).

A quick look around leads my eye to fall on a double pack featuring Superman Returns: The Videogame and The Godfather for a ridiculously low price of R220. Obviously my damn cheapskate gene kicked in and I picked it up an bought it on the spot. Damn you Musica for making me buy more stuff!

superman returns ps2

(Oh, I also snagged .Hack//Quarantine Part 4 on Sunday as well well at least I intended on buying that one from the start :))