I had the weirdest strangest sensation yesterday when I truly saw myself in the mirror for the first time without spectacles on. I’ve decided to try contact lenses out and so far so good – apart from me trying to gouge my own eyes out every time I try to insert and remove the damn little things. My decent eyesight abandoned me when I was twelve, leaving me with no choice but to don the horrible but necessary and essential invention known as spectacles.

Being a sissy when it comes to change and being the latest adopter of anything that I know, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go to the optometrist for some contact lenses. Benefits too many to mention. Cons – getting the things in and out, cleaning them the whole time and of course dropping them.

That said, I’m liking it so far. It really feels a lot better without the spectacles perched on my nose and the lenses are so unobtrusive a person doesnt even know that they are there. And if my trial run is successful then I’m definitely going to go all out and go for laser therapy.

But the thing I’m looking forward to the most: contact sparring with an opponent that I can now finally see in hi-def!

woman busy inserting a contact lens into her right eye