Damn this quirky little primarily platformer game Psychonauts. I’ve been playing it the last while and am pretty far along in the story now. Last night I get home at around 19:00 and decide to relax with a quick half-hour of some gaming relief in Psychonauts.


Fast forward to 23:00 and I can finally force myself to put down the stupid controller (but only because my eyes were bloodshot and strained).

If you don’t know anything about Psychonauts, its a game created by Tim Schafer, the visionary designer of award-winning titles including Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. His games over the years have always been renowned for their humour and quirkiness, and Psychonauts doesnt disappoint in this regard.

The game is a 3rd person platformer with a host of puzzles and challenges that plays out in a number of varied mental stages as the games main hero, Rasputin (Raz for short) dives into the psyches of various people in order to save the campground from a nefarious plot. Everything is wacky and over the top and for most people this might be more than a little of a put off which might explain its poor sales in the real world.

However frustrating the game might get in certain parts (well really only one part as far as I’m concerned Black Velvetopia), it is a solid game, with lots of little pieces of humour scattered around. The controls are tight, the game is well scripted and executed and the soundtrack doesnt disappoint.

If youre looking for something a little different and willing to experiment a little, you may just find Psychonauts to you’re liking after all.

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